Fear of closing

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  • Seventeen highly guarded strategies to close every sale guaranteed! I have to admit, that's a powerful title for a book and full of a lot of action. I'm going to share with you seventeen specific highly guarded strategies to close every sale guaranteed. Now, I know that you're saying, “John, how can you guarantee it?” That’s a great question especially since there are so many so-called coaches out there that “guarantee” everything and follow through on nothing.

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  • Governments everywhere responded to the panic by pumping more equity into banks, greatly expanding the ambit of their deposit insurance, and opening up various central bank discount windows for distress borrowers. This gigantic effort seems to have reduced counterparty party risk, the fear of bank failure, in interbank trading. Figure 1 shows the one- month LIBOR rate coming down close to the Fed funds rate, now near zero, by mid 2009.

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  • The trap had closed at sundown. In the last red light, the rabbit had battered himself against its walls until fear and numbness ached home and he crouched shaken by the flutterings of his heart. Otherwise there was no movement in him as night and the stars came. But when the moon rose, its light was caught icily in his great eyes, and he looked through shadows to the forest.

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  • The Monroe Doctrine and the policy of political isolation are two phases of American diplomacy so closely related that very few writers appear to draw any distinction between them. The Monroe Doctrine was in its origin nothing more than the assertion, with special application to the American continents, of the right of independent states to pursue their own careers without fear or threat of intervention, domination, or subjugation by other states. President Monroe announced to the world that this principle would be upheld by the United States in this hemisphere.

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  • When we got close to the middle of the river, the guidesuddenly began making a low hooting sound. It was a signalof some kind, but for whom? We assumed he must be com-municating with the North Korean border guards he knew.We’d heard that some North Korean guards were in contactwith people in China, and some had supposedly even spokento foreign journalists who crossed this same river in search of interviews. We were denitely alert, but not fearful. Not yet.

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