Fixed bed catalytic reactors

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  • We seek to design reaction vessels, i.e. chemical reactors, where a particular chemical reaction (or set of reactions) is carried out. The first decision we take involves the configuration of the reactor and its mode of operation. This means we must decide what reactor type (and reactor shape) to select and whether it would be advantageous to operate in batch or continuous mode.

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  • Worked Examples - Chapter I Homogeneous reactions - Isothermal reactors Problem 1.1 Problem 1.1a: For a reaction A

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  • The present work describes an experimental study on sewage sludge pyrolysis in a Fluidised Bed Reactor(FluBR) and the effect on the pyrolysis liquid product of passing the hot exhaust (pyrolysis) vapours through a Fixed Bed Reactor (FixBR) filled with gamma-alumina (c-Al2O3).

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