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  • • To have a bad liver: Bị đau gan • To have a bare competency: Vừa đủ sống • To have a bath: Tắm • To have a bee in one's bonnet: Bị ám ảnh • To have a bias against sb: Thành kiến với ai • To have a bit of a scrap

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  • Từ tuần này SOI xin trân trọng giới thiệu một số bộ ảnh nổi bật của các nhiếp ảnh gia Việt Nam đương đại. Trước hết là bộ ảnh Cấp cứu tuyến xã, đoạt giải nhất cuộc thị Xôn xao xóm II do website xomnhiepanh.com tổ chức. Tác giả bộ ảnh là kiến trúc sư – nhiếp ảnh gia Đoàn Kỳ Thanh, nick Having_Bath. Đoàn Kỳ Thanh chuyên khai thác những đề tài “khủng bố”.

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  • If you live in the country and have enough room for a bird sanctuary, a watering place for birds can be very easily provided by simply hollowing out a small dish-shaped area in the ground and fllling it with water. This unit can become a part of the landscaping by lining the depression

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  • In No 216 of "The Medical Record" (Dec. 15th, 1874) was published an article written by me, entitled "On some of the Uses of Galvanic and Faradic Baths." The interest manifested in the subject, as evidenced by numerous letters of inquiry since received from physicians in almost all parts of the United States, and some in Europe, has induced me to write the present treatise, in which I have endeavored to present to the profession, as far as lies in my power, all that is necessary to a full comprehension of the electro-balneological treatment.

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  • Many years ago it occurred to this writer that it would be an interesting thing to write and illustrate a book on the Road to Brighton. The genesis of that thought has been forgotten, but the book was written and published, and has long been out of print. And there might have been the end of it, but that (from no preconceived plan) there has since been added a long series of books on others of our great highways, rendering imperative re-issues of the parent volume. Two considerations have made that undertaking a matter of considerable difficulty, either of them sufficiently weighty.

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  • The structural, morphological and optical properties of CBD deposited CdS thin films have been studied by varying the processing parameters and the Cd/S ratio of the starting precursors in order to better understand the growth conditions. The films were characterized by Xray diffraction, SEM, Raman, and photoluminescence spectroscopy. XRD patterns show that asdeposited CdS films were polycrystalline. The grain size are increasing with increasing the Cd/S ratio and/or the deposition time.

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  • Leland, on his visit to Bath in the year 1530, with tolerable fulness describes the baths, and after completing his description of the King's Bath goes on to say "Ther goith a sluse out of this Bath and servid in Tymes past with Water derivid out of it 2 places in Bath Priorie usid for Bathes: els voide; for in them be no springes;" and further on he says "The water that goith from the Kinges Bath turnith a Mylle and after goith into Avon above Bath-bridge." These two sentences have hitherto been difficult of explanation, but the excavations, which it has been my good fortune...

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  • Good-evening, colonel. You have just come from Meerut, I believe?" "Ah, how are you, Fanshawe? Glad to see you--yes, I arrived only a few moments ago; was detained by very important business." "Yes, I know. That's what I wanted to ask you about. I have been in Delhi for the past two days. What did you do with the eighty-five of the light infantry who refused to accept their cartridges a day or two ago?" "The unruly dogs were tried this morning," replied the colonel; "all were found guilty and sentenced to terms of imprisonment ranging from three to ten years. Their fate will prove a...

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  • English Grammar Progress Test I said/told to Steve that I’d meet him at the swimming baths later. 10 I was giving/was given the necklace by my aunt. 11 I asked her if she would be/was from Switzerland, and she said no. 12 I haven’t got an umbrella! If it rains, I’d get/I’ll get wet. 13 I didn’t know/wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t told me. 14 We showed round/were shown round the art gallery by our teacher. we’d be/we’re late for class, our teacher will be angry. 1 The teacher told/asked me if I’d finished the test.

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  • To have a bad liver: Bị đau gan • To have a bad liver: Bị đau gan • To have a bare competency: Vừa đủ sống • To have a bath: Tắm • To have a bee in one's bonnet: Bị ám ảnh • To have a bias against sb: Thành kiến với ai • To have a bit of a scrap with sb: Cuộc chạm trán với ai • To have a bit of a snog: Hởng một chút sự hôn hít và âu yếm • To have a blighty wound: Bị một vết thơng có thể đợc giải ngũ...

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  • talk about something which is in progress at the moment of speaking "Where are the children?" "They're playing in the garden." "What are you doing at the moment?" "I'm writing a letter." You can switch off the TV. I'm not watching it. Look, there's Sally. Who is she talking to? "Where is Margaret?" "She's having a bath." Let's go out now. It isn't raining any more, (at a party) Hello, Ann. Are you enjoying the party? — talk about something which is in progress around the present, but not necessarily at the moment of speaking...

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  • I hurry home I have been working The party is at 6 o’clock I take a bath and put my pants on The pants are clean and it’s my luck Not ready to go, Have to hurry up...

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  • Almost 75 percent of the elderly (age 65 and over) have at least one chronic illness.3 About 50 percent have at least two chronic illnesses.3 Chronic conditions can lead to severe and immediate disabilities, such as hip fractures and stroke, as well as progressive disability that slowly erodes the ability of elderly people to care for themselves.4 According to AHRQ’s 1996 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS),a about 14.3 percent of people age 65 and over—4.5 million elderly Americans—require assistance with bathing, dressing, preparing meals, or shopping.

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  • Nutrition is of interest to everyone. For the impoverished, nutrition is an issue of obtaining enough food to survive. For some, it is a health concern in their fight against obesity and diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and degenerative skeletal disorders that accompany this nutritional problem. For others, it is of interest so that they will not be embarrassed wearing their bathing suits.

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  • This hyperbolic collapsing of film-historical specificity within a spatially-based and marketing-driven, postmodern nostalgia bath on live TV is only possible in the digital media environment. The 2002 Oscar show introduction performs a mapping of first, a visual and aural take-off on a current film, and next, old movie posters, onto the contemporary Hollywood street, collapsing cinematic space onto at once marketing discourse and geographic space.

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  • have clients that say, “I never thought this would happen to me.” Throughout their twenties, when they only had themselves to look after, they did just that, thought about themselves. They made time for their friends, had nights out with the girls, painted their toenails and spent hours in the bath with their faces covered in some gooey, smelly substance that promised eternal youth

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  • In the fourth century after Christ began that decay of the Roman Empire which had been the pride of the then civilized world. Warriors of Teutonic race invaded its splendid cities, destroyed without remorse the costliest and most beautiful of its antique treasures. Temples and images of the gods fell before barbarians whose only fear was lest they should die "upon the straw," while marble fountains and luxurious bath-houses were despoiled as signs of a most inglorious state of civilization.

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  • In the field of aging, disability is measured by judging how a person performs Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). ADLs include very basic activities like eating, toileting, bathing, transferring in and out of bed, and walking (Katz, Ford, Moskowitz, Jackson and Jaffee, 1963). IADLs include additional activities needed to get along in the world such as shopping, taking medications, using the phone, and other activities. (Lawton and Brody, 1969.

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  • The culm of the bamboo is covered by its hard epidermis and inner wax layer. It also lacks ray cells as radial pathways. Several results have revealed that bamboo is difficult to treat with preservatives [Liese 1998; Lee 2001]. An oil-bath treatment can successfully protect against fungal attack, but severe losses in strength have to be expected [Leithoff and Peek 2001]. Since the amount of each chemical composition of bamboo varies with age, height, and layer, the chemical compositions of bamboo are correlated with its physical and mechanical properties.

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  • This cartoon duck will probably remind you of the little rubber duck that you might have had as a child and was a popular bath time toy. Step 1 - Body Circles First off start by drawing one perfect circle for the head and one oval for the body. If you have a coin or a cup it might be handy to trace around that to get your perfect circle for the head. Don't worry if you can't draw prefect circles or ovals – just do your best and draw lightly as you'll be modifying the body in the next step.

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