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  • Our magazine is more than just eighty printed pages enclosed in a colourful cover. Just take a look at our website, forum, online store, hakin9.live... All this just for you, our valued readers. Our primary goal is to help you expand your knowledge. And we are constantly trying to fi nd new ways to reach this goal. There is probably no need to mention that in both the current and future issues of the hakin9 magazine you will fi nd valuable articles showing you secrets of IT security. But there is more to it....

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  • Google serves some 80 percent of all search queries on the Internet, making it by far the most popular search engine. Its popularity is due not only to excellent search effectiveness, but also extensive querying capabilities. However, we should also remember that the Internet is a highly dynamic medium, so the results presented by Google are not always up-to-date – some search results might be stale, while other relevant resources might not yet have been visited by Googlebot (the automatic script that browses and indexes Web resources for Google)....

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  • We bow to and thank the following who helped along the way: Mary Ann Kernan, who was charged with putting this project together in 1999 and 2000; John Williams, who must be credited for all that is right about our lexicography and excused for anything that is not; Robert Hay and Mike Tarry of Alden for their unending work on the database and cheerful handling of every problem we could throw at them; Claire L'Enfant; James Folan for rescuing us in the content edit phase; Louise Hake for her cheerful determination in the editing and production phases; our fine...

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  • Ðầu thế kỷ XX, hai lý thuyết mới làm thay đổi hoàn toàn cách nhìn của chúng ta về không gian, thời gian và hiện thực.

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  • While – as Hake (2004: 193) has stated – there is still a tendency to estab- lish a discursive dichotomy between consumer culture and the elitist thoughts of avant-garde movements, it should be stressed that both share a common rhetoric of innovation and progress. Furthermore, it was precisely this intel- lectual reflection about the status of art vis-à-vis everyday life that called for a tight bond between the two and led to the goal of an Aesthetisierung des Alltags (aestheticisation of everyday life) in the context of the Weimar Republic....

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  • The link between Önancial asset prices and macro variables has become a popular Öeld of the economic research over the past decades. Many studies, mostly applied on the United States, have shown that the term spread, measured as the di§erence between yields on longer maturity bonds and money market interest rates, has predicted macro variables more accurately compared with other Önancial asset classes. Results concerning the ability of stock prices, usually in the form of broad-based indices, in predicting such variables have been mixed.

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