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  • The leading Fedora book–over a quarter of a million copies sold of previous editions! What better way to learn Fedora 11 than with the leading Fedora book from the best–selling Linux author, Christopher Negus with Eric Foster Johnson? Whether you′re new to Linux or an advanced user, this power–packed guide is loaded with what you need. Install, run, and manage the latest version of Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux–then polish your system administration skills and get up to speed on the very latest in networking, desktop, and server enhancements....

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  • Now an even more versatile learning resource, this edition adds skill objectives at the beginning of each chapter. Sobell assumes no prior Linux knowledge. He starts at the beginning and walks you through every topic and task that matters, using easy-to-understand examples.

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  • • Official Fedora 10 installation • Over 4GB of official Fedora software CD-ROM Includes • Official Fedora 10 KDE Live CD • Installable Fedora 10 desktop system Christopher Negus and Eric Foster-Johnson Fedora 10 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux ® ® ® Publish Web pages and documents Launch file, printer, Web, and login services Play music, video, and games The book you need to succeed! Using the DVD and CD that come with this book, you have a range of options for starting out with Fedora 10 Linux.

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  • Red Hat Fedora Linux 3 For Dummies describes how to install and use this popular and powerful Linux distribution for fun and profit. Fedora Core is the successor to Red Hat Linux. Fedora Core 1 was essentially Red Hat Linux 10; if you really like numbers, think of Fedora Core 3 as Red Hat Linux 12.

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