Growth and expansion

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  • Most projects are completed with a panic rush and midnight working as the deadline for delivery approaches. Setting intermediate deadlines, with “deliverables” – completed parts of a project that have to be delivered to the project sponsor – can reduce the last minute rush to manageable proportions. It’s a good idea to make the regular review meetings coincide with a deliverable. ”In the process of change, as in any other process, each step must be taken in turn. To attempt step two before completing step one is like trying to wax your car before you have washed it.

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  • THE VEGETATIVE PHASE OF DEVELOPMENT begins with embryogenesis, but development continues throughout the life of a plant. Plant developmental biologists are concerned with questions such as, How does a zygote give rise to an embryo, an embryo to a seedling? How do new plant structures arise from preexisting structures? Organs are generated by cell division and expansion, but they are also composed of tissues in which groups of cells have acquired specialized functions, and these tissues are arranged in specific patterns.

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  • This professional development handbook has been designed to support schools in making effective use of teacher aides and bilingual tutors. The handbook has been adapted from the professional development programmes for bilingual tutors and Pasifika bilingual teacher aides. The ten modules are designed as a professional development programme lasting approximately two terms. This allows about two hours per fortnight per module for the coordinating teacher and teacher aides to read the module notes and complete the tasks either as individual schools or with a local cluster (see p 9).

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  • We have chosen to synthesize these insights through a set of eight hypotheses that seems to capture the main elements of the diverse views of urban poverty. The hypotheses are driven by four underlying themes of urban poverty that occur repeatedly across the mul- tiple literatures on the subject of poverty. These themes are economic structure, popula- tion characteristics, societal institutions, and location. 1 Although the themes are reflected in our hypotheses, they do not fit neatly into the broad categories.

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  • A procedure was designed to assess individual exposure to NO2 as a marker of outdoor air pollution considering both spatial and temporal variations on exposure. Ambi- ent NO2 concentrations for 93 sampling points covering the study area were obtained using radial symmetry pas- sive samplers (Radiello®, Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri, Padua/Italy) which remained exposed for four sampling periods of 7 days each. The campaigns took place in April, June, and November 2004 and February 2005.

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  • Australia has two public service broadcasters: the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). ABC is modeled after the BBC and aims to provide traditional public service content on TV and radio; SBS aims to provide a more specialized service of multicultural and multilingual programming (Hitchens 2006: 24). ABC (all channels included) has an audience share of 14 percent; SBS reaches 5 percent of the total audience (OzTAM 2010). Due to ABC’s status as the major public broadcaster, we focus primarily below on its funding and oversight.

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  • Shipment of Entries Entries and entry fees should be sent to the address indicated by your local competition. All entries become the property of your local club, district, or the AAF and will not be returned. Do NOT send original or irreplaceable artwork. It will NOT be returned. Forwarding of Winners Only work that has won a Gold ADDY or a Silver ADDY in a local ADDY competition will be eligible for entry into the District competitions. Only work that has won a Gold ADDY or a Silver ADDY in a District ADDY competition will be eligible for entry into the National ADDY...

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  • We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

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  • Given these findings, it is not surprising that for many companies the most pressing challenges with social media are in understanding the potential to make a difference in their business, measuring its effectiveness, and aligning social media activities to an impact on company financials. (Figure 2) Yet without good metrics and tangible evidence of impact, the majority of the executives in the survey said their organizations cannot take social media efforts seriously.

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  • The objective of the research study and this publication is to identify, characterize and assess the existence and potential of investments in agriculture and agribusinesses in developing and transition economies through an inventory stock-taking of agricultural investment funds targeting these countries. The stock-taking is followed by a more comprehensive review of selected investment funds through case studies.

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  • We find that portfolios in which funds are weighted by their money inf lows outperform portfolios in which funds are weighted by TNA: New money beats oldmoney.We also find that high net f low funds outperformlow net f low funds. Thus, within the universe of actively managed funds, new investors tend to choose the better ones: Money is smart. This result holds for both individual and institutional investors, and is driven by investors’ fund buys rather than sells. The smart money effect is not explained by the Chen et al.

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  • On MiFID and MAD, depending on when European co-legislators finalise their negotiations, 2014 may still see further drafting of Level 2 implementing measures along with national implementation. The actual application of new texts in practice, which may occur in 2014 or 2015, will then be coordinated by ESMA which may entail the drafting of guidelines to ensure supervisory convergence.

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  • The Class Model in the UML is the main artefact produced to represent the logical structure of a software system. It captures the both the data requirements and the behaviour of objects within the model domain. The techniques for discovering and elaborating that model are outside the scope of this article, so we will assume the existence of a well designed class model that requires mapping onto a relational database. The class is the basic logical entity in the UML. It defines both the data and the behaviour of a structural unit.

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  • Economists use the term equilibrium in the same way as the word is used in physics, to represent a steady state in which opposing forces are balanced, so that the current state of the system tends to persist. In the context of supply and demand, equilibrium refers to a condition where the pressure for higher prices is exactly balanced by a pressure for lower prices, and thus that the current state of exchange between buyers and sellers can be expected to persist. When the price is such that the quantity supplied of a good or service exceeds the...

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  • The great advantage of using panel data over a simple cross-sectional sample is that one can control for the country-specific fixed effects ai. Failure to do so leads to biased estimates if these fixed or latent effects are correlated with the explanatory variables, as is likely to be the case. However, unfortunately the use of panel data also leads to more compli- cations if some or all of the variables in the estimating equation follow a trend over time. Such trending typically implies what econometricians call non-stationarity.

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  • The Project Initiation Stage must also define what resources and associated time commitment are required to carry out the project. The work breakdown structure provides a basis from which this estimation can be carried out. The resource and time commitment can be used to calculate an end date for the project and an estimate of its cost. This information is key input into the establishment of a business case for the intended project. The overall project schedule is not at a sufficient level of detail to enable the allocation of actual resources to tasks, or to control progress.

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  • The authority’s seven members—the attorney general, three representatives of insurers and three at-large members—are appointed by the governor. It grants funds to local law enforcement and investigative units and the Pennsylvania State Police. The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office receives money from the authority to pay for an Auto Theft Unit consisting of one deputy district attorney and two paralegals. Other county district attorney’s offices in the state receive funds from the authority to pay for prosecutors and staff who deal solely with auto theft cases....

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  • Many have mistaken them for two girls who have stopped to admire the view of the throngs of people coming and going under the high ceiling. Hanne Varming’s sculpture Girls at the Air- port leaning over the balcony of Terminal 3 is an unusual bronze. She found her inspiration for the work in Paris when she saw two girls waiting in the same chirpy pose.

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  • The only distinctions remaining to be made here are between ‘fine’ art and ‘applied’ art, or ‘popular’ art and ‘high’ art, between ‘amateur’ art and ‘professional’ art, and, of course, between good art and less good art. Selecting a very poor, amateurish, depiction (say a businessman’s deskpad doodle) and presenting it in a nice frame in a serious exhibition might be interesting, but it would not satisfy the criteria Duchamp established for the Readymade.

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  • We spoke to 50 young women in inner-city Winnipeg, Manitoba. Located in the gateway province to Western Canada, Winnipegís West Broadway and North End neighbourhoods are characterized by high levels of poverty and low levels of school attendance. Small family centres such as Wolseley Family Place and Andrews Street Family Centre provide basic supports for women living on low incomes: free laundry facilities, childcare, breakfast clubs, health services.

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