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  • Expert Indexing in Oracle Database 11g is about the one database structure at the heart of almost all performance concerns: the index. Database system performance is one of the top concerns in information technology today. Administrators struggle to keep up with the explosion of access and activity driven by the proliferation of computing into everything from phones to tablets to PCs in our increasingly connected world.

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  • Indexes are important. Not only that, they are vastly important. No single structure aids in retrieving data from a database more than an index. Indexes represent both how data is stored and the access paths by which data can be retrieved from your database. Without indexes, a database is an unordered mess minus the roadmap to find the information you seek. Throughout my experience with customers, one of the most common resolutions that I provide for performance tuning and application outages is to add indexes to their databases.

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  • Since not all organisations can afford to form a complete, internal IS audit team, a co-operation with other organisations may make sense. One possible solution to cover all required topics could be to sign co-operation agreements with other organisations to exchange security experts. Department IS audit team: Another alternative for federal agencies is to place the IS audit teams or competency centres in one department. The IS audit team could be established centrally in the top federal agency level.

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  • Author B.M. Harwani Reviewers Fred McCann Muhammad Adil Acquisition Editor David Barnes Development Editor Chris Rodrigues Technical Editor Aditi Suvarna Copy Editor Laxmi Subramanian Indexer Monica Ajmera Mehta Rekha Nair Project Team Leader Lata Basantani Project Coordinator Vishal Bodwani Proofreader Aaron Nash Graphics Geetanjali Sawant Production Coordinator Alwin Roy Cover Work Alwin Roy Editorial Team Leader Aditya Belpathak Vinodhan Nair

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  • The Blackwell Companions to Contemporary Economics are reference volumes accessible to serious students and yet also containing up-to-date material from recognized experts in their particular fields. These volumes focus on basic bread-and-butter issues in economics as well as popular contemporary topics often not covered in textbooks. Coverage avoids the overly technical, is concise, clear, and comprehensive. Each Companion features an introductory essay by the editor, extensive bibliographical reference sections, and an index....

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  • Kent, Donald M. “Evaluating Wetland Functions and Values” Applied Wetlands Science and Technology Editor Donald M. Kent Boca Raton: CRC Press LLC,2001 CHAPTER 3 Evaluating Wetland Functions and Values Donald M.

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  • While this new era dramatically increased the importance of the physical database design problem, it also exposed the severe limitations of the past techniques. The “expert system” based approach was no longer viable as building an external accurate model of index usage was no longer feasible. Therefore, the approach taken in [40] to use the optimizer’s cost model and statistics was the natural choice. However, even there we faced several key gaps in what [40] offered.

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  • The hardness result for selecting an optimal index configuration was shown by Shapiro [60]. Therefore, the challenge was similar to that in the area of query optimization – identifying the right set of heuristics to guide the selection of physical design. One set of papers advocated an approach based on rule-based expert systems. The rules took into account query structures as well as statistical profiles and were “stand-alone” applications that recommended indexes. A tool such as DEC RdbExpert falls in this category.

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  • Starting in the 1980s, Nobel economist Milton Friedman played an important role, along with many other economists and public pol- icy experts, in the development of an index of economic freedom that would allow researchers to be able to measure the degree to which a country had a free market economy. Those efforts culminated in the Fraser Institute’s publication in 1996 of the first edition of Economic Freedom of the World. There have been 14 more editions published since then in what is now an annual series.

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