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  • .“These best practices provide the road map that is key to running a world-class consulting practice.” —David Smart, VP, System and Technology Services, The CIT Group, Inc. “Practical, actionable, and full of insight. If you are starting your own consultancy, looking to advance in your career as a consultant, or looking to take your consultancy to the next level, you will find the hands-on information you need in this book.

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  • Functional or technical competence will always be important, but as we compete in different markets, interact with culturally different clients and customers, manage foreign workforces, and interact with people of all types, those most skilled in managing themselves and their interactions with others will prove to be invaluable. When you hire people who demonstrate emotional intelligence, you build an organization that can function, not just today, but also tomorrow.

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  • Nowadays, information technology is applied in large range of real life from economics, education, healthcare, agriculture to geotechnical, military, Astronomers. It helps people not only in communication but also solve complicated problems. Power of information technology is uncompromising. Trying to use benefit of information technology is always making more benefits. In higher education, on the last year at university, most of students must find internship address to practice as a required subject.

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  • The Wiley Concise Guides to Mental Health are designed to provide mental health professionals with easily accessible overview of what is currently known about the nature and treatment of psychological disorders. Each book in the series delineates the origins, manifestations, and course of a commonly occurring disorder and discusses effective procedures for its treatment. The authors of the Concise Guides draw on relevant research as well as their clinical expertise to ground their text both in empirical findings and in wisdom gleaned from practical experience.

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  • Doing business with our hearts means three things: approaching others with generosity, relating to them with empathy, and moving forward in our business and our lives with trust. Before we get into answering the specifi c questions about running a creative service business, let’s take a brief look at why these three concepts are so important, and how they can fundamentally change the way you do business.

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  • This is the first in a series of guides to help nonprofit organizations that wish to introduce or improve their efforts to focus on the results of their services. The nonprofit sector is being increasingly pressured to provide evidence that its resources have improved the lives of clients, regardless of the size of the organization. Even without such pressure, nonprofit organizations should operate and manage those resources in a way that maximizes effectiveness in helping clients. This is not a new philosophy for nonprofit organizations.

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  • I am committed to ensuring that middle class families have a secure retirement. That is why I have been holding a series of hearings in the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions to highlight the state of retirement security and better understand how we can improve the system. This report summarizes the key findings from those hearings and includes two bold proposals to address the retirement crisis.

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  • From a system’s perspective, the design of the Sense- Less system is to a large extent governed by constraints that are unique to white spaces. We show that any white space system in which, instead of sensing, devices rely on a third-party entity to learn about white space availability must follow certain design principles. Specifically, we show that in order to achieve sufficiently accurate (i.e., not overly conservative) prediction of white space availability, sophis- ticated and computationally-intensive models must be used.

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  • Several proposals have been submitted to ease the pain of RSS on webmasters. Many of these are described in detail in the RSS Feed State HOWTO [17]; exam- ples include avoiding transmission of the feed content if it hasn’t changed since the client’s last request, gzip compression of feed data, and clever ways to shape the timetable by which clients may poll the RSS feed. Unfortunately, because the schedule of micronews is essentially unpredictable, it is fundamentally impossible for clients to know when polling is necessary.

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  • Security professionals understand that these gaps exist and represent risks for them. In IDC's 2008 Enterprise Security Survey, only 46% of surveyed participants said that they were very confident or extremely confident of their existing enterprise security. IDC believes that this finding demonstrates a noticeable level of management uncertainty and a lack of confidence in existing security systems. The source of this lack of confidence is largely due to the understanding that existing infrastructures do have security gaps.

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  • For example, if program staff want to try different ways of presenting information to clients, clients coming into the program could be assigned on an alternating basis to the different presentation approaches. After sufficient time to show results has gone by, staff could then compare the outcomes for each of the two groups. This type of experiment would only require a minor modification (to identify which clients received which service approach) to the ongoing outcome measurement process. Subsequent outcome tabulations would identify the outcomes for each group.

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  • You’re at the coffee shop. You need to access a file that has information about your work, but as you attempt to find the file you realize that you’ve made a mistake. You saved the work on your desktop computer, but you only have your laptop with you. You have no way to access the file. This problem, and others like it, are increasingly common today. It isn’t unusual to own both a desktop and a laptop computer, and a smartphone on top of that.

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  • The community genogram is an assessment and treatment strategy that facilitates the understanding of individuals and families in social and historical context. We hope you will find that the community genogram provides a rich source of data, enabling you and your clients to understand how concerns, problems, and issues develop over time and across contexts. Equally important, you will find the community genogram an invaluable source of client strengths.

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  • A DHCP client uses IP broadcasts to find the DHCP server. However, these broadcasts are not forwarded by routers, so in the case of the remote LAN, the workstations will not be able to locate the DHCP server. The router must be configured with the ip helper-address command to enable forwarding of these broadcasts, as unicast packets, to the specific server. Routing between the remote router and the campus router is done using a static route between the remote router and gateway router, and a default route between the gateway router and remote router....

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  • When I began my search for traders worthy of inclusion in this vol- ume, my first call was to Doug Makepeace. He has built a career on finding and investing his own and client funds with exceptional traders. Doug was most generous in sharing information with me, even though doing so threatened his ability to invest additional funds with these traders in the future if they became too well known.

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  • This guide provides instructions for getting started with Microsoft® Windows Server® Update Services (WSUS) 3.0. You will find instructions for deploying WSUS 3.0 on your network, including installing WSUS; configuring WSUS 3.0 to obtain updates; configuring client computers to install updates from WSUS 3.0; and approving, managing, and distributing updates. Although WSUS 3.0 is a feature-rich update management solution, this guide offers only a single way to accomplish any of these tasks.

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  • If you are involved in business training or coaching, this really is the only book you will ever need. Before now, coaching was a muddle of single-model approaches, so finding the right model to get the best results was never certain. In Performance Coaching, Dr. Angus McLeod brings together the fundamentals of all the best practices in coaching and builds up from this foundation. Unlike so many of the coaching books already on the market, this book is for the coaches, not for the clients.

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  • As the number one e-mail client and personal information manager, Microsoft Outlook offers a set of uncomplicated features that maximize the management of your e-mail, schedule, and general daily activities, with the least amount of hassle possible. This easy-to-understand guide walks you through Outlook 2013 and introduces you to the latest features. You'll learn how to find information quickly, handle e-mail, coordinate schedules, keep current with contacts and social networks, and much more.

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  • Ultra-Fast ASP.NET 4.5 presents a practical approach to building fast and scalable web sites using ASP.NET and SQL Server. In addition to a wealth of tips, tricks and secrets, you’ll find advice and code examples for all tiers of your application, including the client, caching, IIS 7.5, ASP.NET 4.5, threads, session state, SQL Server 2012 (otherwise known as Denali), Analysis Services, infrastructure and operations.

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  • “I went to Sandi's Read Their Mind Book Tour to wildly grow my business! I knew I'd learn amazing things that would allow me to connect with my ideal clients in a deeper way. Over the weekend, I absolutely learned those things and sooo MUCH MORE!! Sandi's prayers over my life at this event have been such a HUGE blessing to me! Now, I'm utilizing my solution blueprints to help women entrepreneurs manage their online marketing AND weight management goals!” Pamela Wright “Sandi has helped me find what I am passionate about. I have changed the direction of my...

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