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  • Evolutionary Methods for the Design of Reliable Networks Alice E. Smith and Berna Dengiz Introduction to the Design Problem The problem of how to design a network so that certain constraints are met and one or more objectives are optimized is relevant in many real world applications in telecommunications (Abuali et al., 1994a; Jan et al., 1993; Koh and Lee, 1995; Walters and Smith, 1995), computer networking (Chopra et al., 1984; Pierre et al., 1995), water systems (Savic and Walters, 1995) and oil and gas lines (Goldberg, 1989).

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  • The efficient design of telecommunication networks has long been a challenging optimization problem. It is made difficult by the conflicting, interdependent requirements necessary to optimize the network’s performance. The goal of the designer is to produce a minimum cost network that allows maximum flow of information (in the form of messages) between multiple source-sink pairs of nodes that simultaneously use the network. An optimum design method must also produce a network topology that efficiently routes these messages within an acceptable amount of time...

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  • In line with the rapid growth of telecommunications networks in recent years, there has been a corresponding increase in the level of network complexity. Consequently, it is now generally accepted that advanced computer aided simulation and analysis methods are essential aids to the management of large networks. The 1990s will be recalled as the decade of business process re-engineering

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  • This chapter describes the joint application of two soft computing methods – evolutionary algorithms and fuzzy reasoning – to the problem of adaptive distributed routing control in packet-switched communication networks. In this problem, a collection of geographically distributed routing nodes are required to adaptively route data packets so as to minimise mean network packet delay. Nodes reach routing decisions locally using state measurements which are delayed and necessarily only available at discrete sampling intervals. ...

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  • We present a fast, space efficient and nonheuristic method for calculating the decision function of polynomial kernel classifiers for NLP applications. We apply the method to the MaltParser system, resulting in a Java parser that parses over 50 sentences per second on modest hardware without loss of accuracy (a 30 time speedup over existing methods). The method implementation is available as the open-source splitSVM Java library.

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  • In this paper, we propose a novel system for translating organization names from Chinese to English with the assistance of web resources. Firstly, we adopt a chunkingbased segmentation method to improve the segmentation of Chinese organization names which is plagued by the OOV problem. Then a heuristic query construction method is employed to construct an efficient query which can be used to search the bilingual Web pages containing translation equivalents.

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  • Automatically acquired lexicons with subcategorization information have already proved accurate and useful enough for some purposes but their accuracy still shows room for improvement. By means of diathesis alternation, this paper proposes a new filtering method, which improved the performance of Korhonen’s acquisition system remarkably, with the precision increased to 91.18% and recall unchanged, making the acquired lexicon much more practical for further manual proofreading and other NLP uses. ...

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  • This paper presents a new bottom-up chart parsing algorithm for Prolog along with a compilation procedure that reduces the amount of copying at run-time to a constant number (2) per edge. It has applications to unification-based grammars with very large partially ordered categories, in which copying is expensive, and can facilitate the use of more sophisticated indexing strategies for retrieving such categories that may otherwise be overwhelmed by the cost of such copying.

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  • This paper introduces a new method for identifying candidate phrasal terms (also known as multiword units) which applies a nonparametric, rank-based heuristic measure. Evaluation of this measure, the mutual rank ratio metric, shows that it produces better results than standard statistical measures when applied to this task. 1 Introduction The ordinary vocabulary of a language like English contains thousands of phrasal terms -multiword lexical units including compound nouns, technical terms, idioms, and fixed collocations. ...

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  • Kernel-based learning (e.g., Support Vector Machines) has been successfully applied to many hard problems in Natural Language Processing (NLP). In NLP, although feature combinations are crucial to improving performance, they are heuristically selected. Kernel methods change this situation. The merit of the kernel methods is that effective feature combination is implicitly expanded without loss of generality and increasing the computational costs.

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  • Thematic knowledge is a basis of semamic interpretation. In this paper, we propose an acquisition method to acquire thematic knowledge by exploiting syntactic clues from training sentences. The syntactic clues, which may be easily collected by most existing syntactic processors, reduce the hypothesis space of the thematic roles. The ambiguities may be further resolved by the evidences either from a trainer or from a large corpus.

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  • The following proposal is for a Japanese sentence analysis method to be used in a Japanese book reading machine. This method is designed to allow for several candidates in case of ambiguous characters. Each sentence is analyzed to compose a data structure by defining the relationship between words and phrases. This structure ( named network structure ) involves all possible combinations of syntactically collect phrases.

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  • In this paper, we present a feature-based method to align documents with similar content across two sets of bilingual comparable corpora from daily news texts. We evaluate the contribution of each individual feature and investigate the incorporation of these diverse statistical and heuristic features for the task of bilingual document alignment. Experimental results on the English-Chinese and EnglishMalay comparable news corpora show that our proposed Discrete Fourier Transformbased term frequency distribution feature is very effective. ...

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  • Outline: Memory-bounded heuristic search, Hill-climbing search  Simulated annealing search. Some solutions to A* space problems (maintain completeness and optimality). Iterative Deeping version of A*, still admissible.

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  • The chapters of this book are collected mainly from the best selected papers that have been published in the 4th International conference on Information Technology ICIT 2009, that has been held in Al-Zaytoonah University/Jordan in the period 3-5/6/2009. The other chapters have been collected as related works to the book’s topics. “Heuristics are criteria, methods, or principles for deciding which among several alternative courses of action promises to be the most effective in order to achieve some goal - Pearl 1984...

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  • The first international conference organized in Vietnam, which concerns theoretical computer science, was the ICOMIDC Symposium on Mathematics of Computation, held in Ho Chi Minh City in 1988. For the last years great developments have been made in this areas. Therefore, it had become necessary to organize in Vietnam another international conference in this field, which would enable Vietnamese scientists, especially young people, to update the knowledge, to make contacts, to exchange ideas and experiences with leading experts all over the world....

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  • Contents Techniques r Introduction to Algorithms r Data Structures and Sorting r Breaking Problems Down r Graph Algorithms r Combinatorial Search and Heuristic Methods r Intractable Problems and Approximations r How to Design Algorithms Resources r A Catalog of Algorithmic Problems r Algorithmic Resources References Index About this document

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  • Recognizing entailment at the lexical level is an important and commonly-addressed component in textual inference. Yet, this task has been mostly approached by simplified heuristic methods. This paper proposes an initial probabilistic modeling framework for lexical entailment, with suitable EM-based parameter estimation. Our model considers prominent entailment factors, including differences in lexical-resources reliability and the impacts of transitivity and multiple evidence.

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  • This book provides an overview of subjects in various fields of life. Authors solve current topics that present high methodical level. This book consists of 13 chapters and collects original and innovative research studies.

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  • This paper presents a set of Bayesian methods for automatically extending the W ORD N ET ontology with new concepts and annotating existing concepts with generic property fields, or attributes. We base our approach on Latent Dirichlet Allocation and evaluate along two dimensions: (1) the precision of the ranked lists of attributes, and (2) the quality of the attribute assignments to W ORD N ET concepts. In all cases we find that the principled LDA-based approaches outperform previously proposed heuristic methods, greatly improving the specificity of attributes at each concept. ...

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