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  • *These lessons are designed using basic skills already learned by students; to measure and to draw straight lines using a ruler. Elements of self-expression are based on familiarity and habit and will come gradually - particularly when the student grows comfortable with the lesson structure. Such self-expression is first emphasised in the homestudy area.

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  • A / Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to review the simple present tense to talk about general truths and write some sentences , using the structure “ (not) + adjectives enough + to infinitive B / Teaching aids : Textbooks , chalks , boards ...

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  • A further barrier to pension funds‟ investment in green projects is their lack of knowledge and experience not only with „green‟ projects, but with infrastructure investments in general (which green projects are often a subsector of) and the financing vehicles involved (such as private equity funds or structured products).

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  • Objectives: - After the lesson, Ss will be able to use the simple present tense to talk about general truths and write some sentences using the structure “(not) + adj + enough + to- infinitive”.

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  • Descriptive mark-up consists of codes that describe the logical structure and semantics of a document, usually in a way which can be interpreted by many different software applications. The two main open standards for descriptive mark-up are SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), published as a Standard by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in 1986, and XML (Extensible Markup Language), which was published as a Recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in 1998.

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  • English learning materials, training of skills heard, preparing for the TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC. Lessons and Practice for Writing Test and Samples.English grammar is the grammatical structure of English sentences just the place orderly, proper and harmonious relations between the word elements to form a complete sentence and regulations in order to communicate a correctly, and basically most scientific. English grammar can be generalized into two contents, which are the elements,

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  • By the end of the lesson, the students are able to skim for general ideas. By the end of the lesson, the students are able to scan for specific details. Lexical items : - propose - excursion - complex - vast - domed structure - frontier.

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  • However, general adherence to this sequence has the following advantages: a gradual lead-in to a lesson opens up a field of awareness; the model text, if conspicuously presented, affords intensive input of the target structure(s); reconstruction of the model text provides ample opportunity for guided practice; the writing phase (text creation) gives students a highly motivating opportunity to express themselves creatively and - given the previous phases of the lesson - accurately; the sharing of texts which follows injects the stimulating spark of student-to-student communication....

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  • Upon completion of this lesson, the successful participant will be able to: Describe the size, shape, location, and orientation of the heart in the thorax; name the coverings of the heart; describe the structure and function of each of the three layers of the heart wall; describe the structure and functions of the four heart chambers; name each chamber and provide the name and general route of its associated great vessel(s);...

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