Fluorescence spectrometry

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  • This third edition retains the range of analytical techniques and the structure of individual chapters of the second edition. However, there are some significant changes, with the introduction of new topics and some deletions, to take into account the changing priorities in environmental analysis.

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  • Flow cytometry is a technology that simultaneously measures and analyses multiple physical characteristics of single particles, usually cells, as they flow in a fluid stream through a beam of light. The properties measured include a particle’s relative size (represented by forward angle light scatter), relative granularity or internal complexity (represented by right-angle scatter), and relative fluorescence intensity.

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  • Microscopic and imaging techniques: – Optical microscopy – Confocal microscopy – Electron microscopy (SEM and TEM, related methods) – Scanning probe microscopy (STM and AFM, related methods) Surface spectrometric techniques: – X-ray fluorescence (from electron microscopy) – Auger electron spectrometry – X-ray photoelectron spectrometry (XPS/UPS/ESCA)

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  • The neutral N-glycan structures of Arion lusitanicus (gas-tropod) skin, viscera and egg glycoproteins were examined after proteolytic digestion, release of the glycans from the peptides, fluorescent labelling with 2-aminopyridine and fractionation by charge, size and hydrophobicity to obtain pure glycan structures. The positions and linkages of the sugars in the glycan were analysed by two dimensional HPLC (size and hydrophobicity) and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry before and after digestion with specific exoglycosidases. ...

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