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  • Nightingale is one of the most famous women of all time. She was greatly revered in her own lifetime and indeed for some decades after her death she was a symbol of virtue and feminine heroism. In recent decades all this has changed, and she has been attacked from within the nursing profession, by medical doctors, historians and other academics. Her contribution to the cause of women has been challenged as well as her own character, relations with women and even identification as a woman.

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  • VỆ SINH BÀN TAY VÀ GIẢI PHÁP TĂNG CƯỜNG VỆ SINH BÀN TAY TRONG Y TẾ LỊCH SỬ VỆ SINH BÀN TAY VÀ VỆ SINH BỆNH VIỆN Dr. Semmelweise 1818-1864 Phát hiện đầu tiên về Ban tay của NVYT và sốt hậu sản Florence Nightingale 1820-1910 Người khởi xướng VSBV BÀN TAY LÀ CÔNG CỤ ĐỂ CHĂM SÓC VÀ ĐIÊU TRỊ CHO NB Bàn tay là nguồn chứa tác nhân gây bệnh XÉT NGHIỆM VI SINH TRÊN BÀN TAY

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  • This book offers the perspective that nursing theory is essentially connected with nursing practice, research, education, and development. Nursing theories, regardless of complexity or abstraction, reflect nursing and are used by nurses to frame their thinking, action, and being in the world. As guides for nursing endeavors, nursing theories are practical in nature and facilitate communication with those being nursed as well as with colleagues, students, and persons practicing in related health and illness services.

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  • When was the last time you did something really special just for you? If you’re like a lot of nurses, the answer might be, “I can’t remember!” I wrote Fit Nurse: Your Total Plan for Getting Fit and Living Well with the goal of changing that answer to, “I do something special for myself every day !” This book will help you rise above the many challenges and struggles you face as a nurse when it comes to your own self-care, fitness, nutrition, weight management, stress management, and well-being.

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  • Tiếp nối phần một, phần hai cuốn sách "Gương kiên nhẫn" gồm các nội dung: Jean Henty Febre - Thi sĩ của côn trùng, Campollion - Người làm cho đá biết nói, Florence Nightingale - Một người không hề biết cam chịu.

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  • Denial is one of the best-developed coping refl exes in health care workers, particularly in physicians and nurses. It exists on several levels, and it is provoked by a number of different but related dynamics. Most of us in health care—in the profession of caring for patients— have thought of denial as a self-protective reaction, a shield against the emotional and psychic turmoil of the environment in which we work. And for physicians and nurses, where they work is essentially where they live. It is a well-worked and commonly described dynamic.

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  • When Florence Nightingale began her great work in the hospital wards at Scutari in 1854, she little realised how far-reaching would be the effect of her noble self-sacrificing efforts. Could she to-day visit the war-stricken countries of Europe she would be astonished at the great developments of the work of caring for the wounded soldiers which she inaugurated so long ago. Her fine example is being emulated to-day by hundreds of thousands of brave women who are devoting themselves to the wounded, the sick and the dying in countless hospital wards....

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