Genitourinary emergencies

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  • The idea when we started was to collect the core Emergency Medicine information and present it in an abbreviated, succinct manner, useful to housestaff and medical students. As we progressed it became obvious that the very breadth of the specialty prevented any one person from accomplishing this task. It also became obvious that our specialty had advanced past the point where succinctness was possible. We peeled, boiled and pared, and came up with this. We hope you find it useful.

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  • Hundreds of internet leaders, activists, builders and commentators were asked about the effect of the internet on social, political and economic life in the year 2020. The views of the 742 respondents who completed this survey were varied; there is general agreement about how technology might evolve, but there is less agreement among these respondents about the impact of this evolution. Reacting to several scenarios constructed by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, the respondents struck on several themes and emergent problems in their answers: ...

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  • Many people who today choose herbal products in lieu of prescription medications assume that because these products are natural, they must be safe, even when the evidence for this assertion is essentially anecdotal. Recent studies have shown that herbals are highly variable in quality and composition, with many marketed products containing little of the intended ingredients and containing unintended contaminants, such as heavy metals and prescription drugs. A few herbals are banned outright in several countries.

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  • This chapter includes contents: Label a diagram of the urinary system, distinguish between acute and chronic renal failure, outline the pathophysiology of renal failure, identify the signs and symptoms of renal failure, describe the process of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, describe the signs and symptoms and care of emergent conditions associated with dialysis

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