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  • In addition to testing for the presence of smart money, the disaggregated na- ture of our fund f low data allows us to examine two key hypotheses with respect to mutual fund investor behavior. Specifically, we are in a position to compare the quality of fund selection decisions made by individual and institutional investors, and likewise to compare fund buying and selling decisions.

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  • The abolition of the entry load and the revision of trail commission guidelines have taken care of some key issues, but in turn have given rise to other aspects which need to be tackled and resolved. Mandatory disclosure of commission earned: A mandatory disclosure alerts the investor about the extent of distributor gain while putting the onus on the distributor to explain the rationale for the switch.

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  • Choosing the right theoretical lens. In order to answer the articulated research questions, this dissertation will build on neo-institutional theory (Meyer and Rowan, 1977; DiMaggio and Powell, 1983; Zucker, 1987; Scott, 1987b; DiMaggio and Powell, 1991). We will refer to the institutional environment, its generation and mode of action. Hereby, we use regulative, nor- mative, and cognitive institutions (Scott, 1995) to explain the influence of regulatory actors on strategy formation.

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  • The ability to conduct research independently, accurately, and effectively plays a fundamental role in college and the workplace. Research skills are critical tools for acquiring, extending, and sharing knowledge in academic and workplace settings, and students must be able to determine when and how to conduct and document research.

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  • Throughout the various extensions of Copenhagen Airport, there has always been a common focal point - the classical princip- les of architecture and function that expressed the architectural trends of the time. A stroll through the terminals is also a stroll through time and architectural evolution. As you approach the airport on the Øresund motorway, you get a sense of the consistent and coherent design in the uniform facades of glass, steel and aluminium. They converge in a common line that is continued and reflected in the airport’s hotel - the Hilton Copenhagen Airport.

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  • While interacting socially, people are aware of and react to the feedback that they receive by the other people in an environment. They adjust their body posture, their facial expressions, and their general presentation. These adjustments are made not to be artificial but to convey appropriate social information for the situation.

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  • This note aims to encourage operations managers and staff not only to give priority to project implementation performance but also to balance it with sustainable institutional capacity development beyond the project. To that end, existing country institutions should be the “default” mode, and PIUs—especially parallel “stand-alone” PIUs—should be phased out. This note reflects lessons learned and draws on existing good practices in the expectation that they can become the rule rather than the exception.

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  • Asset management industry provides services and investment products to diverse clients such as individuals, corporations, government pension funds, provident and pension funds with various investment goals. Moreover, asset management plays an important role in saving and investment activities. Asset management services ranging from private investment fund for high net worth investors, provident and pension funds for the systematic long term investment and mutual funds for individuals with constraints in time, information, investment knowledge, and market sentiments.

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  • Entry Submission Physical entries must be placed inside an appropriately-sized envelope. The NAC recommends transparent, plastic envelopes found in most office supply stores and catalogs. Manila-type envelopes may also be used. If a transparent, plastic envelope is used, insert the two copies of the entry form securely inside the envelope behind the physical entry. The entry should be facing or readable from one side and the entry form facing or readable from the other. Firmly affix the entry number to the BACK of every piece in the entry.

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  • In relation to repurchase transactions, investors must notably be aware that (a) in the event of the failure of the counterparty with which cash of a sub-fund has been placed there is the risk that collateral received may yield less than the cash placed out, whether because of inaccurate pricing of the collateral, adverse market movements, a deterioration in the credit rating of issuers of the collateral, or the illiquidity of the market in which the collateral is traded; that (b) (i) locking cash in transactions of excessive size or duration, (ii) delays in recovering cash placed out, or (...

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  • Since President Lyndon Johnson’s declaration of War on Poverty and the passage of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, optimism that had surrounded those measures has faded. The economic, fiscal, and social conditions of the old central cities have declined, while their inner-ghetto areas have become zones of calamity. Their residents are not only living in poverty, but they must also contend with levels of drug use and violence that, although currently in decline, would have seemed inconceivable in the early 1960s.

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  • There are no criteria available to judge the quality of these crea- tive expressions, because, as Wall states, aesthetic criteria are only valid within the classic disciplines—painting, drawing, sculpture, the graphic arts, and photography. These ‘canonical forms’ are still thriving, by the way, in spite of all efforts by artists to subvert them from within; but they thrive as a separate sector within contempo- rary art, as a genre with its own laws and standards.

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  • This book captures the experiences and voices of over 6,000 people who have received international assistance, observed the effects of aid efforts, or been involved in providing aid. Over time, across very different contexts and continents, people’s experiences with international aid efforts have been remarkably consistent. While there was a wide range of opinions on specifics, the authors were struck by the similarity in people’s descriptions of their interactions with the international aid system.

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  • We accepted entries via Web, email and even via Twitter. So you’ll notice that a number of the tips are 140 characters or less – the length of a Twitter message. We were blown away by how many excellent tips we got from small business owners, managers and those who serve them. In this document you will find a collection of what we consider the best tips that were provided to us through Twitter, direct email and reader comments from the original post, Give Us Your Twitter Tips. If you submitted more than one...

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  • As concerns P, the most common approach is to simply use total population levels. However, as MacKellar et al. (1995) and others have pointed out, it is not a priori clear that only the individual, rather than, say, households or communities, is the relevant demographic unit. To this one can add that a whole range of other demographic factors beyond simple population levels might also impact on emissions.

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  • The classic supply-complement is beef and leather – an increase in the price of beef increases the slaughter of cows, thereby increasing the supply of leather. The opposite of a complement in supply is a substitute in supply. Military and civilian aircraft are substitutes in supply – an increase in the price of military aircraft will tend to divert resources used in the manufacture of aircraft toward military aircraft and away from civilian aircraft, thus reducing the supply of civilian aircraft. Wheat and corn are also substitutes in supply.

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  • Our estimates suggest that the economic impact of socioeconomic inequalities in health is likely to be substantial. While the estimates of inequalities-related losses to health as a ‘capital good’ (leading to less labour productivity) seem to be modest in relative terms (1.4% of GDP), they are large in absolute terms (€141 billion). It is valuing health as a ‘consumption good’ which makes clear that the economic impact of socioeconomic inequalities in health is really huge: in the order of about €1,000 billion, or 9.5% of GDP.

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  • The justification of some of the practices of the reform, such as the emphasis on real world applications (with its corollary of de-emphasizing abstraction) and the slighting of technical skills, is sometimes laid at the doorstep of cognitive psychology, which purportedly shows that knowledge cannot be decomposed or decontextualized for the purpose of instruction. However, three cognitive psychologists, J.R. Anderson, L.M. Reder and H.A.

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  • Public media face increasing competition from commercial channels, which in turn see public media’s access to both public funds and advertising (in some cases), as well as unfettered access to the Internet, as unfair competition.

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  • Funding is insufficient to have staff dedicated solely to investigation of communicable disease reports. Our communicable disease nurse also serves as the immunization coordinator, family planning coordinator, clinic supervisor, and assists with direct client services in the clinic. The other clinic nurse, who serves as back-up investigator, is also the family planning nurse and works half time in the Mental Health Department.

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