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  • In terms of Marxist - Leninist Philosophy, interpret and clarify theoretical, practical issues, and propose solutions to promote traditional cultural values in the cultural life of the grassroots unit of the Lao people’s Army today.

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  • Research objcetive: Proposing the major solution to strengthen the activities of the EOD CPGO in communes, wards and towns in Hung Yen province nowaday. The activities of the EOD in the communist party grassroots organizations in communes, wards and towns in Hung Yen province. The datas, documentation, investigations, surveys from 2008 to the present.

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  • Based on the literature of customer satisfaction with private-sector services and citizen satisfaction with public administrative services, this study systematically investigates differentiated features of public administrative services and their effects on citizens’ satisfaction with public administrative services.

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  • The 2015 JAHR was developed in the final year of the five-year planning cycle, which is also the final year for nations to work towards achieving the MDGs, including five groups of goals related to health to which United Nations member countries have committed to achieving by 2015. In addition, the year 2015 is the year in which the new Five-year plan for 2016 – 2020 is being developed, and the JAHR provides substantial analysis for the planning process.

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  • It is now almost 40 years since Roger Tomlinson coined the term geographic information system (GIS), and led the development of the world’s first, the Canada Geographic Information System (CGIS), in the mid-1960s (for a history of GIS see Foresman 1998). Today’s technology would be almost unrecognizable to the pioneers of the 1960s, not only because of the almost unbelievable advances in information technology (IT) that have occurred since then, but also because of dramatic changes in the functionality, appearance, use, and societal context of GIS.

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  • One of the most important roles for social funds is to expand their ac- tivities facilitating community participation and the interaction among the state, the private sector, and grassroots communities, which in turn enhances the sustainability of investments. Sustainability of investments is an important factor, especially in poor communities. Social funds ac- tivities can include training and advice on the development of programs for poorer communities.

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  • What does 'anticapitalism' really mean for the politics and culture of the twenty-first century? Anticapitalism is an idea which, despite going global, remains rooted in the local, persisting as a loose collection of grassroots movements and actions. Anticapitalism needs to develop a coherent and cohering philosophy, something which cultural theory and the intellectual legacy of the New Left can help to provide, notably through the work of key radical thinkers, such as Ernesto Laclau, Stuart Hall, Antonio Negri, Gilles Deleuze and Judith Butler. Anticapitalism and Culture argues that t...

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  • Huairou Commission member in Binga District in the Northwest of Zimbabwe, Ntengwe for Community Development, with support from the Huairou Commission, carried out an on-going land, property and inheritance project at the grassroots level to provide direction in the implementation of land rights and property and inheritance rights for women and girls through the support of women’s groups and community dialogue. Watchdog groups were set up with 15 women in each group. Women meet monthly for sharing challenges and lessons learned.

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  • Pathfinder International works with communities at the grassroots level to expand access and knowledge, stimulate acceptance, and create awareness and ownership of RH/FP services. Pathfinder has been implementing community-based programs since 1979, when it began the first community-based distribution of family planning information and commodities in Bangladesh and Kenya. In the 1980s and ’90s, Pathfinder initiated the first community-based services in Azerbaijan, Côte d’Ivoire, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda.

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  • There are multifaceted, complex and inter-related issues underlying both of these phenomena. One area that is gaining attention and being increasingly analyzed and acted upon by grassroots women’s organizations is the interplay of women’s access to, control and ownership of land and housing and HIV. Ownership of housing and land are significant components of a woman’s overall well-being and security.

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  • HIV and AIDS have had a devastating impact on the world’s women. In 2008, of the 33.4 million people living with HIV worldwide, 15.7 million, nearly half, were women (UNAIDS, 2009). Grassroots women living in developing regions particularly in Africa and the Caribbean have been especially hard hit. Not only do women seem to be more vulnerable than men to HIV infection, but they also are more greatly affected by the impacts of HIV and AIDS, because of socioeconomic, cultural and political power disparities, and because they tend to absorb the vast majority of the burden of care. ...

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  • The environmental justice movement brings together all elements of the social justice movement, espousing a more holistic definition of environment that embraces public health, economic development, housing, energy and transportation as well as preservation of natural resources. Environment is defined as where we live, work, learn and play. As children of the larger civil rights movement, environmental justice advocates organize from the bottom up and seek to cultivate and empower community-based leadership.

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  • From Tom Paine to Blogs and Beyond 2. The Read-Write Web 3. The Gates Come Down 4. Newsmakers Turn the Tables 5. The Consent of the Governed 6. Professional Journalists Join the Conversation 7. The Former Audience Joins the Party 8. Next Steps 9. Trolls, Spin, and the Boundaries of Trust 10. Here Come the Judges (and Lawyers) 11. The Empires Strike Back 12. Making Our Own News

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  • The Communication Initiative has worked to increase the profile of communication as a central element of successful development practise and to enable communication practitioners to use peer review and real time information exchange to improve their work.

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  • Soccer is the world’s leading sport. The game provides a healthy, enjoyable outlet for children and adults all over the globe. In Ireland, soccer is a central part of sporting culture and plays a vital role in developing individuals and in achieving international success. Football in Ireland is entering an important new era.The consultation process which underpins this document has shown clearly that the FAI needs to take a strong leadership role in the future.

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  • Reality TV is only one of the ways in which the visual images of surveillance cameras are circulated. It is institutional and often commercial, so usually individuals do not have an active role in producing it – except when it comes to some programs presenting ‘the funniest home videos’. Webcams are of a different order. Also many of them are institutional and commercial, but there is a huge amount of webcams installed by individuals, for other individuals, without any commercial tone.

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  • Kefaya, also known as the Egyptian Movement for Change, was an indigenous movement for political reform organized in late 2004 in opposition to the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. This examination of Kefaya’s birth, its accomplishments, and the reasons for its decline is based on an analysis of the work of

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  • This book is for anyone with an interest in maternal and child health, but in particular for people who can play a role in strengthening it. The Asia Pacific has some of the biggest health challenges of any region. Here, health is a complex issue, at the heart of community development and wellbeing and yet held back by resources, attitudes and traditions. These aspects come together as barriers to deny fair access to health for more than half the people living in the Asia Pacific.

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