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  • A look on energy, renewable energies, energy storage and synthetic fuels, hybrid architecture, fuel cells, hydrogen as a vector of energy of the future.The Earth resources are quite limited in quantity Many challenges to mankind in 21st century: development, health, water, food, demography, education, energy.In physics, energy (Ancient Greek: ἐνέργεια energeia "activity, operation"[1]) is a quantity that is often understood as the ability a physical system has to produce changes on another physical system.

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  • "Energy for a Warming World" challenges the commonplace notion that the amount of power which mankind can potentially harness from renewable resources is more than large enough to assuage future demand levels. By examining the renewable issue from an electrical engineering perspective, and exercising due regard for the limited capability of current and future electrical generation and transmission systems, this book attempts to provide more realistic statistics for the levels of power which could be extracted from sustainable resources in the critical time frame of 30 to 40 years....

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  • Landfill gas from a source of green energy, clean, renewable and can be used to create electricity, or used in the energy industry. This paper reviews the potential energy recovery landfill gas from municipal solid waste, to reducing methane emissions in particular, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in general. In addition, this paper provides an assessment using the model of methane generated from landfill municipal solid waste and generate energy potential of gas recovered. In particular, this paper uses a life cycle assessment methods ......

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  • ETP2010 will build on the success of earlier editions, by providing decision makers with more detailed practical information and tools that can help kick-start the transition to a more secure, sustainable and affordable energy future.

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  • The ConnectM Energy Management Solution is designed to help you intelligently monitor, and optimise the energy consumed by the various energy assets like lighting, HVAC, and DG sets. ConnectM also leverages the solution framework for enhancing the in-building fire and security operations.Lighting & HVAC ConnectM focuses on Energy technologies (Clean Tech) with its Energy Management Solution. Organizations spend typically about 20% of their energy on lighting, 60% on HVAC, 10% on their Datacenters and 20% on essential equipments & machineries....

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  • Through the efforts of a wide array of public and private organizations around the globe, a strong and growing movement is beginning the process of transforming the systems that create the built environment from ones that pay no attention to resources and the environment to a new variety in which these considerations are the pre-eminent criteria for “good” construction. Although dating back only to the early 1990s, there is already ample evidence that the “green building” movement is affecting the design, construction, operation, and disposal of the built environment....

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  • Before we can talk about solar power, we need to talk about the sun • Need to know how much sunlight is available • Can predict where the sun is at any time • Insolation : incident solar radiation • Want to determine the average daily insolation at a site • Want to be able to chose effective locations and panel tilts of solar panels

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  • The force that through the green fuse drives the flower Drives my green age; that blasts the roots of trees Is my destroyer. And I am dumb to tell the crooked rose My youth is bent by the same wintry fever. The force that drives the water through the rocks Drives my red blood; that dries the mouthing streams Turns mine to wax. And I am dumb to mouth unto my veins How at the mountain spring the same mouth sucks. Dylan Thomas, Collected Poems (1952) In these opening stanzas from Dylan Thomas’s famous poem, the poet proclaims the essential unity...

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  • "Green" có bao nhiêu nghĩa bạn nhỉ ? .Chắc hẳn bạn sẽ trả lời ngay rằng:" Green là xanh, giống như Your green shirt doesn’t match your pants" hay trong" Green energy - thân thiện với môi trường" đúng không? Ngoài ra nó còn có nghĩa khác nữa đấy. Bạn có biết từ "green" trong tiếng Anh không chỉ có nghĩa là màu xanh; thân thiện với môi trường...?

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  •  The objective of this standard is to develop an Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Green Hotel Standard with a certification process which will increase the Environmentallyfriendly and Energy Conservation in the ASEAN Accommodation industry, with a unified agreement across ASEAN Members States. The standard will establish a professional Green Hotel Operation; Environmental plan, Green product, Human Resource and environmental management, which will enable Environment and Communities to benefit from a collective approach to operational professionalism.

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  • Acid precipitation, coal, fossil fuel, geothermal energy natural gas, nonrenewable resource, petroleum, renewable resource,... are the main contents of the book "Weird Plants". Invite you to consult for additional documentation in the process of teaching and learning English.

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  • Biomass, fossil fuel, geothermal, hydroelectric, nonrenewable resource, renewable resource, resource, solar energy,... Are the words in the book "Green gardening" Invite you to consult the text book to grasp the pronunciation and set sentences with the words above.

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  • Gió là một trong các tài nguyên dồi dào nhất trên hành tinh chúng ta. Năng lượng gió (NLG) là nguồn năng lượng thân thiện với môi trường (green energy), vì nó không phát thải khi nhà kính (Green house gas_HGH) CO2 là nguyên nhân trực tiếp làm trái đất nóng lên, cũng như các loại khí gây mưa axit như NOx, SOx...

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  • Internal combustion engines (ICE) are the main sources of powering for almost all road vehicles, yet many other machines too. Being under strength development for a number of years, they have already reached a relatively high level of technical excellence and now they also produce acceptable output parameters. Still, they are not devoid of drawbacks. Harmful exhaust emissions can be pointed as the most important here. This problem is the main focus of interest for automotive researchers and engineers.

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  • This book is a result of contributions of experts from international scientific community working in different aspects of nanocomposite science and applications and reports on the state of the art research and development findings on nanocomposites through original and innovative research studies.

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  • Internal combustion engines have experienced an enjoyed monopoly for almost a century as power sources of road transport vehicles. But, in the same period, vehicle ownership and mileages increased to a level that the resulting petroleum based fuel consumption, urban air pollutants and green house gas emissions (the challenging triad) have became great concern especially for past a few decades.

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  • The automotive industry is experiencing a considerable “stress period”, which can lead to important changes in the whole industry. Many aspects contribute to this situation, starting from the global recession (unemployment rates, slowing growth, etc.) to credit meltdown (dependency of car sales on credit, OEM refi nancing, etc.) and fi nishing with globalization aspects (global sourcing, foreign investments, etc.) and “green challenges” (both for the industry and the fi nal products)....

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  • The Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2012 (Key Indicators), the 43rd edition of this series, includes the latest available economic, financial, social, and environmental indicators for the 48 regional members of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This publication aims to present the latest key statistics on development issues concerning the economies of Asia and the Pacific to a wide audience, including policy makers, development practitioners, government officials, researchers, students, and the general public.

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  • Sản phẩm cổ phiếu trong việc cung cấp năng lượng tái tạo thế giới, năm 2005: Năng lượng tái tạo chất dễ cháy và chất thải: 78,6% (bao gồm sinh khối chất lỏng: 1,6%, chất thải tái tạo, thành phố trực thuộc Trung ương: 0,7%, sinh khối / than rắn: 75,6%, khí đốt từ sinh khối: 0,9%); Gió: 0,6%, thủy điện: 17,4%, năng lượng mặt trời / thủy triều: 0,3%.

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  • SAR Distributions in a Head Model The development of cellular telephones and mobile communication systems has led to a growing awareness of the vital role that wireless systems play in communication networks and the biological effects of EM fields on users. Since cellular hand phones are operated in close proximity to human heads while in use, there has been increasing public concern about the health effects of the human head exposed to EM energy emitted from mobile handset antennas.

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