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  • The Hong Kong metropolis is an extremely exciting city to visit and it has fascinated the millions of travelers that go there to experience its many unique contrasts. Hong Kong is Chinese, but is also influenced by the more than 150 years of British rule, which ended in 1997. Between the skyscrapers, one finds small buildings made in the finest colonial architectural style, providing living proof of the city’s history.

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  • Down Under, the Opera House, Crocodile Dundee, the Outback are just some of the things that spring to mind when one hears the name Australia. And indeed, all that and much more is just waiting to greet the visitor. Magnificent nature, where one can drive for hours without seeing any buildings alternates with modern, all luxury included, metropolises, in the country’s warm climate, and it is precisely this mixture that makes visiting Australia such a varied experience

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  • Prior to a trip to Canada, many think about a country with tremendously large areas containing some of the world’s most beautiful nature. Expansive forests, great lakes, roaring rivers and high mountains. True, this is all a big part of Canada’s trademark, but a number of cultural experiences await in the Canadian cities. Everything from small villages on the prairie, where only grain silos break the horizon, to modern cities with millions of inhabitants offering a hectic and, very lively, cultural milieu….

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  • Visitors to Hanoi experience an exquisite blend of the historical and political Vietnam, as well as recent colonial times, where French architecture and cultural influence are apparent. When strolling through the streets, the visitor can be transported back to French colonial times by going to the opera, or by visiting the city’s Catholic Cathedral, perhaps the most visible symbol of the French influence. Alternatively one can take a walk among the buildings in the traditional Asian cultural landscape of the city, or among modern Vietnam’s impressive buildings and beautiful museums....

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  • With more than two millions inhabitants, Manchester is one of the largest urban areas outside of London, and as a tourist you will experience a rich and flourishing cultural life and a multitude of possible activities. Furthermore, Manchester is the heart of the historic industrial area, where textile production in particular has laid the foundation for the prosperity and growth of the city.

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  • Venice is a truly unique city, as well as an unforgettable experience. This Pearl of the Adriatic was built over the course of many centuries, resting on wood piles in the marshy Venetian Lagoon. A gondola trip on Canal Grande is also a trip through the long history of Venice. The Rialto Bridge, the Doge Palace, the Square of St Mark and the many palaces, which have been the homes of wealthy families for 1,000 years, are but a few of Venice’s many famous attractions.

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  • Florence (Firenze) and the surrounding Tuscany is at the top of many people‘s list of places to see in Italy, and there is good reason for that. The city has magnificent buildings and an atmospheric Old City centre, full of experiences for the visitor. Among the most famous places are the city’s cathedral, Palazzo Pitti, with its impressive Boboli Gardens, the unique bridge, Ponte Vecchio and The Uffizi gallery with its famous collections. The list of attractions is almost endless.

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  • The fantastic location of Cape Town is perhaps one of the most scenic locations of any city in the world. The Table Mountain, which is more than 1 kilometre high, together with the Atlantic Ocean creates the perfect background for the development of a modern city that throughout offers visitors unique experiences on the southern tip of Africa. This modern South African city sparkles like a diamond around the renovated harbour area, The Waterfront. Here is an international atmosphere, shops, restaurants as well as a number of other activities....

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  • Edinburgh is the old and charming capital of Scotland, where kilts and bagpipe music can be experienced in the streets. The sandstone buildings, the numerous exciting backyards in the old part of the city, the hills offering breathtaking views in and around the city and the fantastically beautiful surroundings are just a few of the things you can experience when visiting the city.

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  • Frankfurt is a fascinating meeting of new and old. It has always been one of Germany’s most affluent cities and has in many ways been the motive force for German development through centuries. Frankfurt is with its airport and its commerce a nerve centre for all of Europe, and the international atmosphere in the modern city with the many fine museums and cultural offerings renders a visit here an exciting experience.

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  • Brønderslev is a typical village that expanded naturally when the railroad between Aalborg and Hjørring opened in 1871. In 1921, Brønderslev became a merchant town; so far the second last town in Denmark to achieve this status. Hedelund (Nørregade/Parkvej) is a large public rhododendron park with more than 10,000 plants and over 100 different species. A walk in Hedelund Park is a wonderful experience

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  • The center of Finland’s capital city is beautifully located with water on three sides. Short distances between attractions, beautiful experiences in nature and the famous Finnish architecture are some of the city’s highlights. Exciting, too, are the approximately one million Finns that live in or around Helsinki. The city is relatively young and full of life. Happy holiday!

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  • Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. Its atmosphere is a blend of the charms of the Baltic and Central Europe. The small, cosy streets in the city centre, characterized by Baroque architecture and a wealth of churches, give way further out to modern buildings and a cosmopolitan feel. Shopping opportunities and cultural and gastronomic experiences abound everywhere.

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  • Having been born and educated in Scotland, and possessing a tolerable acquaintance with its History and Literature, the Author of the following Work felt that he had some facilities for giving to the people of this country a just idea of his native Land. The plan of his work is somewhat new, combining in a larger degree, than he has hitherto seen attempted, descriptions of Scenery, with Literary and Biographical Sketches, portraitures of character social and religious, incidents of travel, and reflections on matters of local or general interest.

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  • Overview "Travel Demand Model Estimation and Validation: Experience from the USA ": Travel Demand Models, Model Calibration & Validation, Additional Information.

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  • In this paper, we propose a method for compiling travel information automatically. For the compilation, we focus on travel blogs, which are defined as travel journals written by bloggers in diary form. We consider that travel blogs are a useful information source for obtaining travel information, because many bloggers' travel experiences are written in this form. Therefore, we identified travel blogs in a blog database and extracted travel information from them. We have confirmed the effectiveness of our method by experiment. ...

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  • The number one predictor of successful salespeople is their ability to connect with their customers. In the years leading up to the present, the best sales executives have accomplished this by having multiple, face-to-face meetings. However, the demands on our clients’ time, coupled with the increasing expense and frustration of travel, have minimized our ability to actually meet with clients.

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  • Conversational knowledge of Japanese or Mandarin Chinese and experience traveling or working in Asia are desirable. Job is based in San Francisco but requires one to two weeks a month of travel. We offer an excellent salary and benefits package including health and life insurance, relocation allowance, and professional development opportunities.

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  • Nothing But Net 2009 Internet Investment Guide 5. Leading J.P. Morgan Internet industry analyst Imran Khan provides a comprehensive look at key Internet industry characteristics, drivers, and trends in his seminal industry outlook, Nothing But Net. Geared toward Internet investing novices and experienced professionals, this book provides a detailed look at data points and trends that should be considered when investing in the Internet space.

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  • Nothing But Net 2009 Internet Investment Guide 34. Leading J.P. Morgan Internet industry analyst Imran Khan provides a comprehensive look at key Internet industry characteristics, drivers, and trends in his seminal industry outlook, Nothing But Net. Geared toward Internet investing novices and experienced professionals, this book provides a detailed look at data points and trends that should be considered when investing in the Internet space.

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