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  • Adobe Flash Professional CS5 On Demand has been created by the professional trainers and writers at Perspection, Inc. to the standards you’ve come to expect from Que publishing. Together, we are pleased to present this training book. Perspection, Inc. is a software training company committed to providing information and training to help people use software more effectively in order to communicate, make decisions, and solve problems. Perspection writes and produces software training books, and develops multimedia and Web-based training.

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  • Beginning XML provides a complete course in the Extensible Markup Language (XML) with an unusually gradual learning curve. In fact, the introduction states that the book is "for people who know that it would be a pretty good idea to learn the language, but aren't 100 percent sure why." Despite its recognition of the fuzziness of readers' understanding of the technology, the book delivers a rather comprehensive study of XML. Very little space is wasted detailing the history of XML and its relation to SGML, as is the case in many other titles. The argument for the importance of XML...

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  • GettinG Started Adobe Flash Professional CS5 provides a comprehensive authoring environment for creating digital animation and interactive Web sites. Flash is widely used to create engaging applications rich in video, sound, graphics, and animation. You can create content in Flash or import it from other Adobe applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator, quickly design simple animations, and use Adobe ActionScript 3.0 to develop sophisticated interactive projects. But Adobe Flash Professional is just one product among a suite of Flash CS5 tools.

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  • WHERE ARE THE LESSON FILES? Thank you for purchasing this digital version of: Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Classroom in a Book The print version of this title comes with a disc of lesson files. As an eBook reader, you have access to these files by following the steps below: 1. On your PC or Mac, open a web browser and go to this URL: http://www.peachpit.com/ebookfiles/032171332X 2. Download the ZIP file (or files) from the web site to your hard drive. 3. Unzip the files and follow the directions for use in the Read Me included in the download.

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  • 4 Right-click/Ctrl-click on the car and choose Create Motion Tween. Flash converts the current layer to a Tween layer so you can begin to animate the instance. 5 Move the red playhead to the end of the Timeline. 6 Choose the Selection tool. 7 Move the car down about 5 pixels. Flash creates a smooth animation of the car moving down slightly. Adobe fLAsh professionAL Cs5 CLAssroom in A book 141 Download from Library of Wow! ebook 8 Click on the motion tween in the Timeline and open the Motion Editor. 9 Click the Plus icon on the Eases category and choose Random. The Random preset ease...

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  • Current color Transparency Color Picker Color choices 10 Make sure the empty keyframe in frame 36 of the title layer is selected, and then click on the Stage where you want to begin adding text. You can either click once and begin typing, or you can click and drag to define the width of your text field. 11 Type in a title that describes the photos that are being displayed on the Stage. Adobe fLAsh professionAL Cs5 CLAssroom in A book 31 Download from Library of Wow! ebook tools Panel Overview The Tools panel contains selection tools, drawing and painting tools, and navigation tools.

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  • 13 Move the red playhead on the Timeline to frame 100. 14 Select the transparent instance of the car, and in the Properties inspector, change the Alpha value to 100%. A new keyframe is automatically inserted at frame 100 to indicate the change in transparency. 15 Select the Free Transform tool. 16 While holding down the Shift key, click and drag the corner handle outward to make the car larger. For more precision, use the Properties inspector and set the dimensions of the car to width=1379.5 pixels and height=467.8 pixels. 17 Position the car at X=607 and Y=545.

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  • 5 Copy and paste the group to create multiple bubbles just over the coffee cup. Use the Transform tool to scale the bubbles to different sizes. Using the Deco tool Decorated Brush Now you’ll explore the Deco tool’s Decorated Brush, which creates decorated borders and complex line patterns. 1 In the toolbar, select the Deco tool ( ). 2 In the Properties inspector, choose the Decorated Brush option. 3 In the Advanced Options, select Dashed Line. Choose a dark brown color for the Pattern color and leave Pattern size and Pattern width at their default values.

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  • Changing the brightness 1 Using the Selection tool, click the smallest robot on the Stage. 2 In the Properties inspector, choose Brightness from the Color Effect Style menu. 3 Drag the Bright slider to -40%. The robot instance on the Stage becomes darker and appears to recede into the distance. adobe fLash professionaL Cs5 CLassroom in a book 91 Download from Library of Wow! ebook Changing the transparency 1 Select the glowing orb in the flare layer. 2 In the Properties inspector, choose Alpha from the Color Effect Style menu.

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  • The movie clip contains motion tweens of several photographs fading in and out. A movie clip’s animation is independent of the main Timeline and plays only when you test the movie (Control Test Movie in Flash Professional). 4 In the Library panel, drag the contact movie clip symbol from the Library panel to the Stage. Position the contact movie clip instance at X=620 and Y=175. The movie clip of the real estate agent and her contact information is a simple static graphic.

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  • Finishing touches At the end of the zoo director’s introduction, he disappears, but the FLVPlayback component skin remains. You’ll remove the skin and position the video to be better integrated with the background. 1 Select the zoo director video in the popupvideo layer. 2 In the Component Parameters section of the Properties inspector, click the Pencil button next to the skin property. 3 In the dialog box that appears, choose None from the Skin pull-down menu. Click OK. The zoo director video no longer has a skin.

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  • Nếu một tuyên bố trường hợp đã kết thúc với một phá vỡ, sau đó báo cáo chuyển đổi toàn bộ kết thúc khi một trong những báo cáo trường hợp là đúng, nếu không, người chơi sẽ tiến hành thông qua toàn bộ báo cáo. Để biết thêm thông tin về báo cáo chuyển đổi, xem "ActionScript 3.0 Tài liệu tham khảo cho các nền tảng Flash."

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  • Nhanh chóng mở rộng khả năng của dự án Catalyst Flash của bạn bằng cách nhập khẩu phức tạp và phim hoạt hình tương tác được công bố trong các định dạng tập tin SWF. Thêm video nhập vai nội dung hoặc tương tác được tạo ra trong Adobe Flash Professional để tạo ra một trải nghiệm người dùng hấp dẫn hơn. để bàn và hơn 800 triệu helds tay và các thiết bị di động.

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  • Bắt đầu với Flash CS5 Giới thiệu Flash là một ứng dụng để phát triển nội dung phong phú, giao diện người dùng, và các ứng dụng web. Adobe Flash Professional cho phép các nhà thiết kế CS5 và phát triển để tích hợp video, văn bản, âm thanh, và đồ họa vào những kinh nghiệm phong phú mang lại kết quả vượt trội cho tiếp thị tương tác và thuyết trình, e-learning, và giao diện người dùng ứng dụng

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  • Bắt đầu với Flash CS5 Flash là một ứng dụng để phát triển nội dung phong phú, giao diện người dùng, và các ứng dụng Web. Adobe Flash Professional cho phép CS5 thiết kế và phát triển để tích hợp video, văn bản, âm thanh và đồ họa vào kinh nghiệm phong phú, mang lại kết quả tốt hơn cho tiếp thị tương tác và thuyết trình, e-learning, và giao diện người dùng ứng dụng.

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  • 5 Choose File Save. Name the file 01_workingcopy.fla, and from the Format pull-down menu choose Flash CS5 document (*.fla). Save it in the 01Start folder. Saving your file right away is a good working habit and ensures your work won’t be lost if the application or your computer crashes. You should always save your Flash file with the extension .fla to identify it as the Flash source file. Getting to Know the Workspace The Adobe Flash Professional work area includes the command menus at the top of the screen and a variety of tools and panels for editing and adding elements...

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  • 3 Select the words Avalon Green, and in the Character section of the Properties inspector, change the color from black to blue. The selected words become blue and remain underlined, which is the standard visual cue for a hyperlinked item in a browser. However, you are free to display your hyperlink in any fashion, just as long as your user can recognize it as a clickable item. 4 Choose Control Test Movie in Flash Professional. Click the hyperlink. A browser opens and attempts to load the fictional Web site at www. avalongreen.org.

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  • In this function, which is executed when the user clicks the Loader object, the Loader object is removed from the Stage, and then the playhead of each movie clip on the Stage moves to the first frame and begins playing. 3 Choose Control Test Movie in Flash Professional to preview the movie. Click on any of the four sections, and then click on the loaded content to return to the main movie. When you return to the main movie, all four movie clips play their nested animations. Creating Masks Masking is a way of selectively hiding and displaying content on...

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  • One fast way to preview a movie is to choose Control Test Movie in Flash Professional (Ctrl+Enter/Command+Return), as you’ve done in earlier lessons. This command creates a SWF file in the same location as your FLA file so you can play and preview the movie; it does not create the HTML file or any other files necessary to play the movie from a Web browser. When you believe you’ve completed your movie or a portion of the movie, take the time to make sure all the pieces are in place and that they perform the way you expect...

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  • Kiểm tra một Movie Khi bạn làm việc, bạn nên định kỳ dừng lại và kiểm tra bộ phim của bạn như là một SWF Flash. Các lệnh Test cho phép bạn nhanh chóng xem phim của bạn trên các thiết bị khác nhau và người chơi-Flash Professional, thiết bị Trung (New!) hoặc hòa Debug Launcher (máy tính để bàn hoặc di động) (New!)-mà không để lại chương trình.

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