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  • Data on the market share of the four major bridge construction materials used in the US (reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, structural steel, and timber) are summarized in this report. All bridges carrying public roadways are considered. Data are extracted from the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) as of December 2003.

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  • IN the last Lecture I endeavoured to prove to you that, while, as a general rule, organic beings tend to reproduce their kind, there is in them, also, a constantly recurring tendency to vary--to vary to a greater or to a less extent. Such a variety, I pointed out to you, might arise from causes which we do not understand; we therefore called it spontaneous; and it might come into existence as a definite and marked thing, without any gradations between itself and the form which preceded it. I further pointed out, that such a variety having once arisen, might be perpetuated to some extent,...

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  • Weigh-in-Motion Measurement of Trucks on Bridges 55.1 55.2 Introduction Weigh-in-Motion Truck Weight Measurement Weigh-in-Motion Equipment • Testing Procedure • Selection of Bridges for Testing • Results of WIM Tests 55 55.3 Andrzej S. Nowak University of Michigan Fatigue Load Measurement Testing Equipment • Rainflow Method of Cycle Counting • Results of Strain Spectra Testing Sangjin Kim Kyungpook National University, Korea 55.4 55.5 Dynamic Load Measurement Introduction • Measured Dynamic Load Summary 55.

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  • The Campus-RS™ REX2 (Remote Ethernet eXpress) is an interface module that installs directly into a Campus-RS remote device or Campus-RS Star concentrator and provides interconnectivity of geographically dispersed Ethernet LANs within a private enterprise network. The Campus-RS REX2 functions as a full-bandwidth Ethernet remote bridge, or a static or dynamic IP router, using the existing copper infrastructure as the transmission medium to provide repeaterless connectivity between LAN segments up to 4.6 Mbps....

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  • The use of AE is the primary method of evaluation in many other industries evaluation of civil engineering works. For the calculation of general civil assessment combined with information collected from the strain gauge devices and other sensors downloads or other ambient conditions. An example of this approach is based on calculation Conventional load rating existing bridges.

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  • The Report describes the existing road network and presents the planned road network for year 2020, aimed to provide vehicular capacity to the forecasted traffic levels and modal split as described in Chapter 5 Vol.3 of the Main Report. As part of the master plan, a feasibility study was made on certain selected high priority sub-projects. This Report presents the technical aspects of one selected project, which is Ring Road No. 2.

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  • Seismic Retrofit Technology Kevin I. Keady California Department of Transportation 43 43.1 43.2 43.3 Introduction Analysis Techniques for Bridge Retrofit Superstructure Retrofits Expansion Joints and Hinges • Steel Bracing and Diaphragms • Concrete Edge Beams Fadel Alameddine California Department of Transportation 43.4 Substructure Retrofits Concrete Columns • Pier Walls • Steel Bents • Bearing Retrofit • Shear Key Retrofit • Cap Beam Retrofit • Abutments • Foundations Thomas E. Sardo California Department of Transportation 43.5 Summary 43.

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  • In this paper, participants in the Translational Medicine task force of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (W3C HCLSIG) present the Translational Medicine Ontology (TMO) and the Translational Medicine Knowledge Base (TMKB). The TMKB consists of the TMO, mappings to other terminologies and ontologies, and data in RDF format spanning discovery research and drug development, which are of therapeutic relevance to clinical research and clinical practice.

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  • This handbook is intended to help engineers in industry with the operation and maintenance of machinery. It gives the information that these engineers need in a form that is instantly accessible and easy to read. The manufacturers of machinery provide guidance on the operation, lubrication and maintenance required for their particular machines.

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  • With many 'flexible' structures such as large span bridges, tall buildings, towers, cable roofs, etc., being built, the need to understand the dynamics behavior of structures has become a necessity for many engineers. The recent problems with the millinium bridge is simply another reminder. The many devastating earthquakes in many parts of the world leading to severe loss of life in densely inhabited urban areas alos has underlined the need for a fundamental understanding of structural behavior.

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  • The purpose of this book is to bridge an important gap that exists in teacher training today; the teaching of the second language and its gram-mai ical and lexical features that are essential for any L2 writing teacher and student writer to know.

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  • This book is a unique reference, aimed at filling in the existing void and bridging a linguistic, as well as a cultural, gap between Americans and Russians in the legal sphere. It is the first English-Russian Dictionary of American Criminal Law to be published in this country. The demand for this kind of materials in the United States has been growing steadily over the past few years. Since the end of the Cold War thousands of Russians have come to the United States including political and religious refugees, immigrants, scientists, tourists, business people, and, regrettably, criminals.

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  • What does a Distributer do? While Distributers are invisible to most consumers their role is to bridge the geographical gap between producer and retailer. Supermarkets and department stores couldn't exist without a complicated distribution system, capable of moving enormous amounts of product from point A – the producer to point C – the consumer. Distributors add significantly to the cost of the products we buy but they deliver a valuable service in providing access to the marketplace so producers can focus their energies on manufacturing the product.

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  • Existing sensor network architectures are based on the as- sumption that data will be polled. Therefore, they are not adequate for long-term battery-powered use in applications that must sense or react to events that occur at unpre- dictable times.

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  • Welcome to the home of the online edition of The Cancer Handbook which provides a comprehensive overview of all major areas of cancer research and oncology. This title differs from existing oncology textbooks and reference works in that it bridges the gap between the molecular biology of cancer and clinical diagnosis and treatment. As more and more laboratory research is applied to clinical management, e.g. the use of monoclonal antibodies as drugs, it is important that clinicians understand the aetiology of the disease and the molecular basis of the new therapeutic approaches. ...

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  • It is surely one of the best –one of the most interesting and most important –questions in the history of human inquiry. It can be asked as plainly as we like, yet be disputed as fiercely as any, ever: Why do you believe what you do, and not something else? We can ask this question generally or specifically, grandly or trivially. It can, for instance, be about the origin of the universe or the fate of next season’s marigolds, the existence of God or the prospects for the Miami Hurricanes or the TottenhamHotspurs, the best treatment for breast cancer or the worst way to play bridge.

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