Gaining insight

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  • This chapter includes contents: Marketing information and customer insights, assessing Marketing information needs, developing marketing information, marketing research, analyzing and using marketing information, other marketing information considerations.

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  • What readers are saying about Manage It! As a 30+ year veteran in the growth of PM, I gained insight into things I have been doing for years. Here, process takes a backseat to context, and Johanna provides the professional with one of the finest compendiums of observations, advice, and counsel on managing projects I have come across. Mike Dwyer Sr. Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Healthways Johanna packs a wealth of practical advice into this book. Even the most experienced project managers will find numerous nuggets and gems that they can immediately apply to their project work.

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  • Although it has history of more than a century, wireless transmission has found widespread use in communication systems only in the last 15–20 years. Currently the field of wireless communications is one of the fastest growing segments of the telecommunications industry. Wireless communication systems, such as cellular, cordless and satellite phones as well as wireless local area networks (WLANs) have found widespread use and have become an essential tool in many people’s every-day life, both professional and personal.

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  • Learn how to get your precise horoscope, decipher astrological symbols, and benefit from the phases of the moon with Astrology for Dummies, Second Edition. You’ll learn how to construct your birth chart, interpret its component parts, and use that information to gain insight into yourself and others. With easy-to-follow, hands-on guidance, you’ll discover how to:

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  • Many, many people have gone into the making of this book. Frequently I speak to a consultancy client or discuss a point with an attendee at one of my seminars and gain insight which I have tried to distill into these pages.

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  • Choose the right programmable logic devices for your projects with this guide to the proprietary details of the alternative architectures and processes of Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA). Engineers learn how to select the appropriate development tools and resources and how to optimize and increase the reliability of the design along with the appropriate use of simulation and testing. Engineering managers will gain insight into how to plan, schedule, and budget a CPLD-based or FPGA-based design...

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  • Your data center is a critical resource within the enterprise, and the decisions you make in regards to infrastructure have implications now and in the future. To allow you to fully assess and document the physical aspects of your data center, and gain insight into how it can be optimized, ADC has created this Planning Guide for Network Managers.

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  • Knowledge of thermodynamic data of copolymer solutions is a necessity for industrial and laboratory processes. Furthermore, such data serve as essential tools for understanding the physical behavior of copolymer solutions, for studying intermolecular interactions, and for gaining insights into the molecular nature of mixtures. They also provide the necessary basis for any developments of theoretical thermodynamic models. Scientists and engineers in academic and industrial research need such data and will benefit from a careful collection of existing data.

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  • As you begin your study of psychology, you will find that it is different from any of your other classes. This is because psychology is connected to both the social sciences, such as history or economics, and the natural sciences, such as biology and chemistry. As a social science, psychology explores the influences of society on individual behavior and group relationships. As a natural science, psychology looks for biological explanations for human behavior.

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  • In modern research and development, materials manufacturing crystal growth is known as a way to solve a wide range of technological tasks in the fabrication of materials with preset properties. This book allows a reader to gain insight into selected aspects of the field, including growth of bulk inorganic crystals, preparation of thin films, low-dimensional structures, crystallization of proteins, and other organic compounds.

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  • Welcome to The Planning Guide for Network Managers Your data center is a critical resource within the enterprise, and the decisions you make in regards to infrastructure have implications now and in the future. To allow you to fully assess and document the physical aspects of your data center, and gain insight into how it can be optimized, ADC has created this Planning Guide for Network Managers.

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  • Economics of Wireless Networks The field of mobile wireless communications is currently one of the fastest growing segments of the telecommunications industry. Wireless devices have nowadays found extensive use and have become an indispensable tool on the everyday life of many people, both the professionally and personally. To gain insight into the momentum of the growth of the wireless industry, it is sufficient to state the tremendous growth in the number of worldwide subscribers of wireless systems.

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  • To help gauge these shifts in the global Internal Audit industry, and to gain insight into future and leading trends, Ernst and Young recently conducted a survey of Internal Audit executives worldwide. In short, the survey reveals that Internal Audit is in the middle of an evolutionary transition, facing great challenges, as well as new opportunities. There is a call for Internal Audit to do more to meet the needs of its stakeholders

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  • Apply your existing skills with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—and start building your own Windows 8 apps now. As a member of the Windows Ecosystem team, the author has trained hundreds of Microsoft engineers and has been on the front lines of bringing the first Windows 8 apps to the Windows Store. Through this book, you’ll get a thorough grounding in platform features and considerations, and delve into development essentials across the whole scope of the Windows 8 platform.

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  • Our research provided significant data that allowed us to gain insight and discern patterns related to participant reactions regarding notice clarity, comprehension, and comparison. 5 This was true across all our testing sessions. A professional transcription service prepared typed transcripts for each interview based on audiotapes. 6 In addition, a notetaker used a structured log to record observations of each testing session. The results were coded and entered into a database using Atlas.ti, a qualitative research software package.

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  • In general, you’ll have to pay tax on the money you make on a fund. Interest, dividends and capital gains are all treated differently for tax purposes and that will affect your return from an investment. Keep in mind that distributions are taxable in the year you receive them, whether you get them in cash or they are reinvested for you. However, if you hold your mutual funds in a registered plan, you won’t pay income tax on the money you make as long as that money stays in the plan. When you withdraw money from the plan, it will...

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  • Symantec Endpoint Protection helps larger enterprises gain protection from viruses and malware through an on-premise solution with an on-site server. Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013, on the other hand, has been designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses and offers simple, fast and effective protection against viruses and malware as a cloud-managed service. It installs in just minutes without additional hardware, delivers always-on protection and can fit into any IT budget through a simple subscription fee.

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  • Seagram acquired substantially all of the outstanding PolyGram shares. On that date, Philips received NLG 11,531 million in cash and 47,831,952 Seagram shares representing approximately 12% of the outstanding Seagram shares. The sale of PolyGram resulted in a gain of NLG 10,675 million, or NLG 29.65 per share, free of taxes. In order to gain insight into the Company’s cash flows, earnings capacity and financial position, the information about discontinued operations has been segregated from the information about continuing operations.

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  • The multidrug resistance-associated protein transporter ABCC1 (MRP1) is an integral plasma membrane protein involved in the multidrug resistance phenotype. It actively expels a number of cytotoxic molecules from cells. To gain insight into the modulation of the functional properties of this integral membrane protein by cholesterol, a main component of the lipid bilayer, we used multidrug-resistant GLC4⁄ADR cells,

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  • The cytochromebc1 complex of the yeastSaccharomyces cerevisiae is composed of 10 different subunits that are assembledas a symmetrical dimer in the innermitochondrial membrane. Three of the subunits contain redox centers and participate in catalysis, whereas little is known about the function of the seven supernumerary subunits.

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