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  • Git là một hệ thống quản lý mã nguồn phân phối và kiểm soát phiên bản phân tán với sự nhấn mạnh về tốc độ. Git lần đầu được thiết kế và phát triển bởi Linus Torvalds cho phát triển hạt nhân Linux. Nó là một phần mềm miễn phí được phân phối theo các điều khoản của GNU phiên bản 2.

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  • Tài liệu "Hướng dẫn làm việc với Git trong PHP Storm" gồm 8 phần, giới thiệu đến các bạn những kiến thức tổng quan về Git, hướng dẫn Download và cài đặt Git, hướng dẫn Download và cài đặt PHP Storm, hướng dẫn cấu hình và sử dụng Git trong PHP Storm,... Với các bạn chuyên ngành Công nghệ thông tin thì đây là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích.

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  • Version Control with Git takes you step-by-step through ways to track, merge, and manage software projects, using this highly flexible, open source version control system. Git permits virtually an infinite variety of methods for development and collaboration. Created by Linus Torvalds to manage development of the Linux kernel, it's become the principal tool for distributed version control. But Git's flexibility also means that some users don't understand how to use it to their best advantage.

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  • Git – is free software which enables you to maintain different versions of single or multiple directory contents, and allows you to switch back and forth between them at any given point of time. It also allows multiple people to work on the same file collaboratively or in parallel, without being connected to a server or any other centralized system continuously.

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  • Pragmatic Version Control Using Git is an excellent guide to getting you started with Git. It will teach you not only how to get yourself started but also how to cooperate with others and how to keep your history clean. Pieter de Bie Author, GitX If you are thinking of using Git, I highly recommend this book. If you are not using a version control system

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  • Tham khảo sách 'version control with git 2nd edition', công nghệ thông tin, hệ điều hành phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "A short textbook of medical pharmacology" presents the following contents: General pharmacology, autacoids, drugs opposing homeostasis, pharmacology of GIT, endocrine pharmacology

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  • Hệ thống thông tin địa lý (GIS) và công nghệ thông tin địa lý (GIT) đang ngày càng sử dụng trong các dự án nghiên cứu và phát triển kết hợp sự tham gia của cộng đồng. Ví dụ, hiện nay có các ứng dụng liên quan đến lập bản đồ tài nguyên thiên nhiên bản địa ở Bắc cực và khu vực nhiệt đới trong các nước châu Mỹ (Marozas năm 1993; văn hóa sự sống còn Định kỳ hàng quý năm 1995; trái phiếu, khối lượng này).

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  • Thỉnh thoảng bạn cần nhập một đoạn văn bản quan trọng, viết một câu status trên Facebook hay chat với bạn bè ở xa... bằng một ngôn ngữ khác như tiếng Nhật, tiếng Trung, tiếng Thái... Mua một bàn phím mới chắc chắn không phải là giải pháp vì vừa tốn kém vừa phức tạp, còn dùng Google Translate nhiều khi lại dịch không chính xác. Nếu gặp phải những trường hợp như trên, Google Input Tools (GIT) sẽ là một trợ lý đắc lực dành cho bạn.

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  • All this information was important for the determination of the villous height /crypt depth ratio that may indicate the proper development of intestinal epithelia regulated by probiotics. Authors also deliberate on the villous surface area parameter that may contribute to the enhancement of the intestinal absorptive area which seems to be positively regulated by probiotics in a majority of the available evidence.

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  • The authors provided evidence regarding NSAIDs mechanism of action and NSAIDs management including low-dose aspirin therapy. The discovery of safe NSAIDs with reduced upper GI toxicity such as selective COX-2 inhibitors is also presented in this chapter. Vanaskova et al., described the functional disorders of the GIT, focusing on swallowing dysfunctions in human beings. It is well known that these disorders are not only difficult to verify and quantify but also difficult to treat.

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  • These criteria are classified into its safety profile, performance within the GI tract and technological aspects of its development. The criteria are further dependent on the specific purpose of the strain and on the location for the expression of the specific property. With regards to safety, the probiotic strain must be of human origin, isolated from the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of healthy individuals.

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  • The historical background of probiotics can be traced back to when the first definition of probiotic bacteria was given by Russian scientist Elie Metchnikoff who stated that probiotics are considered to exert a beneficial effect on the host. This was confirmed later on by an official statement by FAO/WHO. In their reviews, two group of investigators Matur et al. and Boaventura et al., presented the impact of probiotics on the physiology of the GIT and the underlying mechanism of action of this microflora and the benefits derived with the use of probiotics in human and animal nutrition.

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  • Automating repetitive programming tasks is easier than many Flash / AS3 developers think. With the Ant build tool, the Eclipse IDE, and this concise guide, you can set up your own "ultimate development machine" to code, compile, debug, and deploy projects faster. You’ll also get started with versioning systems, such as Subversion and Git. Create a consistent workflow for multiple machines, or even complete departments, with the help of extensive Ant code samples. If you want to work smarter and take your skills to a new level, this book will get you on the road to automation - with Ant....

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  • The GIT motility constituents such as migrating motor complex in the stomach and the one way peristaltic movements in small intestine are significantly influenced by the bacterial colonization. Moreover, the decrease of intestinal motility may cause a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

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  • Since you happen to be reading through the opening pages of Foundation Version Control for Web Developers then it’s safe to say you have some interest in finding out a little bit more about version control. It may be true that this new interest isn’t actually your own, but instead comes from a friend, colleague, or employer who thinks getting a bit more knowledge on the subject would be beneficial to you.

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  • Among them Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species were most frequently cited and have been implicated in many human GIT disorders and have become commercially promoted to improve the health of the host. The mode of action of probiotics involves a mutual interaction with intestinal cells and other microflora present in the gut. In these two chapters, the influence of probiotics on digestion, absorption and barrier function, secretory functions and the postnatal maturation of intestinal mucosa are described....

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  • We included studies that evaluated the performance of the most recent generation of commercial, RD1 antigen-based IGRAs (QFT-GIT and T-SPOT) among adults (age $15 years) with suspected active pulmonary tuberculosis or confirmed tuberculosis in low- and middle-income countries [22]; the World Bank Country Classification was considered as a surrogate for national tuberculosis incidence. HIV infection was established either by documented serological testing or self-report.

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