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  • .Treating Personality Disorder This book considers personality disorders and how they are treated within the institutional context of prisons and hospitals and offers practical guidance on assessment, formulation and integrated treatment planning.

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  • In this paper, we formulate extractive summarization as a risk minimization problem and propose a unified probabilistic framework that naturally combines supervised and unsupervised summarization models to inherit their individual merits as well as to overcome their inherent limitations. In addition, the introduction of various loss functions also provides the summarization framework with a flexible but systematic way to render the redundancy and coherence relationships among sentences and between sentences and the whole document, respectively. ...

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  • Grand strategy matrix is a last matrix of matching strategy formulation framework. It same as important as BCG, IE and other matrices. This chapter enables you to understand the preparation of GS matrix.

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  • In order to accommodate this kind of diversity, it is important that project cycle management systems support the application of standard working modalities/rules in a flexible manner. Relationship between projects, programmes and policies: A well-formulated project should derive from an appropriate balance between the EC’s development policy priorities and the partner’s development priorities. Within the scope of these policy priorities, the executive arms of government or non-governmental agencies formulate the broad areas of work required to implement policy decisions.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Auditing - A risk based approach to conducting a quality audit" has contents: The risk of fraud and mechanisms to address fraud - regulation, corporate governance, and audit quality; professional liability and the need for quality auditor judgments and ethical decisions; professional auditing standards and the audit opinion formulation process, a framework for audit evidence,...and other contents.

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  • Fortunately, Social Security continues to provide families with a basic level of income security. It prevents millions of Americans from slipping into poverty when their working years are over because, like a pension, Social Security provides Americans with an income stream that they cannot outlive. However, Social Security was never meant to be people’s sole source of retirement income.

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  • Chapter 15 - Tourism policy: structure, content, and process. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Demonstrate critical importance of tourism policy to competitiveness and sustainability of a tourism destination; outline the structure and content of a typical policy framework for a tourism destination; identify some methods, techniques, and approaches used to assist in tourism policy formulation.

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  • Two models were used to apportion human cases to sources on the basis of sequence types: the modified Hald model and the Island model (12,15). The modified Hald model combines the prevalence of each C. jejuni sequence type among the sources with the observed number of human isolates of that type by using a Bayesian framework (15). This model includes source-specific and type-specific factors, and accounts for variation in the estimated prevalence.

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  • This book introduces corporate financial management, based on the basic capital budgeting framework and the time value of money. It focuses on theoretical formulations and correct application of financial techniques that will help improve managerial and financial decisions. Based on fundamental principles of accounting and finance like time value of money and after-tax cash flows, it introduces readers to real-world constraints and complexities in the two fields.

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  • The Logical Framework Approach is an analytical and management tool which is now used (in one form or another) by most multi-lateral and bi-lateral aid agencies, international NGOs and by many partner governments. Indeed, the EC generally requires the development of a Logframe Matrix as part of its project formulation procedures for external assistance. This Guideline therefore gives emphasis to the application of the Logical Framework Approach at the various stages of the project management cycle.

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  • Publication of this book is a milestone for the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council. It demonstrates the Council's unique capacity to bring together water and sanitation professionals from industrialised and developing countries to formulate practical guidance on a key issue of the day. Industrialised countries have extensive experience of the problems caused by water pollution and the strategies and technologies available to control it.

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  • Bayesian Estimation Theory: Basic Definitions Bayesian Estimation The Estimate–Maximise Method Cramer–Rao Bound on the Minimum Estimator Variance Design of Mixture Gaussian Models Bayesian Classification Modeling the Space of a Random Process Summary B ayesian estimation is a framework for the formulation of statistical inference problems. In the prediction or estimation of a random process from a related observation signal, the Bayesian philosophy is based on combining the evidence contained in the signal with prior knowledge of the probability distribution of the process.

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  • The national Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants of Romania establishes rules of conduct for professional accountants and formulates basic principles to be followed by professional accountants to achieve common goals. Romania accountants and entities operating in different sectors of national economy as freelancers or as employees; basic purpose of the Code, but must always be respected. National Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants of Romania is divided into three parts.

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  • Having identified and classified relevant water pollution problems, and having assigned priority to them, the next step is to identify appropriate interventions to cope with the problems. For every problem identified, therefore, an assessment should be made of the most appropriate means for intervention. Furthermore, an indication should be given of the relevant administrative level(s) to be involved. The proposed interventions may vary significantly in detail and scope.

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  • This chapter is devoted to the problem of detecting additive abrupt changes in linear state space models . Sensor and actuator faults as a sudden offset or drift can all be modeled as additive changes . In addition. disturbances are traditionally modeled as additive state changes . The likelihood ratio formulation provides a general framework for detecting such changes. and to isolate the fault/disturbance .

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  • This chapter addresses the most general problem formulation of detection in linear systems. Basically, all problem formulations that have been discussed so far are included in the framework considered. The main purpose is to survey multiple model algorithms, and a secondary purpose is to overview and compare the state of the art in different application areas for reducing complexity, where similar algorithms have been developed independently.

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  • It is with great pleasure that I acknowledge and thank my mentors, Derek Attridge, Ronald Levao, Bridget Gellert Lyons, Jacqueline T. Miller, and Michael McKeon, who have supported this project from its beginning to the present day. Although I did not realize it at the time, this book also owes a substantial debt to my participation in Constance Jordan’s Folger Institute Seminar (Fall, 1994), which helped me to formulate an intellectual framework from which to consider intersections between fictional works and legal discourse\ ...

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  • This paper will discuss how to determine word stress from spelling. Stress assignment is a well-established weak point for many speech synthesizers because stress dependencies cannot be determined locally. It is impossible to determine the stress of a word by looking through a five or six character window, as many speech synthesizers do. Wellknown examples such as degrade / dbgradl,tion and tMegraph / telegraph5 demonstrate that stress dependencies can span over two and three syllables. This paper will pre~nt a principled framework for dealing with these long distance dependencies.

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  • The purpose of the Furniture Design Critic program is to develop a model of cri- tiquing that can lead to better teaching and learning of design. However, we are not — in the first place — concerned with answering the question: “What is ped- agogically the best method of critiquing?” Nor are we concerned with constructing a model to predict which critiquing methods will be the most effective for which students under which conditions.

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  • One of the most significant contributions of the MEASURE DHS program is the creation of an internationally comparable body of data on the demographic and health characteristics of populations in developing countries. The DHS Comparative Reports series examines these data across countries in a comparative framework. The DHS Analytical Studies series focuses on specific topics. The principal objectives of both series are to provide information for policy formulation at the international level and to examine individual country results in an international context.

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