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  • The environmental legislation contained in the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 set the stage for green chemistry. Environmental concerns in research and industry are increasing with more and more pressure to reduce the number of pollutants produced. Green chemistry, environmentally benign chemistry and sustainable chemistry involve the design of chemical products and processes that eliminates the use and generation of hazardous substances.

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  • In this paper we present algorithms for the interpretation and generation of a kind of particularized conversational implicature occurring in certain indirect replies. Our algorithms make use of discourse expectations, discourse plans, and discourse relations. The algorithms calculate implicatures of discourse units of one or more sentences. Our approach has several advantages. First, by taking discourse relations into account, it can capture a variety of implicatures not handled before.

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  • The members of the cautious group, which have traditionally been protecting and supporting their agriculture markets, want to make sure that—despite progressing liberalization—there will be enough room for them to continue providing farmers with larger sums of support. As a result, this group wants to retain an instrument (such as the Green Box) through which larger amounts of subsidies can be paid to their farming sector to sustain a minimum degree of farming activity.

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  • Isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) catalyzes the reversible conversion between isocitrate and 2-oxoglutarate accom-panied by decarboxylation/carboxylation and oxidoreduc-tion of NAD(P) + cofactor.While this enzyme has beenwell studiedas a catabolic enzyme in the tricarboxylicacid (TCA) cycle, here we have characterized NADP-dependent IDH fromChlorobiumlimicola, agreen sulfur bacteriumthat ®xes CO2 through the reductive tricarboxylic acid (RTCA) cycle, focusing on theCO2-®xation ability of the enzyme. ...

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  • In the right situation, a speaker can use an unqualified indefinite description without being misunderstood. This use of language, normal slate implicature, is a kind of conversational implicature, i.e. a non-truth-functional context-dependent inference based upon language users' awareness of principles of cooperative conversation. I present a convention for identifying normal state implicatures which is based upon mutual beliefs of the speaker and hearer about certain properties of the speaker's plan.

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  • This book is first of all about golf course architecture. It begins with the writings of the earliest architects of golf courses because their books are not easily come by and the similarity of their philosophy and ours is of significance. Having mostly the same aims, their results were noticeably different but this is probably of less significance, given the infinite variety of their sites and local variations in interpreting their instructions.

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  • This shift in technological connectivity offers marketers an opportunity to sew their conversations with consumers together into a coherent story. It’s not about bombarding people with marketing noise, but rather integrating previous interactions to ensure greater relevance when attention is being paid to a brand’s message. Treading the line between privacy fears and consumer empowerment is going to be a key determinant of success. In 2013 the green shoots of omnichannel strategies will involve companies turning existing datasets into active targeting engines.

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  • Pigments homologous to the green fluorescent protein (GFP) contribute up to 14% of the soluble protein content of many anthozoans. Maintenance of such high tissue levels poses a severe energetic penalty to the animals if protein turnover is fast. To address this as yet unexplored issue, we estab-lished that the irreversible green-to-red conversion of the GFP-like pig-

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