Hamiltonian mechanics

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  • (BQ) Ebook Structure and interpretation of classical mechanics has contents: Lagrangian mechanics, rigid bodies, hamiltonian mechanics, canonical transformations, phase space structure, canonical perturbation theory.

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  • Lectures "Classical mechanics" has contents: Course summary, calculus of variations, calculus of variations, hamiltonian mechanics, advanced topics.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Classical mechanics" has contents: The classical mechanics of the special theory of relativity, the hamilton equations of motion, hamilton jacobi theory and action angle variables, classical chaos, canonical perturbation theory, introduction to the lagrangian and hamiltonian formulations for continuous systems and fields.

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  • Lecture "Notes on classical mechanics for physics" has contents: Elementary mechanics, lagrangian and hamiltonian dynamics, oscillations, central force motion and scattering, rotating systems, special relativity, mathematical appendix, summary of physical results.

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  • As quantum theory enters its second century, it is fitting to examine just how far it has come as a tool for the chemist. Beginning with Max Planck’s agonizing conclusion in 1900 that linked energy emission in discreet bundles to the resultant black-body radiation curve, a body of knowledge has developed with profound consequences in our ability to understand nature. In the early years, quantum theory was the providence of physicists and certain breeds of physical chemists. While physicists honed and refined the theory and studied...

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  • Financial markets have undergone tremendous growth and dramatic changes in the past two decades, with the volume of daily trading in currency markets hitting over a trillion US dollars and hundreds of billions of dollars in bond and stock markets. Deregulation and globalization have led to large-scale capital flows; this has raised new problems for finance as well as has further spurred competition among banks and financial institutions.

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  • One of the important tools of geometric mechanics is reduction theory (either Lagrangian or Hamiltonian),which provides a well-developed method for dealing with dynamic constraints. In this theory the dynamic constraints and the sym- metry group are used to lower the dimension of the system by constructing an associated reduced system. We develop the Lagrangian version of this theory for nonholonomic systems in this paper. We have focussed on Lagrangian systems because this is a convenient context for applications to control theory. ...

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