Gamma spectrum

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  • Nuclear isotopes making experimental gamma energy spectrum are denoted via their energies. One energy level of an isotope is supposed presence in the spectrum, if there is an energy level that is different from it with a value less than its error. With suitable database, the program can be used to identify isotopes even stable isotopes by using α, β , X spectra.

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  • The bremsstrahlung beam with energy end point of 65M eV created when the e− beam with energy of 65M eV irradiated to thin wolfram target was used to irradiate to TiO2 sample in order to make the 46 Ti (γ, pn)44m,g Sc reaction. The gamma spectrum of Sc44m,g was analyzed by the gammavision spectrometry with HPGe detector at linear accelerator laboratory in POSTECH, Korea.

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  • Bremsstrahlung energy spectrum from thin W target produced by 15 MeV incident electrons was determined by a combination of measurements and theoretical calculation. The shape of spectrum was calculated by Monte-Carlo method using the code EGS4. The photon flux measurements were performed based on the activation technique using the high pure metallic foils. The radioactivities of the irradiated foils were measured by using a gamma spectrometer with a high energy resolution HPGe detector.

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