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  • A superb panoramic study of clothing worn in the Middle Ages. A meticulously researched text is enhanced with nearly 700 illustrations depicting all manner of apparel — from fur-trimmed cloaks and brocaded robes of courtiers and the nobility to simpler mantles, tunics and trousers worn by merchants, huntsmen, and other commoners.

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  • Volume 2: Early cultures across the globe. Volume 2 looks at the transition from the ancient world tothe Middle Ages, focusing on the Asian cultures of China and Japan,the Byzantine Empire, the nomadic and barbarian cultures of earlyEurope, and Europe in the formative Middle Ages. This volume alsohighlights several of the ancient cultures of North America, Southand Central America, and Africa that were encountered by Europeans during the Age of Exploration that began in the fifteenthcentury.

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  • Vvolume 3 - European culture from the Renaissance to the modern era. Volume 3 featuresthe costume traditions of the developing European nation-statesin the fifteenth through the nineteenth centuries, and looks at theimportance of the royal courts in introducing clothing styles andthe shift from home-based garmentmaking to shop-based and thenfactory-based industry.

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  • Hệ thống transfer system is hiệu bởi tất cả, và cho đến khi Trọng lượng của ý kiến Nghiên cứu bác bỏ for a system mới (nếu thực sự, mà should xay ra), it still là thường xuyên nhất be quoted(như ở phần còn lại của cuốn sách này, trong bất kỳ case nào, costume âm vị học chính xác của từ ngữ quan trong Minor elements).

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  • American Costumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and European Customer Satisfaction Index (ECSI) Intangible economic indicators Conducts analyses of customer service quality in 35 separate industries, 190 companies and government agencies on a scale of 1 to 100 Post-consumption assessment by the user about the product or service gained Uses expectancy confirmation-disconfirmation approach: focuses on service comparisons with customers prior expectations

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