Hazardous noise

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  • It is usually assumed that the kind of noise existing in annotated data is random classification noise. Yet there is evidence that differences between annotators are not always random attention slips but could result from different biases towards the classification categories, at least for the harder-to-decide cases. Under an annotation generation model that takes this into account, there is a hazard that some of the training instances are actually hard cases with unreliable annotations.

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  • In 2005 the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) held a workshop to review the present state of technology in noise control engineering. The workshop was organized by a steering committee charged with developing a prospectus for further studies of noise-related issues in the United States and to investigate how current technologies could be used to reduce exposures to noise. The issues framed by the steering committee were subsequently considered in a series of workshops held by NAE in 2007 and 2008...

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  • Noise Control is one of the most important subjects in acoustic engineering and one of the prevalent health hazards in the industry, and in the city. A comprehensive overview, application of principles, and concept of noise control, in a wide variety of fields, is found in this book. The authors provide a range of practical applications of current noise control strategies and technologies offering to the reader their research in this field with concrete examples and results of actual experiments. Literature widely quoted in this book is full of examples of more advanced applications.

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  • Until well into the twentieth century, serious accidents and occupational hazards leading to disease were a normal part of working life for millions of the working population. People were made deaf by excessive noise in mills, burned by slag and molten metal in foundries, their lungs wrecked by dust in mining and farming, their organs poisoned by lead in paints or mercury used in making hats.

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  • This process of Hazard Assessment, as required by 1910.132(d), is the focus of this resource document. We hope to offer ideas and suggestions to management seeking compliance with certain programmatic aspects of the personal protective equipment standard. The guidelines presented here are primarily derived from the appendices of Subpart I. Excluded from consideration are the requirements of 1910.134 - Respiratory Protection and 1910.95 - Occupational Noise (Hearing Conservation).

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