Global television markets

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  • Fairs, festivals and competitive events play a crucial role in the creative industries; yet their significance has been largely overlooked. This book explores the role of such events through a series of studies that include some of the most iconic fairs and festivals in the world. It brings together a team of distinguished scholars to examine art fairs, biennales, auctions, book fairs, television programming markets, film festivals, animation film festivals, country music festivals, fashion weeks, wine classifications and wine-tasting events.

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  • Commercially available since the late 1920s. Color TV system began commercial broadcasting on 1953. Plasma TV was invented in 1964 by Donald Bitzer. Web TV was rolled out in 1996. Funding In 2009 the global TV market represented 1,217.2 million TV households with at least one television, and total revenues of 268.9 billion EUR

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  • This goes well beyond television advertisements. Health groups have long called for a statutory system to regulate marketing of junk food to children on promotional websites, text messages, in-store placements, cinema adverts and posters - but until now, no one has set out what these arrangements might look like. I commend this report as the first serious attempt to design a truly comprehensive statutory system of regulation for non- broadcast food marketing.

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  • This essay explores one manifestation of the popular historicization of “Hollywood,” the historical film clip montages created—mostly—by former trailer producer Chuck Workman for the Academy Awards telecasts produced by Gil Cates during the 1990s. These brief pieces of (televised) film about film history participated strongly in the reconfiguring and marketing of the cinematic past in the popular imaginary during the nineties, pivotal years in the globalization of hegemonic American film culture.

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  • TV commercials for tobacco also came under fire. When th were barred by Congress in 1972, cigarette makers started talkin about how to exploit the movies in a more systematic way, usin Hollywood to position their brands in the global marketplace.

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  • As consumers spend more time online—frequently researching, discussing and even directly purchasing consumer goods ranging from household and personal-care items to apparel and consumer electronics—efforts by marketers to reach these consumers when and where they shop have lagged. In an Economist Intelligence Unit global survey of business professionals from CG companies, respondents cited three traditional marketing activities—in-store marketing (73%), co-marketing with retail partners (61%) and print/television ads (60%)—as most important for consumer engagement.

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