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  • The third edition of The Fungal Community has been compiled by a new set of editors. The three of us were impressed with the quality and content of the previous two editions and hope that we have matched the work of George Carroll and Don Wicklow in this new volume. The aims and objectives of this volume are explained in our introductory chapter, but in brief, we have tried to address some of the current discussions in ecology (diversity and function, scaling issues, disturbance, invasive species) from a fungal perspective.

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  • The connection between the client and the database server is a key component of the overall architecture of a computing system. The database connection is responsible for supporting all communications between an application and the data it uses. Ora- cle includes a number of features that establish and tune your database connections. The following features relate to the way the Oracle database handles the connection between the client and server machines in a database interaction.

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  • Project Number Project Title Vietnamese Institution Australian Institution Commencement Date VIE36 IF03 Moulting and growth of mud crab (Scylla paramamosain) larvae treated with extracts of neem tree (Azdirachta indica) and Cell Salts Research Institute for Aquaculture No. 2 Charles Darwin University May 2006 Completion Date December 2006 Objectives: To evaluate the effects of neem extracts and cell salts as an antibiotic replacement on mud crab (S. paramamosain) larvae in terms of moulting, growth, and survival rate from Zoea 1 to Megalopa.

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  • The various trading and emissions schemes around the world can offer significant benefits of capital allocation for this scarce resource. For the first time carbon will become a real input cost for many businesses and managing the risks and opportunities of that input will become an important business priority. Accounting for carbon emissions will take many companies into entirely new territory for which no specific accounting standard currently exists.

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