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  • Both direct emission from fires and ash resuspension from burnt soils could be an important source of airborne PM10. This pyrogenic material, which is composed of organic matter, black carbon and inorganic material, is to a large extent present in the size range below 10 µm and so can be resuspended by wind [17]. Although the contribution to ambient aerosol from fire smoke will generally be episodic, in areas where there is a constant forest burning, the particulate emission from this source could be significant.

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  • Could that stick figure drawing you made in 3rd grade be the beginnings of greatness? YES! Even the most skilled artists out there started somewhere and stick figures are what they started with. They are great for story-boarding and getting down ideas quickly. Skillfully drawing them to show believable action and movement can take some practice but with some basic knowledge you will be drawing them like a pro in no time. "While a basic stick figure drawing may not be what you have in mind as great work, it is the foundation of figure drawing." Everything great starts...

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  • While abundant differences occur between people from various countries, the method and timing of project communications are of interest here. For example, Mueller and Turner studied how cultural differences impact preferred modes of project management communication. They examined how collectivism versus individualism, along with the extent individuals in various cultures accept unequal power and ambiguity, impact project communication preferences.

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  • For residents who have transferred into the program, written verification of prior educational experience and a summative competency- based performance evaluation should be available in the resident files for site visitors to review. Examples of verification of previous educational experiences could include a list of rotations completed, evaluations of various educational experiences, procedural/operative experience.

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  • In this article we track four such trends over time. First, and following filmscholars (eg, Bordwell 2006; Bordwell and Thompson 2004; Salt 2006; 2009), we measure the average shot lengths of films and find that the changes seen in our filmsample are consistent with what they have reported. Second, we review and add to the data of Cutting et al (2011b) on the increase in the amount of motion and movement in films. Third, we measure the motion andmovement within shots of different lengths and find a reliable change in pattern. And finally, we measure the luminance of each film.

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  • One way in which agencies work together is by adopting a program known as local mutual aid. This program allows neighboring communities to pool resources and share liability for damages or loss of equipment. If one community needs a particular piece of equipment, it may borrow it from a neighboring community. The equipment will become an asset of the borrowing community and will be covered under their insurance until it is released and returns to its home organization.

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  • Apart from banking regulation, more general legislative aspects, both in relation to micro-lenders and micro-borrowers, have a bearing on the development of microfinance in a given country. This is the case with tax laws, legal provisions in relation to self-entrepreneurship, interest rate ceilings, usury rates, etc. The different frameworks are key determinants and have led to a broad variety of institutional forms and business models for microfinance lending in Europe.

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  • More than 19 million Americans have diabetes—a condition that can produce life-threatening complications. Of the two major forms of diabetes—type 1 and type 2—type 2 comprises 90 to 95 percent of all cases in the United States. An additional 13 million people have the precursor to type 2 diabetes, called prediabetes. Worldwide, type 2 diabetes affects more than 190 million people, and some experts predict that if the current trends continue that figure could surge to over 300 million by the year 2025....

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  • A pervasive theme in the literature is that user-friendly wine lists are recommended; most guests do not want to spend significant time going through a massive wine menu. A list of as few as 50 extremely well chosen wines is considered more than enough to cover all the bases, even for fine dining restaurants. Current sales trends show that while wine consumption is holding, many customers are trading down a notch. This means that they are looking for value and are less willing to make selections at super- premium price points or suffer onerous mark-ups. ...

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  • The scripts provided as part of this paper are sample code which can be used to base your own scripts on. These scripts have been tested on an Oracle Enterprise Linux - 2 node cluster. It is expected that they should work on all Oracle Clusterware supported platforms. Oracle Support cannot provide any direct support for these scripts. You should thoroughly test the scripts – in particular the check action of each script to ensure compatibility with your operating system.

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  • The self-reported barriers vary significantly across regions as well as by individual characteristics. Among adults without a formal account, those in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean are the most likely to cite missing documentation as a reason for not having one. Those in Europe and Central Asia have the least trust in banks. Women tend to report using someone else’s account significantly more than do men, highlighting the challenges that women may encounter in account ownership.

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  • In North America, dairy farmers base the majority of their cow feed rations around corn (maize) silage. Corn is a popular North American crop and underlies a large proportion of their Agricultural economy. The main advantage of corn silage is its high starch levels as starch improves the energy content of the diet. High starch forages are seen as a desirable characteristic in North American dairy feed systems. When corn is not available, forages are made with cereal crops such as wheat and barley. In order to maximise starch levels in wheat or...

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  • China has a dual-track interest-rate system: bank deposit and lending rates are regulated while money and bond rates are market-determined. The central bank also imposes an indicative target, which may not be binding at all times, for total credit in the banking system. We develop and cali- brate a theoretical model to illustrate the conduct of monetary policy within the framework of dual- track interest rates and a juxtaposition of price- and quantity-based policy instruments.

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  • Some organizations are deliberately using mobile money to enhance their traditional offerings. For example, during a recent drought in Niger, a set of randomly selected house- holds received cash transfers via mobile money (Aker et al. 2011). In comparison with physical cash, this trial found lower variable costs for senders, as well as lower costs for recipients. Over the course of the crisis, recipient households also enjoyed better diets and depleted fewer assets. Insurance, credit, and savings services are now being developed atop mature mobile money systems.

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  • Experts were located in two ways. First, nearly a thousand were identified in an extensive canvassing of scholarly, government, and business documents from the period 1990-1995 to see who had ventured predictions about the future impact of the Internet. Several hundred of them participated in the first two surveys conducted by Pew Internet and Elon University, and they were recontacted for this survey.

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  • NOP currently is led by an AMS Deputy Administrator and is organized into three branches. Audit Report 01601-03-Hy 5 11 The Standards Development and Review Branch is responsible for NOP’s rulemaking functions; the Accreditation, Auditing, and Training Branch manages the accreditation of certifying agents; and the Compliance and Enforcement Branch ensures continued compliance with the regulations. Two other AMS program areas assist NOP.

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  • Audit target 4 a reviews the quality management of degree education at a general level. In turn, audit target 5 takes a more detailed look at primarily three degree programmes chosen as samples of degree education. HEIs choose two of these themselves. Universities of applied sciences choose one programme leading to a bachelor’s degree and one programme leading to a university of applied sciences master’s degree. Universities choose one module leading to a degree that includes both bachelor’s and master’s education, as well as one programme leading to a doctoral degree.

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  • This section must list in tangible terms all the products and services to be delivered. It will be based upon the detailed description of the desired future state (“blueprint”). A deliverable is a measurable, tangible, verifiable output, result or item that must be produced to complete a project or part of a project. For each deliverable, you must list the milestones that need to be achieved in order to achieve that deliverable. (A milestone is an important check point along the way that tells you if you are on track to delivery. “Establishing a section” or “having...

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  • This economic development has resulted in a significant increase in the living standards of the Chinese people, and has also led to further needs for economic construction. These changes in turn have created an expanding consumer market in China, and have generated a growing need for imported goods. New Zealand does, of course, export goods to China, and over the past twenty years New Zealand's exports to China have grown , from NZ$ 1 million in 1972, to over $275 million in 1991. However, exports to China in 1991 still represented only about 1.

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