Global coupling

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  • A coupled-field analysis is a combination of analyses from different engineering disciplines (physics fields) that interact to solve a global engineering problem, hence, we often refer to a coupled-field analysis as a multiphysics analysis. When the input of one field analysis depends on the results from another analysis, the analyses are coupled.

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  • In this paper we prove the global existence and uniqueness (regularity) of strong solutions to the three-dimensional viscous primitive equations, which model large scale ocean and atmosphere dynamics. 1. Introduction Large scale dynamics of oceans and atmosphere is governed by the primitive equations which are derived from the Navier-Stokes equations, with rotation, coupled to thermodynamics and salinity diffusion-transport equations, which account for the buoyancy forces and stratification effects under the Boussinesq approximation. ...

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  • In this paper, new simulation techniques are described to determine instability-free configurations, making it possible to guarantee that the final workpiece profile is round. With this information and taking into account other process restrictions, like system static stiffness and workpiece tolerance, the optimal grinding cycle is designed. These results have been implemented into an intelligent tool to assist the application of this research in industrial environments.

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  • This book has almost nothing to do with the current housing and credit crisis. Wolf only says in the last couple of pages that part of the world savings glut was recycled in excess US residential investment. And, that's it.

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  • The aim of this new interdisciplinary series is to promote the exchange of information between scientists working in different fields, who are involved in the study of complex systems, and to foster education and training of young scientists entering this rapidly developing research area.

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  • This guide stresses the need for an effective security testing program within federal agencies. Testing serves several purposes. One, no matter how well a given system may have been developed, the nature of today’s complex systems with large volumes of code, complex internal interactions, interoperability with uncertain external components, unknown interdependencies coupled with vendor cost and schedule pressures, means that exploitable flaws will always be present or surface over time.

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  • GLOBAL ATTRACTOR OF COUPLED DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS AND APPLICATIONS TO LOTKA-VOLTERRA SYSTEMS C. V. PAO Received 22 April 2004 This paper is concerned with a coupled system of nonlinear difference equations which is a discrete approximation of a class of nonlinear differential systems with time delays. The aim of the paper is to show the existence and uniqueness of a positive solution and to investigate the asymptotic behavior of the positive solution.

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  • Entrained oscillations in Ca 2+ underlie many biological pacemaking phe-nomena. In this article, we review a long-range signaling mechanism in smooth muscle that results in global outcomes of local interactions. Our results are derived from studies of the following: (a) slow-wave depolariza-tions that underlie rhythmic contractions of gastric smooth muscle;

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  • Considering Future Budget Surpluses. If, however, a steady economic recovery continues and the Legislature and the Governor keep a tight rein on state spending in the next couple of years, there is a strong likelihood that the state will have budgetary surpluses in subsequent years. The state has many choices for what to do with these surpluses. We advise the state’s leaders to begin building the reserve envisioned by Proposition 58 (2004) as soon as possible.

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  • Is the United States in danger of losing its competitive edge in science and technology (S&T)? This concern has been raised repeatedly since the end of the Cold War, most recently in a wave of reports in the mid-2000s suggesting that globalization and the growing strength of other nations in S&T, coupled with inadequate U.S.

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  • As the global population grows and many developing countries modernize, the importance of water supply and water treatment becomes a much greater factor in the welfare of nations. In similar fashion, the need to address both domestic and industrial wastes generated by these nations moves higher on the scale of importance. Clearly, in today’s world the competition for water resources coupled with the unfortunate commingling of wastewater discharges with freshwater supplies creates additional pressure on treatment systems....

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  • Multiprocessor Scheduling In this chapter, we limit the study to multiprocessor systems with centralized control that are called ‘strongly coupled systems’. The main characteristics of such systems are the existence of a common base of time (for global scheduling of events and tasks) and a common memory (for implementing the vector of communication between tasks). Consequently, one has a global view of the state of the system accessible at every moment.

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  • Phong trào viết blog đã trở nên rất phổ biến trong giới trẻ. Vì vậy blog và giảng dạy tiếng Anh có vẻ là một “cặp đôi” (couple) lý tưởng – thỏa mãn cả nhu cầu “công nghệ hóa, hiện đại hóa” dạy học, cũng như khuyến khích tính tích cực và sự hứng thú học tập của học sinh1.

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  • Prior to the 1990s, information and content was predominantly within the strict boundaries and control of individual states, whether through paper-based publications, audio-visual transmissions limited to a particular area or even through public demonstrations and debates. Much of the media content made available and the discussions it triggered remained confined within territorially defined areas. Today, however, information and content, with its digital transmission and widespread availability through the Internet, do not necessarily respect national rules or territorial boundaries.

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  • Four hundred years ago, the Universe changed. Or, at least, our perception of it did, thanks to Galileo Galilei’s scrutiny of the night sky with a telescope. Within a couple of years, his observations of the Moon, phases of Venus and satellites of Jupiter shattered the old Ptolemaic model of our Solar System. To the church’s dismay, Earth assumed its rightful place as one of several planets orbiting the Sun (see page 28). Marking Galileo’s anniversary, the International Year of Astronomy seeks to remind us of the humbling nature of gazing at the heavens.

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  • We describe a method for discovering irregularities in temporal mood patterns appearing in a large corpus of blog posts, and labeling them with a natural language explanation. Simple techniques based on comparing corpus frequencies, coupled with large quantities of data, are shown to be effective for identifying the events underlying changes in global moods.

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