Hamming bound

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  • Statistical communication theory is generally ragarded as having been founed by Shannon( 1948) and Wiene(1949), who conceived of the communication situation as one in which a signal chosen from a specified class is to be tranmitted through of channel, but the output of the channel is not determined by the input

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  • A plane triangle, or simply a triangle, is a plane figure bounded by three straight line segments (sides) connecting three noncollinear points (vertices) (Fig. 3Aa). The smaller angle between the two rays issuing from a vertex and passing through the other two vertices is called an (interior) angle of the triangle.

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  • A polygon is a plane figure bounded by a closed broken line. i.e.. a line obtained if one takes n distinct points such that no three successive points are collinear and draws a straight line segment between each of these points and its successor as well as between the last point and the first point (Fig. 3.13d).

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