Haematogenous and lymphatic

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  • Previously, we (Cutting et al 2010; 2011a; 2011b) amassed 150 films for cinemetric analysis. We chose ten films fromfifteen release years at five-year intervals from1935 to 2005. All were English-language films, 139 were at least partlymade in the United States, and 124 were in color. Films were selected from among those with the highest box-office gross for their given year or, before these statistics were systematically kept (beginning in 1977), from among the most rated films on the InternetMovie Database (http://www.imdb.com).

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  • This raises the question, how can such accumulation be sustained and what happens when it stops? Conversely in a downturn: very large public-sector deficits are made inevitable by the private-sector’s return to net saving. But how long will public policymakers, unaccustomed to thinking about these relationships, tolerate those deficits? The question is important, since if for political reasons they do not, the economy may collapse. On the international side, the willingness of foreigners to hold US govern- ment bonds as reserve assets creates a counterpart in the U.S.

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  • These problems are caused, in part, by changes in lifestyle and demography (growing dependence on the private car, increase in one-person households, increasing resource use per capita). Solutions need to be forward-looking and militate against future risks such as the impacts of climate change (e.g. increased flooding) as well as contributing to national, regional and global policies such as progressively reducing dependency on fossil fuels.

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  • In the present study, we examined the influence of descriptive and elaborative titles on paintings. Additionally, we varied the presentation time between Experiments 1 and 2. The first experiment was designed similar toMillis (2001) to replicate his elaboration effect with images of artworks. Two levels of representativeness in artworks were investigated (abstract versus representational). Ratings were collected before and after presenting a title, thus within-subjects comparisons could be made.

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  • Tham khảo sách '2012‐2013 virec database and methods cyber seminar series', công nghệ thông tin, cơ sở dữ liệu phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The debt repayment program was based on a bank restructuring system that introduced solvency measures into the banking market. As a result, a total of ten state-owned banks lost their business licenses and were subsequently closed. Those are: Slavija banka, Privredna banka Novi Sad, Valjevska banka, JIK banka, Pozarevacka banka, Sabacka banka, Beogradska banka, Beobanka, Jugobanka, and Investbanka. Later, two more banks were added to this list - Dafiment banka and Banka privatne privrede Crne Gore.

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  • As stated above, the database used for this study is the Credit Register of the Bank of Spain (CIR). This database records monthly information on all loans granted by credit institutions (banks, savings banks, cooperatives and credit finance establishments) in Spain for a value of over 6,000 euros. The CIR’s data distinguishes between companies and individuals. Among the latter it is possible to identify those undertaking business activities (individual businesspersons).

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  • In the area of human resources for health, the specialization of several key health services in Kenya has led to inequitable staff distribution at the facility level. Once provided in out-patient clinics, some services-including family planning, HIV testing care and support, TB treatment - have been moved to specialized sites in the health facility. In addition to meeting needs of patients, the appropriate re-integration of these services allows for more efficient use of health workers time.

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  • Responding to the disease burden of Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases (NCD), the WCO will help strengthen the national capacity to reduce morbidity and mortality due to AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, achieve high-level immunization coverage with all antigens in order to reduce the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases, achieve the eradication of polio, elimination/control of measles and neonatal tetanus, reduce morbidity due to helminthiasis, eliminate leprosy, intensify surveillance and response to epidemic-prone diseases, and reduce/control the burden of NCDs, while paying atten...

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  • There is also diversity with regard to final beneficiaries: many providers target people excluded from mainstream financial services (47% of respondents of the latest EMN survey) and women (44%); moreover, ethnic minorities and/or immigrants (41%), young (29%) and disabled people (21%) are amongst the top ranks (see Jayo et al, 2010). Priority outreach to these specific target groups show the high social focus of microfinance in Europe.

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  • Policy implementation is about creating a different future. An implementation plan must provide a clear picture of that future as it is the basis for the outcomes and delivered benefits of the new policy. A clearly articulated vision and description of the desired future are vital to the buy-in, motivation and alignment of effort and expenditure of the large number of people involved in any new policy implementation. This element of implementation planning sets the framework for dealing with the “expectations” part of the objective “on time, on budget and to expectations”.

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  • The tenor of the discussion surrounding the above-mentioned question “Is E-commerce for me?” has changed in the brief period since the emergence of this paradigm. The question is no longer “Is it for me?” but rather is “How can I harness the power of E- business to deliver exceptional value for my customers?” A starting point in developing an e-strategy may lie in analyzing an industries value chains.

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  • The first concern with contingency planning is to identify times when the event may place strains on the existing public safety agencies. Even in the earliest stages of planning, you should begin also to make contingency plans. These plans should consider licensing and regulations, emergency response issues, identifying persons responsible for particular types of hazards and risks, resources and expenses, and jurisdictions. Planning ahead reduces stress for organizers and promoters during the event, if an incident occurs that requires public agencies to work together.

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  • Though the fraction of energy-related CAP emissions for the wood products sector is larger than the energy-related fraction for pulp and paper, due to the greater energy requirements of the pulp and paper industry, on a ton-basis energy-related CAP emissions are much larger for the pulp and paper sector than they are for wood products sector.

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  • ARC’s report and to provide a recommendation of conditional approval or denial to the AMS Administrator. If approved by the AMS Administrator, the agent can begin certifying operations, although the accreditation process is not complete until the successful completion of an onsite review which further ensures that certifying agents are following NOP regulations. ARC is charged with scheduling and completing the onsite evaluations of all agents, foreign and domestic, within a reasonable amount of time following initial accreditation.

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  • In this paper, we estimate the interest rate pass-through from money market to bank interest rates using various heterogeneous panel cointegration techniques to address bank heterogeneity. Based on our micro-level data from the Czech Republic, the results indicate that the nature of interest rate pass-through differs across banks in the short term (rendering estimators that constrain coefficients across groups to be identical inconsistent) and becomes homogeneous across banks only in the long term, supporting the notion of the law of one price.

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  • Although data quantifying particulate emissions from construction and demolition work is scarce, some research carried out in USA gives an estimation for TSP of 2.5 tonnes/hectare/month in zones where large construction work is in progress. The quantity of particles emitted in each city from this source will depend on the type of construction in progress. These particles are mainly present in size fractions greater than 10µm. However, some fraction of the total amount is likely to be present as smaller particles. Also, some of this dust will be resuspended either by traffic or wind.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to suggest that there are excellent opportunities in China for New Zealand exporters, and to comment on appropriate ways of taking advantage of these opportunities. The information on which this paper is based was obtained mainly by desk research, supplemented by face to face interviews with Chinese trade officials, traders, marketing experts, and economists in China and New Zealand. No attempt was made to investigate opportunities for the export of services; the study was limited to consideration of opportunities for the export of goods. ...

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  • Restaurant wine stewards or sommeliers generally provide sensory descriptions based on personal tasting, though accuracy may be questionable in restaurants which lack sufficiently trained or experienced employees. Some winemakers include descriptions with their wine shipments (Hochstein, 1994). While research into the impact of sensory descriptions on choice is limited, their broad use and inclusion in critical wine evaluations from The Wine Spectator and The Wine Advocate suggest a perceived importance.

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  • In contrast, Western Australian dairy farmers have always placed far more importance on including energy and protein into the feed ration. As pasture silage contains no starch, the only source of starch has been in the form of cheap cereal grain included in the feed ration. As the cereal grains are slowly reduced from the ration, due to higher prices, it is necessary to look for alternative sources of starch such as maize, wheat and barley silage that contain high starch levels.

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