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  • Listed alphabetically by program title are 777 fellowships, traineeships, forgivable loans, and awards that support structured and unstructured study or training in the social and behavioral sciences on the graduate level in the United States.

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  • Ran prieur, Ran prieur "the bigger you build the bonfire, the more darkness is revealed." - terence mckenna. Critical thinking - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Critical thinking is a type of reasonable, reflective thinking that is aimed at deciding what to believe or what to do. it is a way of deciding whether a claim is. Howstuffworks "learn how everything works!", Top 10 mad scientist fails. mad science is a tough field. the hours are long, the hazards are many and the grant money often comes from terrorists.....

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  • As you move through the course, you'll be able to apply your new knowledge by helping a fictional program planner create her own social marketing intervention. Rosa is a program planner for the Nutrition and Physical Activity branch of the Heartland State Health Department. She was trained as a dietician. Meet Rosa Rosa: "Hello! I'm so glad you'll be giving me some feedback on the community intervention we've been trying to put together. Last year's application for grant money was turned down.

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  • The most significant success occurred in and around Baltimore, where the Baltimore Regional Auto Theft Team, (RATT), a multi-jurisdictional task force, has seen a 50 percent drop in motor vehicle theft rates since 1995. The Michigan Auto Theft Prevention Board requires all grantees to provide matching funds for anti-theft efforts. Police departments and other grant fund recipients must provide 25 percent of total program costs.

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  • Every day the headlines are filled with news about new discoveries in treatments and cures. It's impossible for doctors to be aware of all this information. But you, as a health consumer, can keep uptodate with the help of the resources in this book. Now you can contact free health researchers who spend their lives researching your health problem. They can tell you the results of research that isn't even published yet. They can send you free studies that you can take to your doctor and discuss the results with them. Or these experts can tell you where the best doctors are who can...

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  • For almost 35 years, the Alberta government has taken a proactive approach to developing the oil sands. Through strategic investment and appropriate policies, the province has helped the oil sands generate tremendous economic benefits for the people of Alberta and Canada. Planning began in 1974, when the Alberta government formed the Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority to proactively develop oil sands technologies that would allow bitumen to be recovered at relatively low costs.

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  • Chapter 32 - Money creation. In this chapter, you will learn to: “Fractional Reserve” system, actual reserves vs. required reserves, how banks create money through granting loans, multiple expansion of loans and money by the banking system, the monetary multiplier.

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  • When students get grants from the government, they keep the money. When they get loans, they have to pay the money back later. A PhD is a Doctor of Philosophy. Doctors of Medicine are MDs.

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  • To many people, my situation would be an embarrassment and an imposition. Having no job has a stigma. Take heart: For me it is not a temporary situation. I have been this way since birth. To state it more accurately: I have never had a job. Furthermore, I have never received a single cent of government money in terms of an unemployment benefit, disability payout, hardship grant, or anything of that nature.

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  • Congress has recognized the importance of respiratory health and has em- barked on programs to make a difference. From 1998–2003, Congress doubled the budget of the National Institutes of Health. We have strengthened the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, granted the Food and Drug Administration the ability to regulate tobacco, improved pollution control through the Environmental Protection Agency, and funded tuberculosis programs throughout the world because we realize that in order to control tuberculosis at home, we need to control it worldwide.

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  • Even when schools are free, poor children may be forced to leave in order to work. Children may need to provide extra house- hold income or care for younger siblings so that both parents can work outside the home. Conditional cash transfers have been used as effective incentives for parents to enrol their children in school in Latin America. Families receive money on the condition that their children attend school and go to health-care appointments (see Box 7, page 25). In addition, grants can go directly to teachers and to schools.

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  • Even if there is symmetry ex ante between borrower and lender (i.e. the bank knows the credit quality of the borrower), the collateral helps to alleviate moral hazard problems once the loan has been granted. In this sense, the collateral pledged helps align the interests of both lenders and borrowers, avoiding a situation in which the borrower makes less effort to ensure the success of the project for which finance was given. Thus, collateral makes it possible to limit the problem of the moral hazard faced by all banks when they lend money. Collateral can therefore be seen as...

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  • The authority’s seven members—the attorney general, three representatives of insurers and three at-large members—are appointed by the governor. It grants funds to local law enforcement and investigative units and the Pennsylvania State Police. The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office receives money from the authority to pay for an Auto Theft Unit consisting of one deputy district attorney and two paralegals. Other county district attorney’s offices in the state receive funds from the authority to pay for prosecutors and staff who deal solely with auto theft cases....

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  • If you are working within an existing organisation, make sure that your logo is prominent on any publicity and all printed materials to make best use of the opportunities to raise your profile and help create a cumulative effect with your event’s advertising. If your event is a standalone affair you may want to create a logo to make it recognisable at a glance. If your event has received sponsorship or grants remember to include the relevant logo/s on all promotional material. Asking local companies for sponsorship can raise their profile as well as money if...

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  • There are three key steps to successful outreach. The first step is to gather background information about the community you’d like to work with, and assess your own organization. Second, you establish contacts and develop relationships with community members and organizations. Finally, you plan and implement an outreach program. Obvious? Unfortunately not.

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