Forestry investment

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  • Forestry provides two types of long term benefits:- Wood benefits; timber, poles, thinnings Non-Wood benefits; environmental protection, wildlife habitat, land restoration, recreational environment. Both these benefits can span a lifetime of over 50 years.

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  • 2. The computational inter-relationships between data types are complex: eg rainfall/soil type/location/species. A Generic model can evaluate a variety of separate investment projects for a variety of users.

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  • From 2005 through the first half of 2007, construction was one of the most important growth sectors in the Turkish economy. Private con- struction projects and public investments supported this growth. But, by the end of 2007, construction activity stagnated. Rising prices of commodities, including iron, copper, steel and cement have con- tributed to increased construction costs.

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  • This section develops an econometric framework that allows an investor to combine in- formation in the data with prior beliefs about both pricing and skill. Nonbenchmark assets allow us to distinguish between pricing and skill, and they supply additional information about funds' expected returns. In addition, nonbenchmark assets help account for common variation in funds' returns, making the investment problem feasible using a large universe of funds.

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  • Seventy-five percent of the world’s poor live in rural areas and most are involved in agriculture. In the 21st century, agriculture remains fundamental to economic growth, poverty alleviation, and environmental sustainability. The World Bank’s Agriculture and Rural Development publication series presents recent analyses of issues that affect the role of agriculture, including livestock, fisheries, and forestry, as a source of economic development, rural livelihoods, and environmental services.

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  • In recent years, thanks to the investments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), Research Center of Shanxi goats and rabbits made ​​a number of successful research traditional breeding, selection and use of goat milk and goat meat as Bach Thao, Indian goats (Barbary, and Beetal Jumnapary) and hybrid goats (meat, milk). This work AHS with small farmers in the highlands where farmers are very poor in knowledge and techniques, lack of capital for production and poor management skills....

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  • Voted by the European Parliament in November 2010, the AIFM Directive covers all alternative sectors such as hedge funds, real estate and private equity, as well as traditional sectors where the fund products are not registered as UCITS.1 AIF products are generally reserved for professional investors, but may also be marketed to retail investors. Today, investors access alternative investment products primarily through national private placement channels; for European investors and products, the AIFM marketing regime will replace these.

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  • Business Angels increasingly co-invest with other angels and with early stage funds to fill the early- stage equity gap. Business Angel networks (BANs) facilitate the matching of investment demand and supply; they aim to organize and link angels, as well as to attract prospective investment targets (investees) to angels and match both parties for business contacts. Such networks come in a number of forms; some are more like investment clubs, while others are set up on a regional or national basis. Some networks concentrate on a certain industry or sector.

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  • That only certain angels and entrepreneurs operate through networks has been confirmed in an older survey of the European Commission (2002), which revealed that only around 19% of contacted angels were registered with networks, and about 2% of new entrepreneurs contacted a network. Nevertheless, an update of this survey would most likely result in a higher degree of organization today. An important element of Business Angels’ activities is often, in addition to financial support, the provision of non-financial benefits, e.g.

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  • Despite the expertise and ingenuity of U.S. industry and tremendous productiv- ity of U.S. agriculture and forestry, plant-based sources cannot automatically shoulder a major share of our chemical feedstock demand. Today, U.S. industry only makes minor portions of some classes of chemical products from plant-derived materials. Important scientific and commercial development breakthroughs are needed. Petrochemicals, agriculture, forestry, and other industries—as well as government—must make major coordinated efforts to most effectively increase the use of plant-derived chemicals.

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  • Given that it is hard to believe mutual fund investors experience little over half the returns delivered by their funds, let us illustrate the above phenomenon with a hypothetical example: In Year 1, mutual fund "Red Hot" is small, has 10,000 shareholders, and returns 35%. As a result of its good performance, Red Hot attracts new money and, in Year 2, has 50,000 shareholders. As a consequence of its larger size, however, the fund delivers only 5% in Year 2....

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  • The study covered mutual fund expense ratios (not including market impact costs) and the behavior of these ratios with respect to mutual fund complexes and individual product lines with various amounts of assets under management. In particular, the study covered all 533 mutual fund complexes that existed in the United States during the years 1990 to 1994, encompassing assets totaling about $2 trillion at the end of the period. A mutual fund complex is a "sponsor" which may offer anywhere from...

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  • The success of non-profits stems from the support of social investors, whether individuals or institutions, who have turned to microfinance in a big way: in 2007, such investors put $4 billion into microfinance (CGAP, 2008), a total that has been rising fast. Social investors range from international financial institutions like the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation to major mutual fund families like TIAA-CREF, in addition to individuals investing $100 or so (at zero financial return) through internet-based sites like

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  • Finally, and perhaps most crucial from a strategic viewpoint, profits produce a short-term managerial focus. Rising earnings can easily disguise a decline in shareholder value because earnings ignore the future implications of current activities. For example, earnings can quickly be boosted by cutting advertising or customer service levels. In the short run this is beneficial, but in the long run it will erode the company’s market share, future earnings and shareholder value.

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  • Much of the tremendous increases in submissions (and thus output) are a reflection of the significant investment developing nations have placed in science and the greater knowledge economy. A 2011 report from The Royal Society1 reviews a number of research investments around the world, finding “growth of commitment to science in a number of the non-G8 nations [as] especially striking” (p. 5). Iran, for example, has set R&D investment goals to 4% of GDP (0.59% of GDP in 2006) and education investment goals to 7% of GDP (5.49% of GDP in 2007) by 2030 (p. 21). As...

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  • Our long-term vision is that children in developing countries are protected from or effectively treated for enteric and diarrheal diseases at the same rate as children in developed countries. a number of low-cost interventions exist and are effective for reducing child deaths due to these diseases, but today they are not available for many people in developing countries.

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  • The issuer sells bonds to capital market investors and the proceeds are deposited in a collateral account, in which earnings from assets are collected and from which a floating rate is payed to the SPV. The sponsor enters into a reinsurance or derivative contract with the issuer and pays him a premium. The SPV usually gives quarterly coupon payments to the investors. The premium and the investment bond proceeds that the SPV received from the collateral are a source of interest or coupons paid to investors.

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  • The crash of the high-tech market in the spring of 2000 severely hurt investors and shocked advisors who never thought that the market could sink so low. During one of the lowest points after the crash, I was speaking with a veteran investment advisor who said: "I'd never buy resources, ever."

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  • Instructionally relevant research questions related to the transfer of skills also remain (August and Hakuta, 1997). First, is investment in first-language literacy training worthwhile for all combinations of first and second languages? For example, is it worthwhile if orthographies differ radically from English (e.g., Chinese) or if the first language is a traditionally non-written one (e.g.

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  • The primary objective behind Research & Development (R&D2) priority assessment is to determine the broad research programmes that will provide Vietnam with the greatest return on investment in R & D provided by government and other major stakeholders. Priority setting is the central issue of research and extension management. It is a complex task. It must be done in a systematic framework able to allow the results to support open and robust decision-making about research and extension resource allocation and management.

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