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  • The most trusted nonfiction series on the market, ebook Eyewitness Volcano provide an in-depth, comprehensive look at their subjects with a unique integration of words and pictures. Let read this book to Know about this.

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  • Ebook Eyewitness guide desert helps you see thestunning sand dunes of the Namib Desert, a Bedouin in full wedding dress, the desert in bloom, a jewel wasp, and a camel's regalia. Learn how sand dunes form, how a few honeypot ants store food for a whole nest in their own bodies, and howa mummy is preserved in sand. Discover why a Tuareg woman never uncovers her face, what makes a dromedary different from a Bactrian camel, the mystery of Timbuktu, and why some desert animals have big ears, and much, much more!

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  • Ebook Eyewitness guide: Arms and armour help you discover all the different types of arms and armour - from the first prehistoric hand axes used in the Stone age to the battledress of a Japanese Samurai. In-depth facts and stunning photographs make this a perfect resource for projects, reference and discovery.

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  • (BQ) Take a detailed look at ebook Eyewitness Robot - from the earliest single-task machines to the advanced intelligence of robots with feelings. Young readers will be amazed to learn all that robots can do: Perform delicate surgical operations, clean city sewers, work as museum tour guides, or even battle each other in combat. Find out how humans have created these mechanical minds and bodies.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Eyewitness guides: Arctic and Antarctic incudes the end of the earth, the Arctic and tundra, the Antarctic, life in the Antarctic ocean, migrants and residents, adaptable animals, birds of the Arctic, hunter of the skies, emperors of the Antarctic,...

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  • This Eyewitness ® Book has been conceived by Dorling Kindersley Limited and Editions Gallimard © 1997 Dorling Kindersley Limited This edition © 2000 Dorling Kindersley Limited First American edition, 1997 Published in the United States by Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Inc. 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014 10 9 All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions.

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  • Chapter 4 - Interviewing and interrogation. After studying this chapter you will be able to: Understand the differences and similarities between interviews and interrogation, outline the steps in preparing for an interview and an interrogation, assess the challenges in relying on eyewitness identification, identify interviewing processes and techniques,...

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  • English for International Tourism is a multi-level course for students who need English for professional communication in the hotel and tourism industries. Illustrated with material from Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness Travel Guide series and authentic material from companies within the tourist industry this, the intermediate level book, presents effective communication strategies for workplace situations such as giving advice, taking bookings and dealing with complaints.

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  • In a crunch, when interviewing an eyewitness, Dragnet’s Sgt. Joe Friday would implore, ‘‘Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.’’ Our textbook, Just the Facts in Emergency Medicine, aims to provide just that for emergency physicians who are studying for either the written board (re)certification examination in emergency medicine or the in-training written examination

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  • On 30 June 1908, in Central Siberia of the U.S.S.R., an extraordinary event occurred (Oliver, 1928 ; Crowther, 1931). Eyewitnesses reported a giant fireball moving across the sky followed by an overpowering shockwave. Trees were radially toppled over thousands of square kilometers, seismic and atmospheric disturbances were recorded as far away as England, and the next several nights were sufficiently bright for reading. However, no significant impact crater was formed nor was any extraterrestrial matter found in the immediate area.

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  • Early in the morning on June 30, 1908, a giant airburst occurred over the basin of the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Central Siberia, Russia, leveling trees over an area of 2,000 km2 (770 mi2) (Figure 1). Eyewitnesses described a ―fire ball, bright as the Sun‖ (Longo, 2007). The event produced seismic and pressure waves that were recorded all over the world and led to atmospheric phenomena (e.g. , bright nights, noctilucent clouds) observed over much of Eurasia.

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  • Quebec Province claims you as her son. There you lived for many years; there you learned to admire the peaceful life and to appreciate the genuine happiness of our patriarchal families; there you were an eyewitness of the "bonne entente" and noble rivalry which exist between the ethnical groups that go to make up its population. At various times your sacred ministry has brought you in touch with the other Eastern Provinces of our broad Dominion. A keen observer, you readily grasped existing conditions and the mentality of the various elements of our Canadian Population. ...

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