Geometric configuration

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  • Within a sketch you can create 2D-wireframe geometry which can be used to produce Solids or surfaces and is represented by a solid line font. 2D-construction wireframe geometry can also be created which is used as an aid to produce the solid 2Dwireframe geometry. To position and control the size of the sketch, geometric and positional constraints are used which are displayed in green. A Sketch Node will be attached to the Specification Tree in which the Sketch Axis, Geometry and Constraints details are held.

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  • For over 50 years, interest has been expressed in optimizing drug therapy through delivery system design. For many years this revolved around incorporating drugs into erodible or inert polymers, which then acted as platforms for controlled release, an approach that has been well reviewed in the literature.

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  • Intelligent Centerless Grinding: Global Solution for Process Instabilities and Optimal Cycle Design I. Gallego (3) Manufacturing Department, Faculty of Engineering – Mondragon University, Mondragon, Spain Submitted by R. Bueno (1), San Sebastian, Spain Abstract Centerless grinding productivity is largely limited by three types of instabilities: chatter, geometric lobing and workpiece rotation problems.

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