Generic inference

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  • This book provides a rigorous algebraic study of the most popular inference formalisms with a special focus on their wide application area, showing that all these tasks can be performed by a single generic inference algorithm. Written by the leading international authority on the topic, it includes an algebraic perspective (study of the valuation algebra framework)

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  • This paper introduces B IU T EE1 , an opensource system for recognizing textual entailment. Its main advantages are its ability to utilize various types of knowledge resources, and its extensibility by which new knowledge resources and inference components can be easily integrated.

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  • The validity of semantic inferences depends on the contexts in which they are applied. We propose a generic framework for handling contextual considerations within applied inference, termed Contextual Preferences. This framework defines the various context-aware components needed for inference and their relationships. Contextual preferences extend and generalize previous notions, such as selectional preferences, while experiments show that the extended framework allows improving inference quality on real application data. ...

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