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  • The public service is being transformed as reform is occurring at all levels of government both here and abroad. Although some of the changes address narrow, specific issues, increasingly more radical innovations are commonplace. A key example is the effort to modify or eliminate the distinguishing characteristic of the merit system: safeguarding the independence of the public servant corps from political influence.

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  • Fig. 4 Double-frame power hammer used for open-die forging A typical open-die forging hammer is operated by steam or compressed air--usually at pressures of 690 to 825 kPa (100 to 120 psi) for steam and 620 to 690 kPa (90 to 100 psi) for air. These

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  • This is paper are the more or less raw results of the trial and error natural process of hacking a system. As the initial idea was not to made it public, I did not take care of the “feel and look” and I wrote as a simple reminder to me of what attack vectors where tried and its time-line. As the R+D work increased, what where simple annotations begun to look interesting, maybe for readers other than me. At the end I got what I was looking for: a way to hack the tested system, but then I realize that what was more interesting –at...

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  • Re-engaging with the Pure Theory of Law developed by Hans Kelsen and the other members of the Viennese School of Jurisprudence, this book looks at the causes and manifestations of uncertainty in international law. It considers both epistemological uncertainty as to whether we can accurately perceive norms in international law, and ontological problems which occur inter alia where two or more norms conflict.

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  • This publication was commissioned by the Reinforced Concrete Council, which was set up to promote better knowl- edge and understanding of reinforced concrete design and building technology. The Council’s members are Co-Steel Sheerness plc and Allied Steel & Wire, representing the major suppliers of reinforcing steel in the UK, and the British Cement Association, representing the major manufacturers of Portland cement in the UK. Charles Goodchild is Senior Engineer for the Reinforced Concrete Council. He was responsible for the concept and management of this publication....

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  • The George E. Brown, Jr., Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) is a collaboratory for integrated experimentation, computation, theory, databases, and model-based simulation in earthquake engineering research and education intended to improve the seismic design and performance of the U.S. civil and mechanical infrastructure. Administered by the National Science Foundation (NSF), NEES is mandated to be operational by September 30, 2004.

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  • In 1850 Charlotte Brontë paid a visit to Harriet Martineau at Ambleside, and she wrote to her friends various emphatic accounts of her hostess. 'Without adopting her theories,' Miss Brontë said, 'I yet find a worth and greatness in herself, and a consistency, benevolence, perseverance in her practice, such as wins the sincerest esteem and affection. She is not a person to be judged by her writings alone, but rather by her own deeds and life, than which nothing can be more exemplary or noble.'

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  • The past three decades have seen extraordinary changes in views concerning the traumatization of children in our society. Attitudes of both mental health professionals and the public moved from virtual denial of the existence and eff ects of child abuse in the 1970s to an almost fervid preoccupation with these issues in the 1980s.

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  • In India, world’s first dedicated educational satellite EDUSAT is providing number of services. The objectives of EDUSAT is to meet the challenge of number and quality through providing effective teacher training, supplementing the curriculum based teaching, providing access to quality resource persons (higher & professional education), strengthening the distance education efforts initiated by various agencies, taking education to every nook and corner of the country, and providing access to new technologies (Bhatia, 2008).

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  • Frame dùng để test các thành phần khác import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; public class ComponentTestFrame extends Frame implements WindowListener { public ComponentTestFrame(String title){ super(title); setBackground(SystemColor.control); setSize(400,300); setLocation(200,150); setLayout(new FlowLayout()); addWindowListener(this); }

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  • Over the past decade, many news stories have brought to the attention of the public numerous social and ethical issues that have framed the business/society relationship. Because the news media have a flair for the dramatic, it is not surprising that the reporting of these issues has been characterized by criticisms of various actions, decisions, and behaviors on the part of business management.

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  • Over the past 2 decades the implications of endocrine disruption and modula- tion have permeated public consciousness, scienti fi c inquiry, regulatory frame- works, and management decisions in the environmental and biomedical sciences.

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  • This book has a simple purpose: to explore the various dimensions of social inequality that currently afflict the game of football in Britain. The contributors have written variously against a background of euphoric public discourse about football, with waning concern about football hooliganism, a string of new stadiums, the incessant tinkling of cash registers at the top clubs and relentless media invocations of ‘the beautiful game’.

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  • Bài 10 - Làm việc với List * Với List đơn chọn Để biết được phần tử nào đã được chọn, ta dùng 2 phương thức int getSelectedIndex() và String getSelectedItem() int getSelectedIndex() sẽ trả về số thứ tự của phần tử đã được chọn, nếu không có phần tử nào thì trả về -1 String getSelectedItem() sẽ trả về label của phần tử đã được chọn, nếu không có phần tử nào thì trả về "" final List l=new List(); l.add("Pascal"); l.add("C\\C++"); l.add("VB"); l.add("Java"); frame.add(l); l.

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  • The Crawford School is the Australian National University’s policy school, serving Australia, Asia and the Pacific through advanced policy research and professional training. Our reputation rests on first-class research capacities and highly successful graduate training programs. Our graduate training and research frames scholarly and policy debates in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, and Australia’s relationships with the region.

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  • Developing a Campaign Strategy - p.20 Establish your mission statement Set yourself winnable goals Access if your goals are SMART Utilise Campaign Mapping Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign Internal and External Support Campaign Communication - p.36 Engage your target audience, the public. Write and Deliver a successful speech Campaign Marketing – p.

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  • The publication of the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues in 1997 transformed astrometry, and as a consequence astronomers’ perception of astrometry. What had before often been regarded as a somewhat quaint specialty of limited relevance to modern astrophysics, was suddenly seen to produce a wealth of data of immediate practical use. The ready availability of many thousand precise trigonometric stellar distances and the access to an accurate and dense optical reference frame have changed the way astronomers think about certain problems and plan their experiments....

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  • In the last three decades, the historical earthquake investigation became an outstand- ing source of information in seismology. The rigorous interpretation of known or newly discovered historical documents from public and private archives, including military and religious documents, press reports, correspondences, publications, etc., brings new light on the effect of past earthquakes and contributes to the assessment of their characteristics. Historical documents are nowadays examined in the frame of modern methodologies and new approaches applied in the study of individual earthquakes.

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  • The following pages are presented to the medical public with very humble pretensions. It is chiefly with the minor accidents or diseases that they have to do; but I shall not consider that I have laboured in vain, if I am enabled to mitigate even these little evils of human life. In these prefatory observations, however, I would suggest the question whether the caustic may not be employed with benefit even in some of the severer diseases to which the human frame is liable.

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  • All three core courses are designed to prepare students for the LEAP outcome of life-long learning. As such the courses should teach students how to frame questions, analyze underlying causes, brainstorm solutions, and critically analyze the methods for implementation. An evidence-based public health or population health approach can help students to achieve all of these objectives. An extended example of the population health approach, with links to an array of Internet resources, is available at under resources.

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