Extrapulmonary involvement

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  • Extrapulmonary organ involvement in human immunodefiaency virus (HIV)-infected patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) is reported to be 26%, however, the clinical predictors of extrapulmonary involvement in pulmonary TB patients has not been reported yet. We tried to determine the clinical predictors of presence of extrapulmonary involvement in patients with pulmonary TB. Cross-sectional study was performed including all adult patients with culture-proven pulmonary TB diagnosed between January 1, 2004 and July 30, 2006, at a tertiary referral hospital in South Korea.

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  • Extrapulmonary involvement can occur in isolation or along with a pulmonary focus as in the case of patients with disseminated tuberculosis (TB). The recent human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) pandemic has resulted in changing epidemiology and has once again brought extrapulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB) into focus. EPTB constitutes about 15 to 20 per cent of all cases of tuberculosis in immunocompetent patients and accounts for more than 50 per cent of the cases in HIV-positive individuals.

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  • Likewise, Public Private Partnerships (PPP), which leverage private sector capital to help finance public projects, are increasingly becoming a reality for many construction firms. And while the scope is smaller than with BIM, the practice is clearly set to grow. Thirty-seven percent of firms report being involved in public private partnership projects in 2012 while 97 percent of firms expect the amount of PPP work to increase or remain constant in 2013. The growth in use of public private partnerships is likely being driven by tight local, state and federal budgets for...

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  • Four in Five Charities Use Volunteers. Before undertaking this study, we did not know the proportion of public charities in the United States that involve volunteers in their operations. In 2000, approximately 215,000 charities filed Form 990 or 990EZ with the IRS, the form required of those charities with more than $25,000 in annual gross receipts. We learned that 81 percent of these charities—or an estimated 174,000 organizations— use volunteers in one way or another. Many of these charities are run completely by volunteers.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'mysql® /php database applications, second edition', công nghệ thông tin, cơ sở dữ liệu phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • At subsequent meetings, the planning team should identify all of the major functions and responsibilities required by the event and assign appropriate agencies to manage each function or responsibility. Because responsibilities vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, it is most effective to assign responsibilities consistently to avoid duplication and promote efficient response to problems that may arise.

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  • This study examines how different types of performance measures were weighted in a subjective balanced scorecard bonus plan adopted by a major financial services firm. Drawing upon economic and psychological studies on performance evaluation and compensation criteria, we develop hypotheses regarding the weights placed on different types of measures.

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  • Several Oscar shows during the decade presented themed montages by other filmmakers, on women in cinema (by Lynne Litman), the work of the cinematographer, and on the activity of going to the movies (by Mike Shapiro and John Bloom respectively, both uncredited). The 67th show (1995) presented a tribute to comedy that incorporated a credited Workman montage with a dance number where onstage stars interacted with the screen. And Workman montages were highlighted in the 70th through 72nd shows (1998- 2000), on Oscar acceptances, “great moments,” and history in film.

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  • Successful program management requires managers to plan for and deal with uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Risk management and issue resolution are the vehicles for achieving this. The Government has decided to strengthen the Cabinet submission and New Policy Proposal process through ensuring a greater focus on implementation risks. A risk is an uncertain event or set of event which, should they occur, will have an effect on the achievement of objectives. These effects might not always be detrimental. A risk can be either a threat (i.e.

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  • The OFT is also bound by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the FoIA). Where a person makes a request in accordance with the FoIA the OFT may have to disclose whether it holds the information sought and the information itself (including confidential information). The FoIA contains exemptions (including one which may exempt confidential information) and the OFT will not have to make those disclosures if an exemption applies. If you consider that any information you provide may be exempt from such disclosures you should say so and explain why.

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  • After its emission or secondary formation, the length of time airborne matter will remain suspended in the air will depend upon its density, shape and size and meteorological conditions. Suspended particles are deposited by dry deposition, either by sedimentation and gravitational settling or impaction due to atmospheric turbulence and diffusion. This latter process is characteristic of particles which undergo Brownian movement and sizes below 0.1µm.

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  • A person is disqualified from acting as a member of the audit team if he or she is an interested party or if confidence in his or her impartiality in relation to the HEI subject to the audit comes under question. Disqualification is determined in compliance with the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003, Chapter 5, sections 27–29). According to good administrative procedure, a disqualified person may not in any way participate in the processing or evaluation of a matter.

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  • The good news for increasing wine sales in the casual dining segment is that the US is presently enjoying the highest per capita wine consumption in twenty years and that the large segment of young adults (20 to 29 year olds) are showing a real interest in wine. The challenges are that core wine drinkers make up only 12.5 percent of the overall adult population and that marginal wine drinkers need to be convinced to drink wine more frequently and to choose wine over beer or spirits. It is the marginal wine drinker that is most likely to...

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  • Aesthetic Realism class Mr. Siegel explained what I and many people have gone for: “You get a value out of thinking you are secret and immune. The question is: How much do you want to be in relation to things not yourself and to the world?” This is a question for every person, whether on a frozen tundra, a Brooklyn street, or a university classroom. One of the most moving aspects of the mask are the two curved hands which reach out from the sides, as though from the depths within. The gracefully curved fingers give the hands a yearning quality, a desire to embrace what...

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  • Role of agriculture in economic development. Theories of agricultural development. Economics of traditional agriculture. Socio-cultural and other institutional constraints. Planning for utilisation of surplus resources including manpower. Linkages in agriculture. Structural transformation. Review of agricultural development in U.S.A, Japan, China and India. Planning: India's five year plans. Human Development Index. Welfare programmes. Globalisation of economies and its impact on Indian economy. ...

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  • Load new kinds of image files at runtime, such as progressive JPEG images and non- animated GIF and PNG files. If you load an animated file, the first frame of that animation appears in the SWF file. Bitmap caching lets you improve the performance of your applications at runtime by caching a bitmap representation of your vector button or movie clip instances at runtime. You can use ActionScript code to access this property or select the instance and then select an option in the Property inspector to cache the instance.

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  • The worsening capital position of the banks has a number of consequences with destabilizing feedbacks for financial markets and the real economy. Regulatory authorities in Germany are forced to close a bank if its core capital quota falls below 4 percent. The threat of imminent bank closures is a source of insecurity for market participants and isolates the affected banks from capital flows. In addition, banks are forced to limit the amount of credit they provide if they lack the necessary equity capital.

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  • “…The Audit Commission has lost its way. Rather than being a watchdog that champions taxpayers' interests, it has become the creature of the Whitehall state. We need to redress this balance.” Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government 13 August 2010 On 13 August, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government announced our plans to disband the Audit Commission and re-focus audit on helping local people hold their councils and other local public bodies to account for local spending decisions. We want to drive power downwards to people.

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  • Transactional costs are a large burden for Georgian lenders. Agricultural borrowers live and farm in remote locations compared to major cities where banks tend to locate branch offices. When one considers distance and the required routine monitoring of business activities, the transactional cost for long-term loans is higher than other loan products. In addition to transactional costs, the bank overhead costs in Georgia are high. According to a recent World Bank review on the financial sector, overhead costs range between 14-18% of earning assets.

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  • The first unit focuses on the definition of non-ruminant and the examples of animals classified as ruminants. The second, third and fourth units centers on the different classes of small ruminants. For each class its origin and domestication has been discussed. Breeds belonging to each class are described as well as the breeding of these animals. Unit five deals with feeding and breeding management of sheep and goat. The different houses that can be constructed for sheep and goats as well as the equipment necessary in a sheep and goat farm. Units 7 and 8 deal...

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