Fetal effects

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  • The three year term of the strategy is too short to measure significant changes in nutritional status and mortality as outcome indicators. Instead, the results matrix gives details of the output and outcome (impact) and activity (process) indicators and their source of verification against which effectiveness of the strategy will be measured. The progress made in the implementation of the strategy will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

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  • Heat transport limitation in larger tissue may also affect survival. Due to the macroscopic size of tissue-engineered products and its finite thermal conductivity, there may be large thermal gradients from the surface to the interior of the samples. The presence of a thermal gradient during cooling and warming phases makes it difficult to choose optimal temperature change protocols for both surface and interior cells. Moreover, osmotic effects (water movement from inside-unfrozen cells to outside-frozen cells) during cooling, reduces cell survival.

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  • The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) published Report No. 48, Radiation Protection for Medical and Allied Health Personnel in 1976. Many changes in medical practice and procedures involving ionizing radiation have occurred in the intervening 13 years. As a result, the Council determined to prepare this new report to supersede NCRP Report No. 48. The primary objective of this new report is to update the material to include new radiation sources used in medicine.

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  • The skill requirements will vary with the size, complexity and maturity of the organization. In organizations that are mostly run by volunteers there is often a need for practical, hard-working, hands- on people who are actively involved in the organization’s activities. However, it is also important that the directors understand, or are willing to learn about governance and their role in looking at the bigger picture and in guiding the organization’s strategy.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học 'Respiratory Research cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: " Effect of recombinant IL-10 on cultured fetal rat alveolar type II cells exposed to 65%-hyperoxia...

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  • The results above have several important implications for the international finance and diversification literature. First, while our analysis of interna- tional stock return comovements reveals significant weaknesses of theHeston– Rouwenhorst model, when viewed as a factor model, we also show that the Heston–Rouwenhorst empirical results regarding the primacy of country fac- tors stand the test of time.

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  • Prompted by the intriguing pattern in stock returns, in this section we broaden the investigation of lunar cycle effects to other related variables in the U.S. economy. First, we extend the analysis to other variables related to stock trading, specifically the standard deviation of stock returns and volume of trading. Recall that the magnitudes of the standard deviations in Table 1 suggest that there is little difference between new moon and full moon volatilities of returns.

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  • This book is about what we consider the essentials of human nutrition. The science of human nutrition deals with all the effects on people of any component found in food. This starts with the physiological and biochemical processes involved in nourishment—how substances in food provide energy or are converted into body tissues, and the diseases that result from insufficiency or excess of essential nutrients (malnutrition). The role of food components in the development of chronic degenerative disease like coronary heart disease, cancers, dental caries, etc.

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  • Therefore, ex vivo expansion of BMSCs is required to obtain a sufficient number of transplantable cells. Since BMSCs require several kinds of supportive factors for their growth, it is standard practice to use fetal bovine serum (FBS), while autologous human serum (HS) and pooled allogeneic HS have also been used. It has been suggested that FBS may not be favorable for clinical applications due to the possible risk of contamination (prions, viruses, zoonosis) or immunological reactions against xenogeneic serum antigens (Agata et al., 2009).

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  • Labor is the normal process of coordinated, effective involuntary uterine contractions that lead to progressive cervical effacement and dilatation and descent and delivery of the newborn and placenta. Near its termination, labor may be augmented by voluntary bearing-down efforts to assist in delivery of the conceptus. False labor is characterized by irregular (both in interval and duration), brief contractions without fundal dominance, cervical change, or a lower station of the fetal vertex or breech.

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  • EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing 2003:3, 287–311 c 2003 Hindawi Publishing Corporation An Effective Technique for Enhancing an Intrauterine Catheter Fetal Electrocardiogram Steven L. Horner Department of Electrical Engineering, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA 17837, USA Email: shorner@bucknell.edu William M. Holls III University of Illinois, Provena Covenant Medical Center, 1400 West Park Street, Urbana, IL 61801, USA Email: wholls@uiuc.

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  • Recent reviews have addressed issues of cigarette smoke exposure and various facets of reproduction including delayed time to conception, ovarian effects and premature menopause, implantation failure, fetal growth restriction and growth retardation, placental abnormalities, reduced fecundity, congenital abnormalities, and effects on male reproduction [32-34]. However, most prior reviews have not considered smoke's interaction with the oviduct, an organ vital to reproduction.

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  • Table 15-7 Preventive Treatments in Migrainea Drug Dose Selected Side Effects Pizotifenb mg qd 0.5–2 Weight gain Drowsiness Beta blocker Propranolol 40–120 mg bid Reduced energy Tiredness Postural symptoms Contraindicated in asthma Tricyclics Amitriptyline 10–75 mg at night Drowsiness Dothiepin 25–75 mg at night Nortriptyline 25–75 mg at night Note: Some patients may only need a total dose of 10 mg, although generally 1–1.

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  • Only one randomized trial, the Multicenter Study of Hydroxyurea for Sickle Cell Anemia (MSH Study), tested the efficacy of hydroxyurea in adults with sickle cell anemia, with six additional analyses either based on this trial or on followup studies. The significant hematological effects of hydroxyurea after 2 years (as compared to the placebo arm) included a small mean increase of 0.6 g/dl in total hemoglobin and a moderate absolute increase in fetal hemoglobin of 3.2 percent.

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  • The panel concluded that treatment of children aged 5 to15 years with hydroxyurea does not cause a growth delay. They felt there were insufficient data to allow them to evaluate the effects of hydroxyurea on pubertal development. The panel found no data regarding the effects on subsequent generations after exposure of germ cells to hydroxyurea, including exposure during fetal life, infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

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  • There is no known safe amount of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a preventable birth defect characterized by growth restriction, facial abnormalities and central nervous dysfunction. Many more babies, however, are diagnosed with fetal alcohol effect, which is a lesser degree of the syndrome. Fetuses of women who ingest six drinks per day are at a 40 percent risk of developing some features of the fetal alcohol syndrome (5;9).

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