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  • As the workshop summarized in this volume demonstrated, the research base about learning in early childhood is expanding and has great potential to contrib- ute to a broader set of national policy goals focused on making sure that all children enter kindergarten ready to learn. With this important research base in mind, the National Research Council’s Center for Education (CFE) convened a workshop to focus on early learning in mathematics and science.

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  • Why would an entrenched authoritarian regime establish an independent constitutional court with the power of judicial review? This is one of the most intriguing questions for students of contemporary Egyptian politics. In a country where the ruling regime exerts its influence on all facets of political and associational life, it granted the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) substantial autonomy from executive control.

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  • The Western Riverside County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) is an ambitious effort to balance development and environmental concerns in an area of rapid urban growth. In return for setting up a 500,000-acre conservation reserve, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the California Department of Fish and Game granted the county and cities in western Riverside County a 75-year

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  • The Official Development Assistance (ODA) in the thesis includes the grant aid, concessional loans, the less concessional loans from the governments and international financial institutions.

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  • I owe a debt of gratitude to many people who helped me complete this thesis. I would like to acknowledge the help of all. First of all I would like to express my deepest acknowledgement to my supervisor, Professor Geoffrey Grant Meredith from the Graduate College of Management (SCU), for his valuable advice and recommendations.

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  • Reactive liquid-liquid extraction of inorganic acids with amines and effect of solvating diluents; Liquid extraction of tall oil from wastewaters of paper industry • Supercritical fluid extraction of natural products; Enzymatic reactions in supercritical CO2; Solubilities of liquids and solids in dense CO2 with entrainer • Relation between the morphology and application properties of polymer catalysts and adsorbents • Study of the permeation and pervaporation of volatile organic substance (propan-1-ol, toluene) • Observation of the competitive adsorption on Vycor glass membr...

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  • Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development has been created from the merger of Agricultural Development Council (A/D/C), International Agricultural Development Service (lADS) and Winrock International Livestock Researclk and Training Center (WILRTC). Suggested citation: Gordon R. CONWAY, Agroecosystem Analysis for Research and Development. Bangkok: Winrock International, 1986. The publication and distribution of the Papers On Survey Research Methodology have been r.

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  • For the past 14 years, Professor Ann Harding has spearheaded the devel- opment of highly sophisticated microsimulation models and databases within Australia, so that policy makers can gain much better information about the likely distributional impact of current and proposed policies. She leads the University of Canberra’s National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, established in January 1993, and is a professor of Applied Eco- nomics and Social Policy at the University.

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  • Few services are more important in our country than providing high-quality potable water and ensuring that wastewater is properly treated and returned to the environment. Most Americans take for granted the tens of thousands of people who are employed daily in addressing America’s water and wastewater needs. Utility managers are responsible for making sure that proper water and wastewater services are provided to residents, businesses, industries, and other customers within a community. Water and wastewater employees work in utility operations and administrative support areas.

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  • Một trong những thành tựu vĩ đại nhất của thế kỷ 20 đã được khoa học khai thác nông nghiệp với chính sách can thiệp để thách thức đói, nghèo đói và mất an ninh lương thực trong khu vực phát triển của thế giới. Trung tâm nghiên cứu nông nghiệp quốc tế, các chương trình quốc gia, trường Đại học Mỹ Land Grant, cơ quan chính phủ, các tổ chức phi chính phủ (NGOs) và khu vực tư nhân đóng góp để tăng cường an ninh lương thực trong khu vực đang phát triển.

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  • The aim of this Country Brief for Zimbabwe is to update the Board of Directors on recent developments in Zimbabwe as well as serve as a programming instrument for the Bank’s intervention in the country in 2011-13. The Bank has supported Zimbabwe’s recovery over the past two years in line with the recommendations made in the Country Brief 2009/10 (ADF/BD/WP/2010/Approval) that was approved by the Board of Directors in 2010.

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  • In response to growing support for sustainable international development strategies, the U.S. Congress has recommended that the Agency for International Development (AID) create a new Collaborative Research Support Program (CRSP) that focuses on the research needs of sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. The Office of Agriculture in AID's Bureau for Science and Technology subsequently asked that the National Research Council's Board on Agriculture (BA) and Board on Science and Technology for International Development (BOSTID) undertake planning for the new CRSP....

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  • Sector Approaches and Sector Programmes have been labelled over time in different ways: SIPs (Sector Investment Programmes), SDPs (Sector Development Programmes), Sector Expenditure Programmes, and more recently SWAp (Sector Wide Approach). In spite of the varied terminology, there are key principles on which there is agreement in the international donor community. 11 Firstly, it is accepted that they should be led by partner governments. Secondly, they have the common goal of improving the efficiency and effectiveness with which internal and external resources are utilised.

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  • The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) is the author and creator of these system requirements for the purpose of copyright and other laws in all countries throughout the world. The NATO copyright notice must be included in all reproductions, whether in whole or in part, and may not be deleted or attributed to others. NATO hereby grants to its members and their suppliers a limited license to reproduce these system requirements from the National Association of Theatre Owners. ...

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  • Creativity takes many forms, protected by different intellectual property (IP) rights, often working in synergy. Certainly the patent system is suitable for some of the innovative activity in Europe, though not all of it. The European Patent Office has the authority to grant patents on behalf of over 30 member states in Europe – but only patents. If all the innovation and creativity in Europe is to be harnessed and commercialized, then other IP rights should be used, and other institutions must provide support....

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  • The World Bank does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in this publication and accepts no responsibility for any consequence of their use. The material in this publication is copyrighted. The World Bank encourages dissemination of its work and will normally grant permission to reproduce portions of the work promptly. Permission to photocopy items for internal or personal use, for the internal or personal use of specific clients,

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  • This  report  attempts  to  assess  the  potential  impacts  on  the  economy  of  a  number  of  plausible scenarios for international higher education enrolments over the next five years. It  provides a brief background to the sector (Section 2) as well as an assessment of its current  economic  impact  (Section  3).

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  • Indonesia has received GFATM grants since 2003 with 17 grants worth $500 million across the three diseases. Grants have been awarded to the MOH, National AIDS Commission and civil society partners. Grants to the MOH are used to procure all ARVs and many of the ACTs and MDR-TB treatment regimens in Indonesia.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: The trainees’ perspective on developing an endof-grant knowledge translation plan

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  • For almost 35 years, the Alberta government has taken a proactive approach to developing the oil sands. Through strategic investment and appropriate policies, the province has helped the oil sands generate tremendous economic benefits for the people of Alberta and Canada. Planning began in 1974, when the Alberta government formed the Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority to proactively develop oil sands technologies that would allow bitumen to be recovered at relatively low costs.

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