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  • Fair Italy, the land of song and cradle of the Arts, has been so often written about, and so well described both in prose and in verse, that I feel there is a presumption in my attempting to say anything fresh of that classic land, its art treasures, and its glorious past. But within the last few years a new Italy has sprung into existence—the dream of Cavour has been realized; and, contrary to all predictions, she has evinced a union and cohesiveness so complete as to surprise all, and possibly disappoint some who were jealous of her. What...

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  • Italy, Sicily and Greece Tourists in great numbers now go to Italy by steamers that have Naples and Genoa for ports. By the fast Channel steamers, however, touching at Cherbourg and Havre, one may make the trip in less time (rail journey included). In going to Rome, four days could thus be saved; but the expense will be greater—perhaps forty per cent. ... "and now, fair Italy! Thou art the garden of the world, the home Of all Art yields, and Nature can decree; Even in thy desert, what is like to thee? ...

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  • In Malta football is a national obsession. Social and political events come second to World Cup fixtures. Those about to be wed in holy matrimony avoid clashing with football fixtures, thereby ensuring that their guests will be both present (and attentive), and in good humour. Political rallies in Malta are shifted so as not to clash with a big game (be it club or national team) broadcast on satellite TV from England or Italy. The Malta Parliament has even had its sittings adjusted to suit the international football calendar.

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