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  • The Terrorism Risk Insurance Extension Act of 2005 requires the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets (PWG) to perform an analysis regarding the long- term availability and affordability of insurance for terrorism risk, including group life coverage; and coverage for chemical, nuclear, biological, and radiological events; and to submit a report of its findings to Congress by September 30, 2006.

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  • Financial Markets and Products book 3 Lecture Classifications of Risk defining risk, identifying the lassifications of risks and explaining the role played by risk in value creation.

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  • Chapter 1 Role of Financial Markets and Institutions: describe the types of financial markets that facilitate the flow of funds, describe the types of securities traded within financial markets, describe the role of financial institutions within financial markets,...

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  • Mathematical Finance is themathematical theory of financialmarkets. It tries to develop theoretical models, that can be used by “practitioners” to evaluate certain data from “real” financial markets. A model cannot be “right” or wrong, it can only be good or bad ( for practical use ). Even “bad” models can be “good” for theoretical insight.

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  • This introductory chapter reviewed the basic operations of domestic and foreign financial markets and institutions. It described the ways in which funds flow through an economic system from lenders to borrowers and outlined the markets and instruments that lenders and borrowers employ to complete this process.

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  • Chapter 2 - Determination of interest rates. This chapter reviewed the determinants of nominal interest rates and their effects on security prices and values in domestic and foreign financial markets. It described the way funds flow through the financial system from lenders to borrowers and how the level of interest rates and its movements over time are determined. The chapter also introduced theories regarding the determination of the shape of the term structure of interest rates.

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  • The main contents of this lecture include all of the following: Overview of financial markets, types of financial markets, securities traded in financial markets, valuation of securities in financial markets, market efficiency, financial market regulation, global financial markets, role of financial institutions in financial markets, comparison of roles among financial institutions, overview of financial institutions, global expansion by financial institutions.

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  • Lecture Financial markets and institutions - Chapter 8 presents the following content: Bond valuation process; relationships between coupon rate, required return, and bond price; explaining bond price movements; sensitivity of bond prices to interest rate movements; bond investment strategies used by investors; return and risk of international bonds.

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  • Chapter 8 - Stock markets. In this chapter, we examined corporate stocks and stock markets. Holders of corporate (preferred and common) stock have an ownership interest in the issuing firm based on the percentage of stock held. Stock markets are the most watched and reported of the financial markets. We described the major characteristics of corporate stocks for example, dividend rights, residual claim status, limited liability, and voting rights of stockholders.

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  • Chapter 9 - Foreign exchange markets. In this chapter, we reviewed foreign exchange markets. Foreign exchange markets have grown to be among the largest of the world's financial markets. We reviewed the trading process in this market, paying particular attention to the role played by financial institutions in the operations of the foreign exchange market.

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  • Chapter 16 - Securities firms and investment banks. This chapter presented an overview of security firms, which primarily offer retail services to investors, and investment banking firms, which primarily offer activities and services related to corporate customers. Firms in this industry help bring new issues of debt and equity to the financial markets.

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  • Lecture Financial markets and institutions - Chapter 2: Determination of interest rates presents the following content: Loanable funds theory, economic forces that affect interest rates, forecasting interest rates.

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  • Lecture Financial markets and institutions - Chapter 12: Market microstructure and strategies presents the following content: Stock market transactions, how trades are executed, regulation of stock trading, how barriers to international stock trading have decreased.

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  • Lecture Financial markets and institutions - Chapter 17: Commercial bank operations presents the following content: Commercial banks as financial intermediaries, bank market structure, bank sources of funds, uses of funds by banks, off-balance sheet activities, international banking.

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  • Lecture Financial markets and institutions - Chapter 20: Bank performance includes the following content: Valuation of a commercial bank, performance evaluation of banks, risk evaluation of banks, how to evaluate a bank’s performance, bank failures.

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  • In this chapter includes content: Types of finance companies, sources of finance company funds, uses of finance company funds, regulation of finance companies, risks faced by finance companies, risks faced by finance companies, valuation of a finance company, interaction with other financial institutions, participation in financial markets, multinational finance companies.

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  • In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Investment banking services, brokerage services, sources of income, regulation of securities firms, risks of securities firms, valuation of a securities firm, interaction with other financial institutions, participation in financial markets, globalization of securities firms.

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  • This chapter describe the background and corporate use of the following international financial markets: foreign exchange market, international money market, international credit market, international bond market, international stock markets.

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  • Chapter 3 provides knowledge of financial instruments, financial markets, and financial institutions. In this chapter we will survey the financial system in three steps: Financial instruments or securities, financial markets, financial institutions.

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  • Lecture topics will include: behavioral finance, financial technology, financial instruments, commercial banking, investment banking, financial markets and institutions, real estate, regulation, monetary policy, and democratization of finance.

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