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  • Even as recently as five years ago, many computer industry experts would never have guessed how pervasive and “business critical” electronic messaging would eventually become. The degree to which some information technology professionals are surprised by the pervasive nature of today’s electronic mails systems is merely amusing to those of us that have had an e-mail address for more than 20 years.

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  • The Affordable Care Act establishes Affordable Insurance Exchanges (Exchanges) to provide individuals and small business employees with access to health insurance coverage beginning January 1, 2014. 1 An Exchange is an entity that both facilitates the purchase of Qualified Health Plans (QHP) by qualified individuals and provides for the establishment of a Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), consistent with Affordable Care Act 1311(b) and 45 CFR 155.20.

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  • Money market instruments are generally characterized by a high degree of safety of principal and are most commonly issued in units of $1 million or more. Maturities range from one day to one year; the most common are three months or less. Active secondary markets for most of the instruments allow them to be sold prior to maturity. Unlike organized securities or commodities exchanges, the money market has no specific location. It is centered in New York, but since it is primarily a telephone market it is easily accessible from all parts of...

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  • As consumers increasingly value environmental resources they are prepared to pay for them premium prices (Pigram,1996; Archer,1996; Thomas, 1992; Garrod and Willis, 1992; Laarman, and Gregersen, 1996). Hence, local resources become a central asset for destinations and tourism suppliers and their sustainability a core function of tourism marketing. Middleton and Hawkins (1998,p.

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  • As SIAP notes, the organizational structure of many arts groups and institutions makes them ideal leverage points for local, regional and even global connections. They are flexible organizations that function across a range of applications and relationships; they are linked to local and non-local consumers and suppliers; they utilize horizontal business alliances to enrich their workforce, business offerings and customer base.

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  • Health concerns coloured the reproductive intentions of most of the women and some of the men. Many HIV-infected women and men were firm in their desire not to have children. Both women and men feared infecting a partner or their baby and were anxious about leaving either living or future children as orphans. Women and men were concerned about their ability to financially support their children, given their illness. Women who had given birth to an infected child expressed mixed feelings about becoming pregnant again.

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  • IFRS 4 is intended to cover all entities that issue insurance contracts, not only insurance companies in the legal or regulatory sense. Further interpretation of the Implementation Guidance, Basis for Conclusions and IFRS 4 are required for an entity to apply the standard to its own facts, circumstances and individual transactions. Also, some of the information in this publication is based on interpretations of current literature, which may change as practice and implementation guidance continue to develop.

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  • Destinations are some of the most difficult entities to manage and market, due to the complexity of the relationships of local stakeholders (Sautter and Leisen,1999). Managing and marketing destinations is also challenging because of the variety of stakeholders involved in the development and production of tourism products. The destination experience is essentially comprised of regions, resources and amalgams of tourism facilities and services, which often do not belong to individuals.

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  • The Investment Company Institute (“ICI”) and ICI Global appreciate the opportunity to comment on the consultative document published by the Financial Stability Board (“FSB”) entitled “Strengthening Oversight and Regulation of Shadow Banking: A Policy Framework for Oversight and Regulation of Shadow Banking Entities.”1 ICI is the national association of U.S.

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  • I tried to find the words. We all do it, I wanted to say. You do it, I wanted to say. I had to do it, I wanted to say. But what came out, when I opened my mouth, was nothing. Dad's hands tightened on my arms and for a moment, I was sure he was going to beat the hell out of me, really beat me, like you saw some of the others dads do on the estate. But then he let go of me and turned round and stormed out the flat. Mum stood in the door to my room, sagging hard against...

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  • There has been some concern that the use of the endocervical brush can result in the appearance of a much greater number of endocervical cells in a smear and that their arrangement in large sheets might mimic malignancy. To avoid this problem clinicians should inform the laboratory when an endocervical brush is used for collecting the smear.

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  • Medical devices are essential  to  the provision of quality  reproductive health  (RH)  services.  Rational selection of medical devices is a crucial component in ensuring improved access to  reproductive  health  commodities,  followed  by  efficient  procurement,  logistical  systems,  rational use and demand which are equally important.

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  • In recent years, malware has become a widespread prob- lem. Compromised machines on the Internet are generally referred to as bots, and the set of bots controlled by a single entity is called a botnet. Botnet controllers use techniques such as IRC channels and customized peer-to-peer proto- cols to control and operate these bots. Botnets have multiple nefarious uses: mounting DDoS attacks, stealing user passwords and identities, generat- ing click fraud [9], and sending spam email [16].

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  • Carry a sketch book—a cheap one so you won't worry about wasting a page. Sketch in the underground, while watching television, in pubs, at horse shows. Sports events are especially fun to sketch— boxing matches, football games, etc. Draw constantly. Interest in life will grow. Ability to solve drawing problems will be sharpened. Creative juices will surge. Healing fluids will flow throughout your body. An eagerness for life and experience and growth will crowd out all feelings of ennui and disinterest.

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  • In the Canadian Prairies, there is particular concern about the depletion of soil phosphorous from organic grain production [7], and the long-term impacts of tillage practices employed by organic producers [8]. Grain yields under organic management are, on average, lower than under conventional management, and it has been suggested that the yield deficit is more severe on the Canadian Prairies than some other regions [9].

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  • Executive summary. For the vast majority of investors in municipal bonds, mutual funds have a number of advantages over individual bond portfolios. Individual bonds do provide certain benefits compared with bond mutual funds, and these advantages revolve primarily around control issues. The price for the advantages can be thought of as a “control premium” that is paid through generally higher (or additional) transaction costs, lower liquidity, more limited return opportunities, and higher risks.

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  • Our study of credit experience is necessarily based on cer- tain arbitrary assumptions. In the first place we have assumed that all loans can be divided into two mutually exclusive classes, one consisting of good loans with which the bank had no special collection difficulty, and one of bad loans which gave rise to one or more of the following collection prob- lems: the bank collected from a comaker; the bank took legal action; the loan was excessively delinquent;2 the bank charged off the loan.

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  • The automotive industry is becoming evermore global, and our international presence has been a key factor in the recent growth of the Agency. The South American markets have developed rapidly in recent years, and have become a key sector for many of our customers. Therefore the Agency is planning to establish a local presence in this region. The quality of our service has underpinned our delivery, and we need to continually invest in improving our standards. Our Ministerial outcomes will focus on improving systems, quality of service, and efficiency of delivery. We...

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  • Thabo Mbeki shared his bed of nails, midnight-surfing the web with Essop Pahad; Kgalema Motlanthe has his sotto voce Ahmed Kathrada; Jacob Zuma might yet have his Ebrahim Ebrahim as his minister in the presidency. Perhaps, with the Cloetes and the Van der Bijls of 18th century Cape Town, Helen Zille speaks only to God. Time will tell. The four-term Democratic president Franklin D Roosevelt appointed two Republicans, Stimson and Knox, to head the War and Navy Departments; they in turn appointed those they trusted.

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  • The small number of schools entering the program after 1998 coincided with a number of changes that occurred at FSA and in FFELP. FSA officials reported that in 1998 they instituted a policy of not marketing the Direct Loan Program and ended activities they designed to promote the Direct Loan Program, such as holding sessions at conferences or visiting financial aid officials to discuss the benefits of the Direct Loan Program.

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