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  • Trichet bonds will be long-duration (30-year) new bonds issued by countries in the EU featuring a 30-year zero-coupon bond issued by the ECB, to be held as collateral for the new sovereign bonds, to insure at least the full payment of principal at maturity. The new bonds are to be issued at market interest rates, but will be offered for old debt at market value (now about 65- 70% of face value). Present debt holders will face a significant haircut (of the order of 30-35% for Greece and Ireland) because new bonds will be sold/exchanged at present market prices.

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  • To examine how financial markets such as bond, stock and foreign exchange markets work To examine how financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies work To examine the role of money in the economy

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  • Marketing research is used extensively by destination marketers to identify the types of customers that can be attracted (active demand), as well as the prospective visitors (suppressed demand) who do not visit for a variety of reasons (Athiyaman, 1997). Approaching the right target market and providing the most appropriate combination of local tourism products and services is the secret for successful destinations. Product design and formulation should therefore be based on research (Baker et al, 1994; Ritchie, 1996, Calantone and Mazanec, 1991;Hu and Ritchie,1993).

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  • This module provides students with an overview of the features and technology changes between Microsoft® Exchange Server 5.5 and Microsoft Exchange 2000. It describes the significant new features of Exchange 2000 in addition to any feature improvements over Exchange Server 5.5. The module covers this content at the highest conceptual level, introducing new features and terminology.

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  • We find that trusting individuals are significantly more likely to buy stocks and risky assets and, conditional on investing in stock, they invest a larger share of their wealth in it. This effect is economically very important: trusting others increases the probability of buying stock by 50% of the average sample probability and raises the share invested in stock by 3.4 percentage points (15.5% of the sample mean). These results are robust to controlling for differences in risk aversion and ambiguity aversion.

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  • Often their arrival in the household is seen as an opportunity for their mother-in-law to take a larger role in outside work, whether as part of a family unit or elsewhere. So young married women rarely have an independent income, nor do they have direct access to the household's resources. Even if they separate their household from their husband’s parents, they rarely control resources, often merely implementing subsistence budgetary strategies.

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  • IFRS 4 is intended to cover all entities that issue insurance contracts, not only insurance companies in the legal or regulatory sense. Further interpretation of the Implementation Guidance, Basis for Conclusions and IFRS 4 are required for an entity to apply the standard to its own facts, circumstances and individual transactions. Also, some of the information in this publication is based on interpretations of current literature, which may change as practice and implementation guidance continue to develop.

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  • The digital projector is the new device that comes into your projection booth. It is essential to provide it with a position that gives you the ability to work easily all around it and ensures the right operating conditions. In no instance, should you make compromises concerning any alterations required. Today, it is essential that the projection booths provide enough space to take up two projectors, one 35 mm and one ...

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  • 3 functions: 1/ Medium of Exchange—promotes economic efficiency by minimizing the time spent in exchanging goods and services Must be easily standardized Must be widely accepted Must be divisible Must be easy to carry Must not deteriorate quickly 2/ Unit of Account—used to measure value in the economy: we measure the value of goods & services in terms of money. 3/ Store of Value— power - used to save purchasing power; most liquid of all assets (that why we want to keep money) but loses value during inflation ...

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  • All SAIs face a situation in which the potential audits they might perform far exceed the audit resources that are available, in terms of the number and mix of skills of the audit staff. These constraints limit both the number and the type of audits that an SAI can undertake. For example, audit staff that are skilled in performing certain kinds of regularity audits may not have the skills needed to carry out certain types of performance audits and vice versa. Thus, in seeking high levels of quality, the first task of an SAI (or of...

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  • Conversations, especially with people in business, are often very fruitful. Commerce is conducted in many ways, and most of them have never been subjected to a serious economic analysis. Of course you have to be careful not to believe everything you hear| people in business usually know a set of rules that work well for running their own business, but they often have no idea of where these rules come from or why they work, and this is really what economists tend to nd interesting.

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  • We successfully found hundreds of botnets by examin- ing a subset of the spam email messages received by Hot- mail Web mail service. The sizes of the botnets we found range from tens of hosts to more than ten thousand hosts. Our measurement results will be useful in several ways. First, knowing the size and membership gives us a bet- ter understanding on the threat posed by botnets. Second, the membership and geographic locations are useful infor- mation for deployment of countermeasurement infrastruc- tures, such as rewall placement, trafc ltering policies, etc.

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  • The Superfund program protects the American public and its resources by cleaning up sites which pose an imminent or long term risk of exposure and harm to human health and the environment. In FY 2013, the Agency will maintain the funding level necessary to respond to emergency releases of hazardous substances as well as maintain the goal of sites achieving human exposure and groundwater migration under control.

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  • Development of the case studies was based on literature review and interviews with persons inside and outside EPA. The number of interviewees per case study varied roughly from a half dozen to a dozen. There was an effort to ensure balance in the group of respondents for any particular case study, but because of the relatively small number of respondents and the non-random nature of the selection process, extreme caution should be taken in interpreting the numerical response summaries that are reported.

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  • Significant development always builds from existing assets and points of strength. Accordingly, not all economically distressed places are positioned to utilize arts and cultural activities as a major development strategy at either the regional or neighborhood level. Additionally, no economic or community development strategy should be viewed as a quick-fix to complex social and economic problems.

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  • This study, the first to investigate workplace contamination in areas in Ghana where e-waste recycling and disposal is carried out, focussed on the main centre for this type of work, at the Agbogbloshie scrap market in Ghana’s capital, Accra. One of the numerous similar, though far smaller, operations that take place throughout Ghana was also investigated, at the location of a scrap dealer in Korforidua, a smaller city to the north of Accra. At these workshops, e-waste is recycled in a crude way, primarily involving manual disassembly and open burning to isolate copper from plastics.

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  • Nowadays, the creative industries are increasingly recognised as a major sector in the economy. NESTA, (2004) estimates its contribution to be 7.9% of GDP in the UK, with 1% of this figure accounted for by the design industry, compared with 3.4% for the automotive industry. It should be noted that NESTA’s definition of creative industries is wider than the definitions used for design The total income for the UK design industry in 2003 was £3.2 billion (British Design Innovation, 2004* ). The turnover of the commercial design industry in the UK fell between 2003 and 2004, by...

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  • CEF’s assumptions about production growth in the pulp and paper sector drive the expected increase in energy consumption despite the trend of decreasing energy intensity. CEF projections are also based on the assumption that Kraft/sulfite pulping will increase from an 83.7 percent market share in 1994 to an 88.7 percent market share by 2020, with mechanical pulping dropping from 9.6 percent to 5.7 percent, and semi-chemical pulping dropping from 6.7 percent to 5.6 percent.

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  • Airborne droplets that have germs from the respiratory tract can spread by breathing the air too close when someone coughs or sneezes, or touching surfaces that have moist secretions from an infected person’s nose, eye, mouth or throat. The most common surfaces that spread airborne droplets are hands. Teaching children to cover their mouths or noses with their hands when they cough or sneeze actually helps to spread germs. Unless good hand washing is practiced right after using hands to cover a sneeze or cough, the hands will spread germs. It is best to use a...

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  • Similarly, records management requirements should be incorporated into the agency’s IT policies; for instance, if the agency has an e-mail policy, it should alert users that e-mails as well as other forms of electronic communication relating to agency business are public records and are subject to all public records access, duplication, retention, and legal discovery requirements. An example of how this can be done is shown in the Department of State’s internal e-mail policy in Appendix A.

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