Gauge verification

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  • This report describes a verification simulation of a model of the Eastern Scheldt. Boundary conditions for a simulation of flows and water levels on 11 January 1982 are obtained from gauging stations in the offshore area of the estuary by use of weighting functions obtained from simulations with other models of conditions of September 1975 in the offshore area. The simulation was made first withou......

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  • In a slow economy, companies no longer have the luxury of business as usual. Organizations must try to prevent quality issues, quickly identify and solve problems if they do occur, and drive down costs by increasing efficiencies. Six Sigma has proven its value in all these areas, and it is already in use at many large manufacturing companies.

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  • From simple to advanced, Banner solves more applications in your plant! Presence Absence Inspection Gating Counting Bin-Picking Measuring Light Screens Bin-Picking Color & Color Mark Luminescent Temperature Slot Sensors Vehicle Detection Label Sensing Touch Buttons Pattern Recognition Complex Part Inspection Multi-Component Gauging Part ID/Orientation Assembly Verification Print Verification Position Measure Gauging Level Sensing

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  • The EDU-840, L2 is utilized to extend the reach of a two-pair fixed rate WorldDSL HDSL circuit. Up to two EDU-840’s can be installed in a circuit, each of which will extend the reach of the circuit. For example, if, based on the noise model and wire gauge, reach is 3 Km, adding one EDU-840 will extend reach to 5.8 Km and a second will extend reach to 7.5 Km. The EDU-840 is suitable for outdoor use and is mounted in one of several ADC weatherproof enclosures. It features a front panel LED for easy verification of operation during installation and troubleshooting as well as lightning...

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