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  • Một số ưu điểm: • Dòng điện qua transistor chỉ do một loại hạt dẫn đa số tạo nên. Do vậy FET là loại cấu kiện đơn cực (unipolar device). • FET có trở kháng vào rất cao. • Tiếng ồn trong FET ít hơn nhiều so với transistor lưỡng cực. • Nó không bù điện áp tại dòng ID = 0 và do đó nó là cái ngắt điện tốt. • Có độ ổn định về nhiệt cao.

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  • To learn the physics, characteristics, applications, analysis, and design of circuits using bipolar and field-effect transistors with an emphasis on small-signal behavior and analog circuits. To understand and apply the principles of device modeling to circuit analysis and design. To gain hands-on experience with laboratory instrumentation and analog circuit troubleshooting. Learning Objectives: 1. Calculate model parameters for bipolar and FET devices in PSPICE.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Electronic devices and circuit theory" has contents: Semiconductor diodes, diode applications, bipolar junction transistors, field effect transistors, FET biasing, BJT transistor modeling,...and other contents.

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  • In a field-effect transistor (FET), the width of a conducting channel in a semiconductor and, therefore, its current-carrying capability, is varied by the application of an electric field (thus, the name field-effect transistor). As such, a FET is a “voltage-controlled” device. The most widely used FETs are Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor FETs (or MOSFET). MOSFET can be manufactured as enhancement-type or depletion-type MOSFETs. Another type of FET is the Junction Field-Effect Transistors (JFET) which is not based on metal-oxide fabrication technique.

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  • Back in the days when I had a lot more energy and a lot less sense, I wrote the first edition of this book. I had just finished writing Microwave Mixers, and friends kept asking me, “Well, are you going to write another one?” Sales of Mixers were brisk, and the feedback from readers was encouraging, so it was easy to answer, “Sure, why not?” After a year of painful labor, Nonlinear Microwave Circuits was born.

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  • Cùng nắm kiến thức trong ebook "Cấu kiện điện tử" thông qua các nội dung sau: giới thiệu chung, cấu kiện thụ động, vật lý bán dẫn, P-N junctions, diode, BJT (transistor lưỡng cực), FET (transistor hiệu ứng trường), Other Semiconductor Devices, cấu kiện quang điện tử.

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  • Since the first edition of this handbook, semiconductor technology has gone through a continued evolution of new devices and materials like never before. Wafer sizes continue to grow with most of the new fabs equipped for 12-inch wafers. The changes are triggered by many considerations: continued need to provide more functions at lower cost; technology features less than 1000 Å requiring new processes, and exponential increase in the number of device elements.

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  • Free-standing semiconductor nanowires have been used to fabricate nanometer-scale field-effect transistors (FETs), bipolar junction transistors, and light- emitting diodes, nano-scale lasers, complementary inverters, complex logic gates, gas sensors, nano-resonators, nano-generators and nano-photovoltaic devices. Since the very first pioneering works carried out by K. Hiruma in Japan in the mid 90’s, and by C.M.

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