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  • Movement disorders represent major causes of neurological disability and eventual mortality affecting millions of people across the globe. From Parkinson’s disease to spasticity, these neurological disorders devastate young and old worldwide. While progress continues to be made toward effective treatment, many limitations remain. The combination of the limitation of medical therapy and surgical technological advances have, however, led to an exponential growth in functional neurosurgery in the last 5 years.

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  • Sau khi quan sát ánh sáng rồi, step kế tiếp là sắp đặt chủ đề ở đâu trên khung hình (subject placement). Đây là 1 kỹ thuật rất là quan trọng, vì nó hướng mắt người xem vào nơi mà mình muốn nhấn mạnh. Có những "rules" sau đây mà người chụp cần phải chú ý đến. 1. The rule of thirds (Luật 1/3): Theo luật này thì frame được chia làm 3 đường dọc và 3 đường ngang bằng nhau. Những đường này là những "đường mạnh", chủ đề nên nằm trên những đường này.

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  • ADC’s fiber entrance cabinet (FEC) provides splicing, administration and storage for outside plant (OSP) and intrafacility cables (IFC). The cabinets are designed for deployment in a building equipment area. The FEC offers a costeffective, space-saving alternative to splicing on the fiber frame. Equipped with splice drawers and available in five configurations, the FEC’s largest configuration accommodates up to 864 stranded fibers or 2,592 ribbon fibers, with each splice drawer supporting 24 stranded fibers or 72 ribbon fibers.

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  • Step 1 The initial sketch, again taken from a still frame of a DVD. This took no more than ten minutes, and serves only as a guide to the overall shape and placement of the features. Step 2 The sketch is transferred to the canvas board, still using a pencil. At this stage you can spray the picture with a fixative to prevent the pencil dirtying your paint, but I use a hard pencil and don't usually have a problem. The basic colour is applied in big sections, with minimal blending at this stage. ...

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