Growing crises

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  • The Earth is the only planet in our solar system that supports life. The complex process of evolution occurred on Earth only because of some unique environmental conditions that were present: water, an oxygen-rich atmosphere, and a suitable surface temperature. Climate change refers to a statistically significant variation in either the mean state of the climate or in its variability, persisting for an extended period (typically decades or longer).

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  • At the start of the twenty-first century, international aspects of economics remain as important and controversial as ever.

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  • Although the growing literature on the importance of finance in economic growth contrasts bank-based financial systems with market-based financial systems, little attention has been paid to the role of the bond market. Correspondingly the role of the bond market has been very small relative to that of the banking system or equity markets in most Asian emerging economies. We argue that the underdevelopment of Asian bond markets has undermined the efficiency of these economies and made them significantly more vulnerable to financial crises....

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  • Richard Kilburg brings his many years of expertise in working with org anizations in crises to this book on executive coaching. Kilburg demo nstrates how managers untrained in interpersonal skills can, under pre ssure, allow the "shadow" side of their and their organization's perso nalities to undermine desired change and growth. In clear and engagin g language, Executive Coaching helps consultants and managers understa nd the chaotic processes and psychodynamic problems that can influence executive behavior and performance.

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  • Organic is the one of the fastest growing agricultural markets due to consumer’s increased concern about their own health, the environment, and the reported crises and emergencies worldwide on food safety and environmental issues in recent decades. It has now became an alternative for an increasing number of consumers that are worried about the presence of chemicals residues and the negatives consequences on the environmental caused by chemical intensive production methods.

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  • From a banking group’s perspective, a range of factors play a role in the choice of branching versus subsidiarization, including banks’ business focus and differences in regulatory and tax regimes across jurisdictions. Banks with significant wholesale operations tend to prefer a more centralized branch model that provides the flexibility to manage liquidity and credit risks globally and serve the needs of large clients.

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  • That said, combining credit and property prices appears to be the most parsimonious way to capture the core features of the link between the financial cycle, the business cycle and financial crises (see below). Analytically, this is the smallest set of variables needed to replicate adequately the mutually reinforcing interaction between financing constraints (credit) and perceptions of value and risks (property prices).

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  • Domestic bond markets have remained underdeveloped for much of Latin America’s modern history owing to a number of policy and structural impediments. The resulting structure of domestic government and private sector debt, which was heavily biased towards short-term and/or dollar-indexed liabilities, contributed to a worsening of the financial crises in the region during the 1990s and early 2000s. In recent years, however, domestic bond markets have constituted a growing source of financing for Latin American economies and of portfolio allocation for global investors (Figure 1).

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  • International credit, defined here as foreign currency and cross-border credit, can pose particular risks to an economy that is experiencing rapid domestic credit growth. Financial crises in the past two decades have often followed periods of rapid credit expansion accompanied by buoyant asset prices in equity and real estate. In Asia, these risks became evident in the Asian financial crisis of 1997–98. More recently, the countries most affected by the global financial crisis have demonstrated these risks anew.

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